Impact of global economic crisis on automotive industry

The planetary fiscal crisis of 2008-2009 commenced in July 2007 when a loss of assurance by investors in the value of mortgages in the United States resulted in a liquidness crisis that prompted a significant injection of capital into fiscal markets ( Felton & A ; Reinhart, 2008 ) . On August 9 2007, the universe fiscal capitals were shocked when the European Central Bank injected a‚¬95bn worth of financess into the money markets to forestall adoption costs from gyrating aggressively ( Tett, 2008 ) . In September 2008, the crisis worsened, as stock markets worldwide crashed and entered a period of high volatility, and a considerable figure of Bankss, mortgage loaners and insurance companies failed in the undermentioned hebdomads ( Felton & A ; Reinhart, 2008 ) .

A twelvemonth subsequently, there is still no mark of these jobs allowing up. Alternatively, the load of force per unit area on Bankss has risen so aggressively, that by some steps this is now the worst fiscal crisis in 70 old ages ( Tett, 2008 ) .

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The cause of the fiscal was due to cheap money that encouraged rapid growing: between 2004 and 2007, the universe economic system expanded at its fastest rate in 30 old ages ( Giles, 2008 ) . Over the past twelvemonth, meanwhile, brisk planetary economic growing eventually hit capacity restraints. Demand for trade goods and nutrient continued to transcend supply, coercing monetary values harshly higher, raising rising prices and farther undermining disbursement capacity in advanced economic systems ( Tett, 2008 ) .

Jehoma ( 2008 ) cites that sub-prime mortgage loaning in US, reversal of the lodging roar in other industrialized economic systems and hapless ordinance of fiscal markets as the cause for the planetary fiscal crisis. These factors were farther compounded by the high nutrient monetary values and oil monetary values Jehoma ( 2008 ) .

This crisis in existent estate, banking and recognition in the United States had a planetary range, act uponing a broad scope of fiscal and economic activities and establishments, including the tightening of recognition with fiscal establishments ; fiscal markets that experienced steep diminutions ; liquidness jobs in equity financess and the depreciation and devaluation of the assets underpinning insurance contracts and pension and provident financess taking to concerns about the ability of these devices to run into future duties ( Felton & A ; Reinhart, 2008 ) .

The impact of the crisis was non confined merely to fiscal markets, but overflowed to all sectors of the planetary economic system, with some industrialized states sing deep recessions ( Jehoma, 2008 ) . The consequence on the wider economic system has been profound and several administrations have gone belly-up, or hold had to be bailed out, and 1000s of occupations have been cut ( Giles, 2008 ) .


The dramatic downward alteration of the United States of America ‘s growing chances led to a similar tendency all over the universe.

South Africa has joined the long list of economic systems in recession – the state ‘s first recession in 17 old ages. The market had expected a diminution, but the consequence was far worse than most prognosiss ( France24, 2009 ) .

Statisticss South Africa reported that South Africa ‘s gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) growing rate for the first one-fourth of 2009 stood at -6.4 per centum quarter-on-quarter, seasonally adjusted and annualized ; compared with a -1.8 per centum contraction in the 4th one-fourth of 2008 ( South, 2009 ) . Two consecutive quarters of negative growing denotes that an economic system is theoretically in recession.

The contraction in growing has been blamed on a autumn in export demand that has led to an obligatory cut in production by both makers and mineworkers ( South, 2009 ) . South Africa ‘s economic system relies to a great extent on trade goods exports, particularly from its mines, where 1000s of occupations have already been lost this twelvemonth ( France24, 2009 ) .

Further to above, harmonizing to Jehoma ( 2008 ) the planetary economic crisis besides impacts the South Africa economic system:

Due to lag in planetary economic system, a beginning for South African exports, there was diminution in exports and therefore autumn in monetary values of export trade goods ;

Occupation losingss in many sectors are on the addition as houses adjust their work force to changed demand for trade goods ;

Plummet of portions in Johannesburg Stock Exchange is taking to wealth eroding for many ;

Negative growing in value private pension financess which holds most of their investing portfolio in equities.

While the dramatic diminution in the monetary values of most trade goods is good intelligence for South Africa ‘s rising prices outlook, it besides comes with a moving ridge of planned and already enforced retrenchments brushing over South Africa ( Solidarity Research Institute, 2008 ) . The South African economic system can lose near to 700A 000 occupations ; this figure is well higher than ab initio projected ( Sake24, 2009 ) .

Since the start of the economic downswing in the 3rd one-fourth of 2008, more than 770,000 employees in South Africa have lost their occupations in the past 12 months ( Solidarity cited in, 2009 ) . Harmonizing to the Labour Force Survey, approximately 267,000 net occupations were lost in the period between the first and 2nd one-fourth of 2009 while approximately 484,000 net occupations were lost in the undermentioned one-fourth ( Statistics South Africa cited in, 2009 ) .

The official unemployment rate had increased from 23.6 % to 24.5 % in the 3rd one-fourth of 2009 ( Statistics South Africa cited in, 2009 ) . The study showed that the fabrication and retail sectors were peculiarly difficult hit in the 3rd one-fourth as about 150,000 occupation losingss were recorded in the fabrication sector in the 3rd one-fourth (, 2009 ) .

The list below comprises some automotive companies where retrenchments have been officially announced or where occupation losingss have been reported in the 4th one-fourth of 2008 and the first one-fourth of 2009.


At present, the automotive industry is marked by profound and widespread uncertainness, but one thing is clear – the state of affairs is black, and the mentality is even bleaker (, 2008 ) .

As planetary stock markets dip and consumer assurance dips to extraordinary depressions, vehicle gross revenues in about all parts continue to worsen. As of the beginning of 2009, the automotive makers of the universe are being hit hard by the economic lag across boundaries, when many administrations are sing dual digit per centum gross revenues diminutions ( KPMG International, 2008 ) .


In the face of considerable fiscal losingss, the automotive makers in the United States of America have rendered many mills inactive and drastically reduced employment degrees. Wholly the Original Equipment Manufacturers ( OEM ‘s ) employ 416,000 people in the U.S. and Canada ( Felton & A ; Reinhart, 2009 ) .

The crisis has led to prognosiss of monolithic unemployment and economic recession if non contained, and Democrats have called for a “ span loan ” to help the American automotive makers ( KPMG International ) .

South Africa

“ Thousands of motor industry occupations are hanging in the balance as a planetary economic downswing, ignited by the US sub-prime mortgage prostration, filters into South Africa ‘s economic system ” ( Dispatch Online, 2008 ) .

The planetary economic lag has already led to occupation losingss in the signifier of retrenchments, and an addition in non-production yearss at original-equipment makers ( OEMs ) . If the market does non retrieve significantly within the following 12 months, farther occupation losingss can be expected ( Gabru, 2009 ) .

South African vehicle and constituent makers presently face highly unstable conditions.A The instability in planetary fiscal markets and the changeless alteration in the Rand exchange rate render planning highly difficult.A At this phase, it is non possible to be precise about the result of current fiscal market convulsion and its impact on the South African automotive industry ( National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa, 2008 )

At this phase, it is hard to be specific about new vehicle export Numberss for 2009. South African vehicle makers are in regular contact with their parent companies in reexamining export market demands and current indicants are that over-all new vehicle exports during 2009 could register a diminution of between 10 % and 15 % on the 2008 figure ( National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa, 2008 ) .


On the domestic market forepart, new vehicle gross revenues are likely to go on to see force per unit area during the first half of 2009, nevertheless, there are clear marks that the rising prices and involvement rate rhythm in South Africa has peaked and as inflationary force per unit areas abate into 2009, involvement rates will besides get down to come down (, 2009 ) .A The 2nd half of 2009 is hence likely to see an betterment in the fiscal place of consumers and stronger economic activity degrees giving rise to optimism of a recovery in demand of new motor vehicles from about the center of following twelvemonth ( Gabru, 2009 ) .A For 2009 as a whole, it is expected that new vehicles gross revenues ( autos and commercials ) , in sum footings, will likely enter a diminution of between 5 % and 7 % twelvemonth on twelvemonth ( National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa, 2008 ) .

Harmonizing to Gabru ( 2009 ) , it is improbable that South Africa will be doing any important inroads into other markets in the following three to five old ages. While significant fabrication capacity is traveling offshore from Europe and the US, these merchandises are traveling to more competitory parts like China, Turkey, Brazil and Thailand, which are besides geographically better positioned than South Africa. South Africa, on the other manus, is better situated to capitalize on African markets, specifically the sub-Saharan part.

Company Ten

Company X ‘s 3rd one-fourth fiscal study for 2008 takes topographic point against the background of the force per unit areas the industry is confronting following the planetary economic and fiscal crisis. This is reflected in entire industry volumes down 10 % in mature and emerging markets from 69 to 62 million units, farther challenged by a beef uping hankering, and low consumer assurance.

Gross saless consequences

Year to day of the month planetary gross revenues were down 3 % to 2.63 million units while 3rd one-fourth gross revenues were down 19 % to 731,000 from the same period in financial 2007. In response to lower 3rd one-fourth gross revenues in all parts ( 18.6 % down ) , production volumes were lowered by 45 % ( NSA Management, 2009 ) .

Fiscal consequences

The first nine months of 2008 reflected a lessening in net gross of 14.7 % from the same period in 2007 while operating net income was down 84 % . Assuming that planetary gross revenues will be down 10 % and production volume down 16 % , Company X ‘s revised fiscal prognosis – operating loss to make 180 billion hankerings ( a 4th one-fourth bead of 17 % – in line with other auto makers ) ; and net loss of 265 billion hankerings ( NSA Management, 2009 ) .

Recovery program

In visible radiation of the downswing, both at Company X and the automotive industry at big, a recovery program has been drawn up to pull off the company through the current crisis. Attempts will center round two chief subjects:

Recovering net income: mostly through cost decreases in labor and buying. Labor costs will diminish in line with grosss, particularly in high cost states. Other decreases include a decrease in wages among board members, corporate officers, and directors. No fillips will be awarded to the board of managers. Extra steps are a decrease in working hours and production yearss, every bit good as a work sharing scheme dialogue. Company X ‘s planetary head count will go on to be streamlined – from 240,000 in March 2008 to 215,000 in March 2010, stand foring a 25,000 decrease.

Continuing hard currency: In line with worsening market demand, operations are undergoing right-sizing to cut down planetary costs. Specific capital investings and new-model merchandise debuts have been postponed, reduced or cancelled until the economic crisis simplicities ( NSA Management, 2009 ) .

It is just to state that the current fiscal crisis has caught the automotive industry by surprise. Companies were prepared for a contraction, but they did non expect the velocity and strength of the downswing when it came.



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