Impact century , computers and phones have

April 8, 2019 English Language

Impact of Social media on adolescent in Al-Salam School.

By :
Moaza Faisal Hassan Juma Mohmmed 201607659
Instructor : james Aitken
Writing for Research (53)
Introduction :
The earth has become like a small village, where we can communicate with others as easily as possible . During the twentieth century , computers and phones have been become one of the essential communication device in every home . technology developers have updated all these devices to make communities between people from all over the world more efficient and faster. For example; instead of using nokia advice that has only text messages as a way for communication which its text may lack of conveying emotions to others, people have begun to use smart phones such as ” iphone” to communicate with people they know or other people in the social media platforms. These smart phones allow people to use many way of communication such as adding ” emjoys ” to text messages and to convey emotions, posting pictures and selfies to keep others updated about their status, and emails in smart phones instead of using laptop or computers , and share tweets with friends in twitter.
There are many type of social media such as Facebook , Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter spread around the world, especially between adolescents.
Everything in our lives has a positive or negative effects. Social media has several positive influence especially it has great impact on adolescents these positives include: helps in building relationship and making it easier to be in touch with family and friends within the country and abroad . for example; a lot of my friend say that social media makes them feel more connected to their friends. Moreover social media provides educational benefits such as Youtube which provides endless videos that supports teenagers in developing and refining their skills.
However , the use of these social media apps in wrong way, can result a negative impacts and significant consequences on adolescences mind s. For example; cyber bullying , is known as a type of mental and emotional abuse because it may not affect a person physically but it has negative affect on the person who is receiving negative comments such deleting a picture he/she took of herself after. Some one wrote bad comments on that picture Deleting picture might be followed by starting to feel self consous body, dissatisfaction and other emotional issues , and one thing after another these consequence can lead to a massive distraction in ones personality .

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This research discusses the impact of social media in terms of academic performance, body image , emotional health, relationship ,and language It seeks to answer the question:
‘How social media can influence our adolescent in Dubai?’
Literature Review :
Academic permeance
Students has reached high levels of use social media, it affected him in many thing such as study time , poor grammar and wrong spelling when they use social media , in addition distract their attention from their studies (Mensah & Nizam, 2016) The academic permeance will be lower , if we used more social media. that’s mean students who often use the social media they will have poor academic permeance (Olayiwola, 2017)
body image
the rate of body dissatisfaction for both males and female has risen specially in males shifting from 15% to 43% (Berscheid , Walster, ; Bohrnstedt 1973; Cash, Winstead, ; Janda,1985) . About 23% of women identified that during their young age movie or television celebrities had an impact on their body image .where as on the other hand 22% were affected by fashion magazine models. This however is due to social media Publishing and supporting topics about beauty and elegance (Garner, 1997).

emotional health .
the rate of people admit to feeling jealous about what their friends are posting online is 42% while 58% of people get annoyed if somebody posts photos or information’s they don’t want made public ( Charleston, 2017 ).so people who are used more social media are affected by threefold risk of depression. That’s because of cyberbullying and having a misshapen view of other people’s lives (Jessica, 2018 ).
people who are sitting around you , and they useing their phone and have them sitting in arms reach they are at least 60% (cohen, 2017).
Methodology :This research is discuss the Impact of Social media on adolescent in Dubai. I choose this topics and especially I choose “Adolescents category” because teenager’s between 14 – 18 years they are quickly affected with lifestyle and with other people. They think that they are now big, so they want to act freely without consulting an adult. Especially after the social media became part of the day and our life , and every teenager have an account in the social media. So first I developed my research question then I choose five controlling idea .

Then I created 10 survey questions each controlling idea has two and it designed by Yes and No questions, while for interview questions I wrote 5 questions for each controlling idea. I write the question in both Arabic and English language , to make sure that they understand the question, especially they are adolescents.
I choose to survey Dubai adolescent’s , because I am from Dubai ,so it was easy to me to collect data. After I collect date , I started Results :
Discussion :
Conclusion :
Appendix A: Research Tools
Research question: How social media can influence our adolescent in Dubai ? Yes No
Does social media affect academic performance ?Would academic performance be higher if adolescent use social media low ?Does social media have an effect on level of violence in adolescent ?Would society be low violence if teenagers used social media low ? Does social media affect body disaffection? there is relationship between social media and low confidence In the person in his shape and body ?Does Social Media affect emotions? Would the rate of depression will decrease if adolescents stop using social media ?Does social media affect language ? Would adolescent language will develop , if he affected by other languages in social media?


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