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September 8, 2017 Economics

Relevance of the rank between Turkey and European Union is of import position of induction to the European Union. Turkey is a big state, which occupies a cardinal geopolitical place in the huge and extremely sensitive part, covering South-East Europe, the post-Soviet infinite and the Middle East click to find out more . In this instance, since the mid 1980 ‘s, Turkey is sing a period of rapid economic growing that is accompanied by increasing its influence in the part, an addition in the overall value of the state in international economic and political dealingss[ 1 ]. The survey and apprehension of Turkey ‘s chances and grounds to incorporate into European Union, will be one of the chief factors finding the societal development of the state and in my sentiment will more accurately construct the chief waies of farther advancement in European-Turkish dealingss, place new possibilities of bilateral cooperation.

Probe of the alone experience of long-run integrating, interaction organisation composed chiefly of the European industrialised states and developing Turkey on the way of socio-economic modernisation may stand for non merely theoretical but besides of scientific and practical involvement, particularly in connexion with the deployment of regional integrating procedures.

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Background of research subject

To look into the background of research subject and to understand how European -Turkish dealingss were pledged, I decided to detect Cold War and Post Cold War periods. During the Cold War period Turkey was a possible manufacturer of security, by procuring corporate individuality of the Western states and pulling new members. Geopolitical imaginativeness was centered on two alternate theoretical accounts of political-economic administrations ; the definition of Europe was confined to the “ Free World ” to which Turkey besides belonged by virtuousness of its pro-Western orientation.[ 2 ]

At the terminal of the Cold War the European Community was a direct consumer of security and economic assistance. It brought a close spread of United States and European dealingss. That clip Europe was barely confronting the military security direction crises and it was a large chance for Turkey to go a utile security supplier.

As a world power with its planetary vision on universe ‘s state of affairss, United States posed perceptual experiences on Turkey ‘s part as a security edifice and military power.


My research design is divided into 2 stages: Execution, in which I will roll up all informations, identifies all variables and ratings and appraisal.

In debut of my work I will depict the relevancy of Turkish rank to European Union, provide with the factors which are truly forcing Turkey to fall in EU. I will utilize background to see how European -Turkish dealingss were pledged and what are the factors which caused these dealingss. I plan to detect 2 periods: Cold War and Post-war period. Then I will present the aims of my research as the basic program of my work.

Once a cardinal apprehension of the execution has been done, I will continue to my existent research, analyzing it with the execution of basic International Relations theories: Realism, Constructivism and Rationalism. Theories will assist better to explicate Turkish desire.

I will complete my thesis with a brief drumhead and so supply the scientifically grounded recommendations from the European authorities about the chances of Turkey ‘s rank.

Research inquiry

What are the chances and the grounds of Turkey fall ining the European Union? Does it impact the European security?

Security issues considered to be the important for the European Union. Its expansion we should analyze from the position of beef uping or weakening the security. The issue arisen in this paper had become really topical presents. There is still no common theoretical account of future European Union, hence there are ceaseless argues between those states who imagines and registering the brotherhood as a supranational histrions and those who tends to the big common market. The negotiations about the EU enlargement-are the most arguable and complicated issues arisen in forepart. The is a large treatment about the procedure and the effects of Turkey accession from the Europe ‘s place and be given to be presumed, that Turkey has a large desire to come in the European Union because of particular motivations and grounds, neither from the other manus it is non much profitable for European Union to entree Turkey for many grounds, which will be presented in the chief work.

The aims of the research:

The chief aims of the thesis are:

To show the existent grounds, why does Turkey desire to go the member of the EU and explain Turkey ‘s desire,

To analyze the possibility and motivations of Turkey ‘s entree into the brotherhood, by proving realists, positivists and societal constructivists theories.

To show profitable grounds of accession for Turkish and non so profitable grounds for European,

Explain why it is so good for United States to force Turkey into the European Union.

There sub aims of the thesis:

To look into Turkey geopolitical location and happen out the strong and the weak side of its state of affairs

To analyze Turkey ‘s dealingss with its neighbours. It is necessary to maintain in head the attitude toward Turkey ‘s possible rank of these provinces,

To explicate the scientifically grounded recommendations to the European authorities about the position of Turkey ‘s rank.

The feature of the research

This research is explanatory research because a batch of aims are used. If we will look on the subject threw the enquiry mode the research will be qualitative, but I will besides seek to utilize some quantitative indexs.

Collection of information about assorted facets of the Europe security and possible Turkey ‘s rank can be used by European authorities in its policy-making. Using the realist ‘s tools inside this work I can reason, that merely after the blessing of the positive impact on the Europe ‘s security, Turkey could be accepted to the European Union.

Theory choice


The first theory I would wish to use in my thesis- is the pragmatism. In brief, realists believe, that the provinces are the exclusive histrions in the international sphere ; their end is to heighten or even maximise its power that can potentially do provinces to be unsafe to each other. They are rivals for this power and ever battle for the endurance. The chief proviso of the province ‘s endurance – is the strong security.[ 3 ]My research will be deductive, because I will use the bing theory in my instance. That ‘s why realists are used to explicate European integrating from the place of temporally confederations in the interest of security. Realists claim that the national involvement moves states to form temporal bargaining. Turkey would be considered as the searcher of the confederation with Europe in order to increase its security. In my thesis I will seek to place Turkish national involvement in this country.


The following theory is deserving to see – is rationalism. From rational prospective the chief end of EU accession – is economic addition. The rational pick theory assumes histrions choose the best action harmonizing the stable penchant maps and restraints confronting them. Rationalism in International Relations means that histrions same as persons pick is normally determined by economical grounds as they try to maximise their benefits and minimise their costs.[ 4 ]In other words histrions make a determination about how they should move by comparing the costs and benefits of different classs of action. In our instance I am traveling to number the costs of possible Turkey ‘s rank and see benefits, which are presumed be much similar to each other.


The last theory I am interested to prove – is societal constructivism. Constructivism argued that mainstream Realist, Liberal and formal mold attacks of International Relations drastically underestimated the function of thoughts, values and individualities in explicating political behaviour. Constructivists attempted to show that individualities, thoughts and discourse mattered even in the “ heartland ” security surveies and besides in the nucleus country of national security.[ 5 ]This theory would be premised on the maxim that the chief ground why Turkey wants to fall in the EU is its desire to be accepted as an equal by the Western civilisation composite.


The chief method of my thesis will be different papers analysis and carry oning interviews with assorted representatives of the organisations. It comparatively suits to the theory of explanatory research. Besides I am traveling to utilize deductive logical thinking and necessitate both qualitative and quantative variables. To explicate that, I will compare the instances and program to use historical attack to this job. To happen out how Turkey will present an impact on European Security, I will analyze the similar instances of old Europe ‘s expansion. I will utilize historical comparison methods, deductive methods and methods of formal logic.


Turkish entree into European Union will convey much more chances to be engaged actively in international dealingss, particularly in Middle East. Although Turkey is improbable to fall in after 2012 at the earliest, protagonists of Turkish entry believe that the brotherhood would derive influence in the part of Middle East once it had boundary lines with Syria, Iraq and Iran.

There are no uncertainties, that the possible Turkey ‘s accession to the EU would besides convey chances for Turkey: economical, political and cultural development. And even if Europe denies Turkish rank in order to protect itself from the altering the development class, it should set up ordinary partnership, able to fulfill current Turkey ‘s demands. In other words the EU would better construct its vicinity policy with Turkey, trusting on its demands in economic growing, development of democratic establishments, enhancement the markets integrating, cultural interactions.

Possible hypotheses:

Turkey accession, will present bigger complexness to the construction of the EU, than it has presents.

Under the complexness of the European Union construction is meant that the possible expansion will weakened the stable state of affairs in Europe. Currently Turkey is extenuating the hit between Europe and the debatable part of Middle East. If Turkey will be accepted to the European Union- the regional struggle and uncertainness will be non merely at really boundary lines of the Union but besides inside of it.

The EU will confront a large security hazard if they will non entree Turkey into the brotherhood.

European Union has ne’er been considered as military organisation: it has non ain military personnels and foreign security policy is still on the phase of set uping, while Turkey is virtually a taking military power at the junction of Europe and the Middle East. So without Turkey rank, European Union could confront large security hazards from the side of Middle East. For its position, it is really good to utilize Turkey in security involvements, as some kind of span between Europe and the Muslim universe and to establish it for any military action. They claimed that it is really hard to take any action in this part without Turkey ‘s support and aid. This sort of consecutive expansion is doing a world of the vision of a united and peaceable continent.

Accession will give a possibility for Turkey to confront a procedure of Europeanization

The procedure of Europeansation can be understood a chiefly as an debut to the accomplishments and values of European civilisation, so Turkey will hold to demo a important alteration in its political construction, every bit good as in its foreign policy and in socio-economic precedences.

Specification of variables

Interconnection between different types of variables is really interesting to detect. I am profoundly interested in researching the security conceptualizations, demands and insecurities. The best definition of security will be “ freedom from menaces to core values ”[ 6 ]– written by John Baylis, but he is besides reasoning that different types of agents confronting different types insecurities.

Presented variables ( dependent and independent ) , I will use into 2 possible instances:

Turkey as a possible member of EU with its impact on the beginnings of insecurity. I will depict the present confrontations between Turkey and part of Middle East and its possible consequence on security of European Union ; besides I will utilize illustrations of old expansions and the effect of go toing new members on the agent ‘s activity.

The EU rejection of Turkish rank. How will it act upon on the European security state of affairs.

The presented subject led me to present a research inquiry, which can be answered if we will see Turkish rank with European Union as independent variable. Therefore the dependant variable in my work is the degree of security in the European Union. This possible expansion can do immense geopolitical alterations and as a consequence dealingss with the agents of insecurity.

If we will turn out the hypothesis that the expansion will increase the menace to the European security it would be likely the counsel non to accept this state. In opposite state of affairs if the procedure of integrating will be settled every bit shortly as possible, we can see Turkish rank as a dependent variable. In other words the integrating becomes the dependant variable itself when we study the factors of expansion: such as spillover consequence, bargaining, decrease of security menaces, socialization of new state member. All this impressions become status variables if we study the possible Turkey ‘s rank.

Data demands

I am presently composing up my thesis utilizing informations non merely about the problematic of Turkey accession, but besides about the whole state of affairs of European – Turkey relationship and European security. There are many books and besides immense spectrum of cyberspace beginnings, that reviews as an built-in portion of my full research procedure and makes valuable part to about every operational measure.

I will split selected beginnings – into two types:

Preliminary informations: articles, addresss, studies, sum-up of committees, interviews of Turkish politicians and etc. I will utilize beginnings about the jobs of Europe ‘s security, experience terminal impacts of old expansions, Turkey ‘s possible rank.

Secondary informations: all the information about Turkey and Middle East dealingss, Turkey and USA dealingss, Turkey ‘s advancement towards accession, documents of well-known international dealingss scientists such as Wolfers, Kissinger, Moravcsic and etc.

Background stuffs and expected bibliography:

The list of bibliographic beginnings is non complete yet, but as for the background research, the undermentioned beginnings were used:

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