Importance Corporate Social Responsibility Demand And Technology Economics Essay

By July 27, 2017 Economics

In modern Economics the term Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) has progressively become of import to organisations. CSR is the continual committedness by concerns to the betterment of the quality of life of their employees, the local community and the authorities. Corporate Social Responsibility can be viewed under two different theoretical accounts: the stockholder theoretical account and the stakeholder theoretical account.

Harmonizing to Johnston ( 2005 ) the stockholder theoretical account of corporate duty postulates that the chief responsibility of directors is to move to move entirely on behalf of the proprietors and non to creditors, employees or others. Stockholders invest in concerns with the outlook that they will obtain net incomes. This is what Nobel laureate Milton Friedman referred to as the exclusive societal duty of concern ( Condit, 2007 ) .

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With respects to healthcare economic sciences, the stockholder theoretical account advocates for corporate endurance through lawfully maximising net incomes which could be at the disbursal of cut downing employee wellness attention benefits if demand be. The increasing load of wellness attention disbursals on US concerns has become a beginning of competitory disadvantage in the aftermath of globalisation. Harmonizing to Condit ( 2007 ) in 2005 General Motors spent $ 1,525 for every vehicle built in the US while its major rival Toyota spent $ 97 per vehicle in Japan.

Even though supplying benefits such as wellness attention is necessary to obtain and retain employees, which is consistent with stockholder theoretical account, we can non disregard the competitory disadvantage such as the one confronting the fabrication industry in the US. This is one of the major struggles between wellness attention an economic sciences in the US. In fact the intensifying wellness attention cost load in American companies is among the grounds why employers are traveling mills abroad ( Condit, 2007 ) .

Critics of the stockholder theoretical account argue that concerns have a bigger responsibility than that to stockholders. This is where the stakeholder theoretical account of CSR comes in. It proposes that houses have moral duties to all its stakeholders i.e. its employees, clients, providers, directors, the community and the authorities. The advocates of the stakeholder theoretical account believe in a ternary underside line which caters for net incomes, environmental aims and societal duties.

The stakeholder theoretical account therefore could be construe to indirectly recommend for houses to offer & amp ; Acirc ; wellness attention benefits to their employees. In an attempt to make this at lower cost companies have become more and more distracted from their nucleus concern by executing employee wellness showings, blood proving etc. harmonizing to Johnston ( 2005 ) this brings about struggle of involvement because directors are forced o serve many Masterss. Not all houses are in such a competitively favourable place that they can afford to supply generous benefits to their employees

When houses commit their few resources to research, development, bettering operations, gross revenues, and services they create new wealth, which provides for addition in rewards that serves to promote workers out of poorness. They are besides able to fulfill their clients and investors more, make new occupations, chances for upward mobility and advancement ( Condit, 2007 ) .


Demand, like supply is among the most & A ; Acirc ; basic constructs of economic sciences. It is defined as the measure of a trade good that consumers are willing and able to purchase at a given monetary value over a given clip period other factors held changeless. When a privation is backed by purchasing power it becomes demand. In Economics, the jurisprudence of demand by and large states that the higher the monetary value of a good the less the demand for & A ; Acirc ; that good with all factors staying changeless. This is because the higher the monetary value is the greater the chance cost of buying that good. In wellness attention economics this jurisprudence is non by and large held because most wellness attention trade goods demonstrate an inelastic demand curve. Health attention trade goods have a high grade of necessity in comparing to most merchandises and services in the market economic system. To assist us exemplify this point further we shall look at the looming babe boomer crisis in the United States ( US ) and its impact on demand and wellness attention economic sciences.

Harmonizing to the Gerontological Society of America ( 2008 ) America is traveling to confront a crisis as the Baby Boom coevals is aging in combination with an addition in life anticipation. The US will be faced with high Numberss of the over-65 population and a self-contradictory decrease in the figure of gerontologists. This decrease can be attributed to the fact that the huge majority of nurses working in health care are from the babe roar coevals. The wellness attention industry will hence hold to happen a manner to increase the figure of geriatric wellness specializers to supply attention for the medical jobs of old age that are bound to travel up.

The demand for better wellness attention ( and increased net incomes in this inelastic trade good industry ) has led to promotions in medical engineering that have enabled people to populate longer. This has straight translated to holding older people under long-run attention at their places or in long-run attention installations. The jobs anticipated will be due to inadequate wellness insurance coverage, increasing medical costs and high debt jobs in the US. The market economic system can non be encouraged to rule this industry. Government intercession through an inspection and repair or reform of the current US wellness attention system would be needed to make an efficient, safe, low-cost and patient-centered wellness system.


Harmonizing to Boskin and Lau ( 1991 ) capital, labour, and engineering are the three chief beginnings of a state & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s economic growing. They argue that labour is restrained by the population growing rate which for industrialised states is rather low even when we include the consequence of international migration. This has left capital ( physical and human ) growing rate and engineering advancement as the important factors for economic growing in the developed universe.

To accomplish its economic ends the U.S. has hence depended on technological promotions to increase productiveness, develop new merchandises and services and go more competitory in the globalized economic system. Whereas the U.S. is continually losing its fabrication might to cheap labour economic systems such as China, India, etc it has been able to keep its economic might through optimum public-service corporation of engineering particularly Information Technology ( IT ) and the Internet. Thus we can see companies such as Wal-Mart utilizing engineering to heighten their supply concatenation systems such that they can hold mills in China and yet have low priced merchandises on the shelves of its U.S. shops.

While we see how engineering has been used to largely increase profitableness for the houses and affordability of goods in Economics, on the contrary, it has been accused of increasing the cost of wellness attention particularly in the U.S. However, with proper analysis, planning and execution we are of the sentiment that engineering could transform the health care industry merely like it has been able to transform other industries even in the country of cost decrease for both suppliers and patients. When we talk about specifically IT in wellness attention we shall frequently come across the undermentioned footings: Electronic wellness records ( EHR ) , Clinical determination support systems ( CDSS ) , and Computerized supplier order entry ( CPOE ) .

EHRs have enabled automated order-entry, patient-tracking systems and proviso of real-time entree to patient informations, every bit good as a uninterrupted longitudinal record of their attention. IT provides a tool to hive away, incorporate, and update the information base required by doctors, nurses, patients and their households to hold the right information at the right clip and to therefore usage it to do the right determinations. The types of computer-based clinical determination support systems ( CDSS ) vary widely from preventative attention reminders to presentment of possible drug interactions. Here once more, we see IT being able to help in timely determination devising for critical wellness attention proviso.

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