Importance And Benefits Of It Alignment Management Essay

Information Technology ( IT ) alliance has become one of the primary factor for the development of concern scheme and procedure in industries. It helps the industries to increase its productiveness and quality without compromising cost therefore holding competitory advantage in the market. Information systems and engineering has given border to many industries to do revolution in their concern public presentation. However, following to certain information engineering involves hazards and depends on house wants and demands.

In this survey, I have discussed about IT and Business scheme of Wal-Mart utilizing Strategic Alignment Model ( SAM ) developed by Henderson and Venkatraman ( 1993 ) . Each and every factor of this theoretical account has been analyzed in a better manner and besides pointed inhibitors and exhibitioners subsequently in this study. I have used interrelatednesss of Supply Chain Management, Radio Frequency Identification ( RFID ) and Post of Gross saless ( POS ) to explicate the IT architecture with regard to the Strategic Alignment Model used.

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Executive Summary 2

1. Introduction 5

2. Literature Reappraisal

2.1 Importance and benefits of IT Alignment 6


3. Strategic Alignment Model ( SAM )

3.1 Strategic Alignment and Its Concerns

3.2 Strategy Alignment – Business, IT, Organization and Infrastructure 7



4. IT in Supply Chain Management ( SCM ) 10

5. RFID in Supply Chain Management ( SCM ) 12

6. Strategic Alignment in Wal-Mart

6.1 Wal-Mart and its Business Alliance

6.2.1 Business Strategy

6.2.2 Business Model

6.2.3 Core Competence

6.2.4 Rivals

6.2 Wal-Mart ‘s IT Alignment

6.2.1 IT Strategy and its Procedures

6.2.2 IT Governance

6.2.3 IT Architecture

6.2.4 IT Skills

6.2.5 Technologies in Wal-Mart 13












7. Wal-Mart ‘s Key Enablers 25

8. Wal-Mart ‘s Key Enablers

Content Contaˆ¦ 26

9. Decision 26

10. Mentions 27

List of Table:

Table 1: SCM Elementss and its Components 9

List of Figure:

Figure 1: Business Strategy – Key Drivers

Figure 2: Functional Role of IT in SCM

Figure 3: The Family of Auto-ID Technologies

Figure 4: Business Alignment of Wal-Mart

Figure 5: IT Alignment of Wal-Mart

Figure 6: Wal-Mart ‘s RFID in Supply Chain Management

Figure 7: Polonium Dataflow








Word Count ( Table Included ) 4138

1. Introduction

All industry environment requires concerns to modify and widen their traditional attack to alter and accomplish success. Businesss are in must in state of affairs to undergo strategic alteration and transform themselves into flexible endeavors in order to face and react to increasing complexness and uncertainness in the environment. In order to accomplish this end industry should hold to aline information engineering ( IT ) with concern scheme.

Harmonizing to Venkatraman ( 1994 ) & A ; ( R L Hsiao & A ; R.J Ormerod, 1998 ) , IT gives border and renders innovative strategic picks to the industries so that their concerns can efficaciously pull off the critical factors such as quality, lead clip, cost, hazard and their relationships with clients and providers.

But a strong IT alliance should hold a synergism between scheme, organisation, procedures, engineering and people in order to prolong the quality and to accomplish competitory advantage ( Rockart & A ; Short 1991 ) .

In response to these aims, strategic planning or strategic alliance has been traditionally viewed as an indispensable map of concern, and as a necessary facet of enabling sustained competitory advantage through coordinated planning between the concern and IT.



Recent researches and surveies proved that IT and concern alliance is an of import factor and one of the cardinal concerns in today ‘s scenario to hold competitory advantage. Some of the cardinal concerns that have been identified are IT and concern alliance, Knowledge and accomplishments of IT professionals and their keeping rate, IT strategic planning etc. It does hold its impact in the countries such as,

aˆ? End-User Technical Support

aˆ? Network Management

aˆ? Voice and Data Communications

aˆ? Strategic Technology Planning

aˆ? Project Management

IT has utmost importance in the industries as it derives the undermentioned benefits,

aˆ? Value Creation

aˆ? Cost Advantage

aˆ? Increase in productiveness

aˆ? Centralization of operations

aˆ? Business Profitability

A• Competitive Advantage



SAM helps concern executives and information engineer to convey strategic concern chances to visible radiations that call for an built-in IT scheme and to concentrate both on specific spheres of strategic picks and on relationships between these spheres.

Harmonizing to Thomas E. Curtin ( n.d, ) , alining your organisation ‘s concern and IT strategies so as to present a positive return presupposes a strategic concern chance to which information engineering is built-in.

In this survey I have used the Strategic Alignment Model ( SAM ) developed by Henderson and Venkatraman ( 1993 ) to discourse about concern alliance and IT alliance of Wal-Mart with inhibitors and exhibitioners. SAM theoretical account focused more into concern scheme, information scheme, organisational construction, and information engineering construction.

Harmonizing to F. Bergeron & A ; L. Raymond ( 2002 ) , Strategic alliance theoretical account provinces that effectual direction of IT requires a balance among the picks made across all four spheres. The theoretical account besides gives us insight about the importance of cross-domain relationships where any sphere can move as the cardinal drive force.


Strategic alliance can be defined as the art and scientific discipline of formulating, integration, and implementing determinations between the concern and IT, which enables an organisation to accomplish its aims. Strategic alliance has been, and remains, one of the top concerns for both concern and IT direction.

Few surveies have shown that strategic alliance is unequal because the concern clime is in a province of dynamic alteration and invention. Besides it has been proved is really temporal in nature and that it falters over clip.

However, the function of strategic alliance is an indispensable facet of organisation public presentation to accomplish competitory advantage which improves organisational effectivity, maximise return on investing, and provide chance for the companies to better pull off their overall concern demands, engineering, and competition, and provides balance within the organisation ( Lawrence R. Ness 2005 ) .


Aligning IT with concern scheme accelerates the value of organisation in an Enterprise. ‘The IT scheme may besides include switching investing rights from the nucleus to the lines of concern and into the shadows. This can work if the investing portfolio is kept seeable. In industries where engineering is built-in in the concern, such as fiscal services, IT needs to acquire into the shadows to truly distinguish ‘ ( Strategy Planning n.d )

‘According to Vitale, Ives and Beath ( 1986 ) two cardinal manners of geting relationship between concern scheme and IT scheme are: the dependent attack and the impact attack ‘ ( F. Bergeron & A ; L. Raymond 2002 ) . The dependent attack trades with interrelatedness of IT scheme and concern scheme ( how one supports another ) . The impact attack trades with IT map, which could give lead to the organisation ‘s mission and ends, and therefore going determiner of the concern scheme

Many surveies proved that IT scheme and Business Strategy complements each other by the manner of its map. Porter and Millar ( 1985 ) expressed his positions about the part of IT in heightening the competitory place of the houses. Many surveies and research argued about the four dimensions that related to the strategic deployment of IT: ( competences, function of IT, design and the development of information system and substructures ) support concern scheme and leads to concern public presentation. Figure 1.clearly explains how IT Strategy supports Business scheme.

Harmonizing to ( Leifer 1988 ) . A complex construction needs a coordination, control and communicating mechanism which in bend requires enabling information engineering. Henderson and Venkatraman ( 1993 ) besides explained the relation between concern scheme and IT scheme, which they defined in footings of three constituents: engineering range, systemic competences, and IT administration.

Figure 1: Business Strategy – Key Drivers

From the figure 1, we can understand that organisation concern scheme depends on four mail factors based on the key driver they choose.If the cardinal driver is IT so the consequence will be IT transmutation. If the key driver is Process the consequence will be concern procedure re-engineering. If the key driver is Cultural alterations with functions and duties of persons the consequence will be Human Renewal If the driver is construction the consequence will be structural reconfiguration ( R L Hsiao & A ; R.J Ormerod 1998 ) .


Harmonizing to Cooke ( 1997 ) , SCM is the coordination and integrating of all activities associated with traveling goods from the natural stuffs to the terminal user, for sustainable competitory advantage. This includes systems direction, sourcing, production programming, order processing, stock list direction, transit, repositing, and client service. SCM depends strongly on the three chief elements when aligned with the IT and its construction. It has been explained in the tabular array 1.

Elementss Sub- Components

Supply concatenation web construction aˆ? Structural dimensions and procedure

Supply concatenation concern processes aˆ? Customer relationship direction,

aˆ? Customer service direction,

aˆ? Demand direction,

aˆ? Order fulfillment,

aˆ? Manufacturing flow direction,

aˆ? Procurement,

aˆ? Product development,

aˆ? Returns/reverse logistics

Supply concatenation direction constituents aˆ? Types of Links/Level of Integration,

aˆ? Managed procedure links

aˆ? Monitored procedure links

aˆ? Not-managed procedure links

aˆ? Non-member procedure links

aˆ? Components of Management critical to SCM

aˆ? Planning and control

aˆ? Work construction

Table 1: SCM Elementss and its constituents

‘Porter ( 1997 ) defined SCM as a procedure for accomplishing a clear line of sight from the supply base to our clients with purchaser and marketer working jointly to drive out non-value-added costs, better quality, velocity order fulfilment, and present new merchandise and procedure engineering ‘ ( Stanley E. F and Gregory M 2001 ) . Figure 2 gives us a clear position about the assorted factors that have impact on SCM because of IT functional functions.

Figure 2: Functional Role of IT in SCM ( J. Auramo n.d )

Main function of IT in SCM is cut downing the clash in minutess between supply concatenation spouses through cost-efficient information flow. Harmonizing to Simchi-Levi et al. , ( 2003. p.354 ) objectives of IT in SCM are:

aˆ? Supplying information handiness and visibleness

aˆ? Enabling individual point of contact of informations

aˆ? Allowing determinations based on entire supply concatenation information

aˆ? Enabling coaction with supply concatenation spouses

Bowersox and Daugherty ( 1995 ) briefed that IT is an of import factor in back uping companies making strategic advantage by heightening centralized strategic be aftering with daily centralised operations.


In the recent yrears RFID is seen as an enabler of supply concatenation transmutation thats the ground many houses who are into strong supply concatenation direction started following the engineering ( eg. Wal-Mart ) . It was besides proved that RFID could heighten and supports quality control processes with lower limit or no human interaction.

Harmonizing to D.C Wyld ( 2006 ) RFID belongs to the household of auto-id engineering ( Figure 3 ) and d’Hont ( 2003 ) besides argued that it is ‘a wireless nexus to place people or objects ‘ .

Figure 3: The Family of Auto-ID Technologies ( D.C Wyld 2006 )

‘The promise of RFID could so do the engineering the following large thing – as the entire RFID market ( including tickets, readers, package, and services ) has been forecast to turn about exponentially. The overall RFID market, which stands at about $ 3 billion today, has been forecast to turn to over $ 25 billion by 2015, or approximately 800 per cent! ‘ ( Robert E. Spekman 2006 ) .

‘A right designed RFID web can reply many of these inquiries without human engagement, and the system is capable of taking action based on preset set of heuristics. If a shop is acquiring low on a peculiar SKU, the system would acknowledge that because it sets thresholds based on refilling velocity and automatically generates orders based on RFID information tied to calculate systems. Automatic refilling systems are non new, but RFID does better the truth of the procedure ‘ ( Robert E. Spekman 2006 ) .



“ The best portion is if we work together, we ‘ll take down the cost of populating for everyone, non merely in America, but we ‘ll give the universe an chance to see what it ‘s like to salvage and hold a better life. ” -Sam Walton ( Wal-Mart 2007 )

In his autobiography Sam expressed that ( Wal-Mart 2007 ) ‘The secret of successful retailing is to give your clients what they want, And truly, if you think about it from the point of position of the client, you want everything: a broad mixture of good quality ware ; the lowest possible monetary values ; guaranteed satisfaction with what you buy ; friendly, knowing service ; convenient hours ; free parking ; a pleasant shopping experience ‘ .

Company ‘s concern success doubtless relies on its concern alliance. Figure 4 can better explicate the constituents that are associated with Wal-Mart ‘s Business Alignment.

Today, Wal-Mart is a planetary company with more than 1.9 million associates worldwide and about 6,500 shops and sweeping nines across 13 states and be aftering to get down its operations in India in late 2008. Harmonizing to FORTUNE magazine Wal-Mart is the “ most admired retail merchant ” and has merely completed one of the best old ages in its history: Wal-Mart generated more than $ 312.4 billion gross in 2006, and demonstrated a new record and an addition of 9.5 per centum. The company earned $ 11.2 billion in net income in 2005. ( Wal-Mart n.d. ) .

‘Ironically, engineering plays an of import function in assisting Wal-Mart stay client focused. Wal-Mart invented the pattern of sharing gross revenues informations via computing machine with major providers, such as Proctor & A ; Gamble. Every clip a box of Tide is rung up at the hard currency registry, Wal-Mart ‘s informations warehouse takes note and knows when it is clip to alarm P & A ; G to refill a peculiar shop. As a consequence, Wal-Mart shops seldom run out of stock of popular points ‘ ( Wal-Mart n.d. ) .


‘Our scheme is to set resources to work on what ‘s most of import. Does this market better our planetary purchase? What are the possible chances in that market? Can we unlock that possible and make value? Where can we acquire the greatest return and growing? All these things and more are taken into consideration as we look at our concerns around the universe. ( Wal-Mart 2007 )

Internationally, we are leveraging the strength of Wal-Mart to supply invention and benefits to all markets, including emerging countries, such as China and India. We honor the trade name, such as Asda, where the trade name is of import locally to our clients. And, where it makes sense, we will utilize the strength of the Wal-Mart name ‘ ( Wal-Mart 2007 )

Wal-Mart ‘s growing during the first two decennaries was propelled chiefly by following the scheme of set uping price reduction shops in smaller towns which everybody else was disregarding and therefore capturing important market portion

In the 1980s by doing heavy investings in information engineering to pull off its supply concatenation and by spread outing concern in bigger metropolitan metropoliss. When Wal-Mart felt that the price reduction shops concern was maturating, it ventured into nutrient retailing by presenting Supercenters. Wal-Mart ‘s merchandises were normally priced 20 % lower than those of its rivals. Walton ‘s pricing scheme led to increased trueness from price-conscious rural clients.

One of the cardinal schemes is that ‘the company ne’er spent more than 2 per centum of gross revenues on administrative costs, less than half the industry norm ‘ ( Term Paper n.d. )


Wal-Mart became one of the first and the best retailing companies in the universe to centralise its distribution systems, open uping the retail hub and radius system.

Under the system, goods were centrally ordered, assembled at a specially-built monolithic warehouse, known as the distribution Centre ( hub ) , from where they were dispatched to the person shops ( radiuss ) as per the orders received by the shops. Two cardinal developments made the success possible: Distribution and Inventory flow are the two key developments made the success for Wal-Mart in accomplishing proper concern theoretical account.

Distribution: Highly automated distribution centres, cutting down on bringing clip and costs.

Inventory flow: Computerized stock list systems gave directors real-time information on their stocks, rushing up the re-ordering of goods. These are considered to be the best patterns and those yearss ( 1970 ‘s ) it was radical.

Harmonizing to Term paper ( n.d, ) , ‘Sam borrowed a batch of thoughts for his early shops from Kmart and others. But it was what he chose to make otherwise – the ways he put his ain cast on the basic concern theoretical account – that made Wal-Mart so fantastically successful. His theoretical account was the same as Kmart ‘s, but his scheme was alone ‘ .


Wal-Mart ‘s nucleus competence lies in retailing. Wal-Mart ‘s primary strengths lie in the country of Operational Excellence, client familiarity and merchandise leading are the other countries of its nucleus competence.

Wal-Mart ability to organize complex information system and distribution web to pull off their providers is besides their nucleus strength. Harmonizing to Prof. M. Lawless ( 2001 ) , Wal-Mart ‘s efficiency and relationships with providers represent a competence that could potential reassign really good to online operations.

6.1.4 Rival

Wal-Mart ‘s chief rivals include section shops like Kmart, Target, ShopKo, Meijer, and Canada ‘s Zellers, Winners, or Giant Tiger.

Harmonizing to Best Answer ( n.d. ) , several smaller retail merchants, chiefly dollar shops, such as Family Dollar and Dollar General, have been able to happen a little niche market and vie successfully against Wal-Mart for place consumer gross revenues.

‘Wal-Mart besides had to confront a ferocious competition in some foreign markets. For illustration, in Germany, it had captured merely 2 % of German nutrient market following its entry into the market in 1997 and remained “ a secondary participant ” compared to competitor Aldi with a 19 % portion. In July 2006, Wal-Mart announced its backdown from Germany. Its shops were sold to German company METRO AG. Wal-Mart continues to make good in the UK, and its ASDA subordinate is the 2nd largest concatenation after Tesco ‘ ( Best Answer n.d. ) .

‘In May 2006, after come ining the South Korean market in 1998, Wal-Mart withdrew and sold all 16 of its South Korean mercantile establishments to Shinsegae, a local retail merchant, for $ 882 million. Shinsegae re-branded the Wal-Marts as E-mart shops. Wal-Mart struggled to export its trade name elsewhere as it stiffly tried to reproduce its theoretical account overseas. In China, Wal-Mart hopes to win by accommodating and making things the Chinese manner. For illustration, it found that Chinese consumers preferred to choose their ain unrecorded fish and seafood ; shops began exposing the meat exposed and installed fish armored combat vehicles, taking to an addition in gross revenues ‘ ( Best Answer n.d. ) .



Walt-Mart IT scheme depends on few IT dependant procedure and engineerings such SCM,, RFID, EDI and retail nexus system, which brings benefits to the company through assorted channels of IT alliance ( Figure 5 ) .

Wal-Mart had established state-of-the art SCM systems, utilizing the most advanced communicating engineerings to associate its retail shops, distribution centres, central offices and all its providers.

Wal-Mart ‘s purpose is to accomplish higher efficaciousness in SCM through engineering to drive down extra outgo and clip edge bringing. Through, the company is aliened to its clients and through RFID it is aligned with its Suppliers ( Figure 6 ) .

Figure 6: Wal-Mart ‘s RFID in Retail Supply Chain

Wal-Mart believes its proactive usage of IT and Internet-enabled engineerings made them to be the best supply concatenation operator of all times. Wal-Mart employed IT/Internet to heighten the efficiency of all the maps of supply concatenation that includes procurance, warehouse and logistics direction, stock list direction and demand prediction.

Wal-Mart strongly concentrating and aimed to replace saloon codification engineering with RFID engineering. It besides believes that this replacing would cut down its supply SCM costs and heighten supply concatenation efficiency.

RFID is a opportunity to travel to a more advanced system in their distribution centres. What the company sees at the base of all this information is efficiency ; traveling merchandise more expeditiously that translates into lower costs. This can be understood from the figure represented above.

RFID tickets are basically barcodes on steroids. Whereas barcodes merely place the merchandise, RFID tickets can state what the merchandise is, where it has been, when it expires, whatever information person wishes to plan it with.

Using EPC/RFID to Increase Product Visibility, the Wal-Mart executive detailed the enormous benefits – current and awaited – Wal-Mart and all its stakeholders. They expected that by utilizing RFID, the company could salvage $ 8.35 billion per twelvemonth, chiefly in labor costs ( International labour Organization 2006 ) .

As Wal-Mart is a retail giant it is expected that benefits such as betterment in shelf stock rate, lower stock list degrees, lower logistic costs and higher gross revenues due to take down out of stocks that they can deduce through execution of RFID.


Wal-Mart Information Systems – is to assist do Business Customers the most efficient and effectual in the World. Information Systems is in every facet of Wal-Mart ‘s concern. Wal-Mart ‘s Information Systems is their administration factor for driving Value for Customers, associates, and its stockholders

In 2006, Wal-Mart ‘s Information Systems Division won the Information Integrity Coalition ‘s Award for Innovation, an achievement that underscores its industry prima stature. Invention is taking topographic point in a figure of countries. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the application of RFID engineering. Wal-Mart has been a critical accelerator that has brought this engineering to concern usage and now is assisting to further world-wide RFID criterions.

To guarantee greater supply concatenation visibleness, satellite-based tracking engineering is being installed in the Company ‘s full fleet of over-the-road dawdlers. The information generated by the system increases productiveness, reduces costs and enhances security. Construction of an exciting Invention Lab is under manner. This Centre will showcase leading-edge engineering and show how it can take to future merchandises, every bit good as better ways to function their shoppers ( Wal-Mart 2007 ) .


Wal-Mart ‘s nucleus architecture is Network Architecture which gives existent clip connectivity to Suppliers and its shops. It connects their clients through and their latest adopted engineering is RFID.

Wal-Mart ‘s web architecture is the base for their retail Link, the information is transformed and consolidated into a common environment. End consequence being an integrated Point of Gross saless ( POS ) coverage and analysis application giving concern users the ability to easy track retail gross revenues and supply them with a competitory advantage that identifies consumer buying penchants and tendencies ( POSmart n.d, ) .

Wal-Mart besides uses POSmart logical architecture ( Figure 7 ) which is a alone and comprehensive application for cleansing, formalizing and consolidating POS informations from all retail merchant POS data regardless of the informations format. POSmart along with bluish sky intelligence portal supports all major database sellers so that you can utilize whichever database your company has standardized on ( POSmart n.d, ) .

POSmart has following advantages and brought benefits in Wal-Mart ‘s Business.

aˆ? Ability for a novitiate to rapidly and easy make powerful studies whether showing to your internal direction, retail purchasers or retail direction.

aˆ? Support for all Retail Calendars and Retail Item Definitions for showing the information to retail merchants in their footings.

aˆ? Allows taking the synergistic studies when wholly disconnected from your internal web.

aˆ? Allow easy adjustment of new retail merchants, shops, and points.

aˆ? Includes a web-enabled application ( BlueSky Business Intelligence Portal ) provides concern users a method to easy analyse and track cardinal POS steps, retail merchant and shop degree tendencies ( Figure 7 ) .

aˆ? Integration into an bing informations warehouse scheme or as a base entirely data marketplace. ( POSmart n.d, )

Figure 7: Polonium Dataflow ( POSmart n.d, )


Wal-Mart is committed to happening and retaining the most gifted associates, holding a diverse, multicultural work force at all degrees is critical for their success.

Wal-Mart creates occupations, frequently in countries that need them the most. When Wal-Mart was close to opening its first price reduction shop in the metropolis of Chicago, more than 15,000 applications were received for 450 available occupations. In 2006, Wal-Mart de Mexico interviewed 100,000 appliers for 17,409 new places therefore give them the chance to engage the best people ( Wal-Mart 2007 ) .

Presently Wal-Mart ‘s work force consists of more than 1.9 million associates. In several states, a bulk of our direction squad is comprised of associates who have advanced through the ranks. It is this chance to travel in front that makes working for Wal-Mart attractive to associates, every bit good as to external endowment.

A bulk of our markets have Shops of Learning where associates participate in schoolroom talks along with in-store preparation. The Company ‘s attempts have been recognized in several states, where Wal-Mart have been honored as the best topographic point to work ( Wal-Mart 2007 ) .

In brief, Wal-Mart enhances its IT skills by supplying computer-based preparation, schoolroom preparation, mentoring, on-the-job and in-store preparation to their employees. It besides provides calling betterment for their associates on their public presentation. They do supply chances to heighten the associate ‘s cognition and accomplishments that will function as his or her usher in constructing a successful and abundant life.


AS2 ( Applicability Statement 2 protocol ) helps users connect, deliver, validate and answer to data that trading spouses move firmly through the Internet. This protocol thereby establishes a standard point-to-point connexion in B2B ( Business to Business ) papers minutess. Stated another manner, AS2 provides the agencies by which seller applications communicate EDI ( Electronic Data Interchange ) paperss, or other informations such as XML, over the Internet utilizing HTTP ( Hyper Text Transfer Protocol ) . Further, AS2 defines a security system that wraps the information in an envelope with a digital certification.

Recently, this AS2 protocol was adopted by Wal-Mart the universe ‘s largest retail merchant for their trading spouses. Wal-Mart, presently a Red Hat Linux client, intends to utilize Windows Server and Suse Linux Enterprise Server in the enlargement.


aˆ? World Wide Real-time Connectivity with providers and Company

aˆ? SCM Proficiency

aˆ? Lowering Its Excess Outgo

aˆ? Single Window Data Access

aˆ? Reliable Supplier Support

aˆ? Real clip Supplier Contact

aˆ? Transaction Time Optimization

aˆ? First Mover Advantage In implementing State of the art Technologies

aˆ? Process Automation Efficiency

aˆ? Highest Inventory Management and Tracking

aˆ? On topographic point information on all the sections from Transaction,

aˆ? Inventory Balance and Process.


aˆ? Technology Not Fully tested so come ining into troubled Waterss

aˆ? Real clip Interface jobs may happen due to RF Frequency Modulation

aˆ? Trouble in Migration of the engineering and adaptability

aˆ? Suppliers may be offended due to the force per unit area in migrating to new engineering and procedure

aˆ? Process Redundancy Factors

aˆ? Huge Investment into new hardware and package.

9. Decision

Better IT alignment proves the efficiency of company ‘s better IT and concern scheme. It is hard to keep the IT alliance in an Industry which is peculiarly immense. This instance survey company, Wal-Mart has come across ups and downs to aline the IT alliance with the concern without compromising any other factors that may do any lasting disadvantages. It is apparent that RFID will make revolution in the close hereafter as expected.

Alliance of IT plays a really of import function in any Industry of any sphere, There are batch of advantages for companies in implementing IT but they need to properly cognize about what they want to implement and endure that is good for them or non. ( illustration: Wal-Mart ‘s RFID engineering advantage ) .

Administrations should besides be careful in analysing on a regular basis weather the system/Process is expeditiously running i.e. measuring invariably in looking at whether the engineering implemented is aliened to the Business procedure or non. This changeless enterprise of the company ‘s rating could convey the company benefits it wanted.



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