Impact of Global Recession on Indian Market

The recession in the US market and the global meltdown termed as Global recession have engulfed complete world ecomony with a varying degree of recessional impact. World over the impact has diversified and its impact can be observed from the very fact of falling Stock market, recession in jobs availiability and companies following downsizaing in the existing available staff and cutting down of the perks and salary corrections. Globally the financial sector sacking the existing base of employees in high numbers in US the major example being CITI Group same still followed by others in hospitality industry Jet and Kingfisher Airlines too.

The cut in salary for the pilots being 90 % can any one imagine such a huge cut in salary. In the globalized market scenario, the impact of recession at one place/ indusrty/ sector perculate down to all the linked indusrty and this can be truly interpreated from the current market situation which is faced by the world since approx 2 month and still the situation is not in control inspite of various measures taken to fight back the recession in the market. The badly hit setor at present being the financial sector, and major issue being the “LIQUIDITY Crises” in the market.

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In-spite of the various measures to subsidise the impact of the recession and cut down the inflation present nothing really sound have been done. Various steps taken by RBI to curb the present recession in the economy and counter act the prevailing situation. The sudden drying-up of capital inflows from the FDI which were invested in Indian stock markets for greater returns vizualizing the Potential Higher Returns flying back is continuing to challenge liquidity management.

At the heart of the current liquidity tightening is the balance of payments deficit, and this NRI deposit move should help in some small way. To curb the liquidity crises the RBI will continue to initiate liquidity measures as long as the current unusually tight domestic liquidity environment prevails. The current step to curb these being lowering of interest rates and reduction of PLR. However, the big-picture story remains unchanged – all countries in the world with current account deficits and trong credit cycles are finding it difficult to bring cost of capital down in the current environment. India is no different. New measures do not change our view on the growth outlook. Indeed, we remain concerned about the banking sector and financial sector. The BOP- Balance of Payment deficit – at a time when domestic credit demand is very high – is resulting in a vicious loop of reduced access to liquidity, slowing growth, and increased risk-aversion in the financial system.

In total the recession have turned down the growth process and have set the minds of economists and others for finding out the real solution to sustain the economic growth and stability of the market which is desired for the smooth running of the economy. Complete businesss/ industry is in dolledrum situation and this situation persist for a longer duration will create the small business to vanish as they have lower stability and to run smoothly require continous flow of liquidity which is drived from the market.

In present situation down fall in one sector one day leads to a negative impact on the other sector thus alltogether everyone feel the impact of the Financial crises with the result of the current recession which started in US and slowly and gradually due to linked global world have impacted everyone. Solution for the problem still remain at the top of the mind of every one, still everyone facing the impact of recession but how long is the major question which is of great importance.



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