Impact of Brand Image and Advertisement on Consumer Buying Behavior Essay

July 20, 2017 Economics

Impact of Brand Image and Advertisement on Consumer Buying Behavior

Impact of Brand Image and Advertisement on Consumer Buying Behavior Muhammad Ehsan Malik. Muhammad 1 2 Mudasar Ghafoor. 3Hafiz Kashif Iqbal. 4Qasim Ali. 4Hira Hunbal. 4Muhammad Noman and 4Bilal Ahmad

1Institute of Business Administration ( IBA ) . University of the Punjab. Lahore. Pakistan Dean Economics and Management Sciences. University of the Punjab. Lahore. Pakistan 2School of Business. University of Dundee. Scotland. United Kingdom 3School of Business and Economics. University of Management and Technology. Lahore. Pakistan 4Department of Business Administration. University of the Punjab Gujranwala Campus. Pakistan Submitted: Apr 27. 2013 ; Accepted: Jun 3. 2013 ; Published: Jun 20. 2013 Abstraction: Brand image and advertisement drama a important function to hike up any concern public presentation as trade name image is an implied tool which can positively alter people’s purchasing behaviours and advertizement is acting as a drive force for any concern as it’s an effectual beginning to convey your message and remain in customer’s head.

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The intent of this survey is to analyze the impact of trade name image and advertizement on consumer purchasing behaviour in the general populace at Gujranwala metropolis. Questionnaire study was used to roll up the informations by utilizing non chance convenient trying technique. A sample of 200 questionnaires was used in which 175 responses were collected within the period of one month. Findingss show that trade name image and advertizement have strong positive influence and important relationship with Consumer purchasing behaviour. Peoples perceive the trade name image with positive attitude. Study depicted that adolescents in Gujranwala are more witting about their societal position so they prefer branded merchandises and advertizement affects their Consumer Buying Behavior positively. In the last of article restrictions of research. deductions and suggestions for farther research besides included.

Cardinal words: Brand image Advertisement Consumer Buying Behavior INTRODUCTION can construct long term profitable dealingss with clients. Peoples in our society are so witting about their any concern can positively impact the behaviours of position and they prefer to utilize branded merchandises to demo people sing trade name image. satisfaction and trueness. off their position symbol.

Brand is considered as implied At present clip in planetary and emerging markets device through which any concern can achieve the concern war is non merely on monetary value but client attractive force. attractive force of people and can bask the competitory border. trueness and relationship affairs a batch. Companies are so In our local scenario it besides considered as a valuable plus witting about their customer’s satisfaction. for any concern as it can alter peoples’ purchasing Advertisement plays a important function for any concern to behavior. It can play a critical function to spread out any concern. hike up its public presentation graph as it is a powerful scheme Brand image development is a long term procedure and it to pull your clients toward your merchandise.

In can turn out a strong arm to contend with your rivals. Pakistan advertizement besides going a impulsive force for Customers rely on branded merchandises and largely prefer to any concern because it can coerce people to alter their bargain merchandises with good known trade name name. Marketing behavior sing your merchandise in positive sense. valuable schemes and tools can develop the trade name of Advertisement is a dominant and taking arm in all any merchandise. If trade name is managed in effectual ways. a selling tools due to its positive impact on consumers’ concern can bask maximal figure of clients and purchasing behaviour. It’s an effectual manner to pass on Refine quality of merchandises and societal


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