Importance of Consumer Behavior to Marketers

Previously sellers had merely limited tools that allow them to impact clients, to do them make the buying procedure merely. They were concentrating on the merchandise itself and how to alter it to do more convincing to the client, they were besides modifying the monetary values to do it acceptable by the clients, they were looking for the best topographic points to offer their merchandises to do certain they have adequate demand, and they were making some publicity activities to actuate clients to purchase their merchandises.

Importance of consumer behaviour

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Consumer behaviour is really of import to sellers because it gives them a batch of extraordinary tools that allows them to pull strings and carry clients. But with consumer behaviour now, they can plan and fabricate their merchandises and services based on the demands and wants of consumers, they take into their considerations what the client like or dislike, so they produces their merchandises and services harmonizing to that. They can besides understand the consumer purchase determination doing procedure when a client start inquiring himself what to purchase and how to purchase it, and when he start run intoing with other people and friends who likes other types of merchandises or services, that might alter or impact his purchase determination besides.

Sellers now can understand how the consumer think and behave, and what are the grounds behind his actions, that allows them to do more selling attempts based on their apprehension to the consumer manner of thought, and even more, with in deepness apprehension to consumer behaviour, they are able now to alter the manner the client think and behave, to do him suit with their selling ends and aims.

Importance of perceptual experience

With consumer behaviour, Marketers now can do consumers think that they want their merchandises, even though they might non truly desire. This end can be achieved utilizing the antic consumer behaviour theories and constructs. Get downing with the perceptual experience construct in consumer behaviour, which is the procedure by which consumers use and interpret their centripetal system. Percept explains how consumers see the merchandises and services of the company, and how they feel and think about it. The image is considered as the basic factor that affects the purchase determination for most clients. Customer now doni??t merely want to do the right picks, clients now wants to be perceived by other people and friends as being able to do the right picks and take the right merchandises. Sellers can successfully utilize senses as sight, sound, odor, touch, and gustatory sensation to excite and actuate clients to seek to analyze their merchandises and services. Sellers can make the selling for their merchandises in a wholly different manner to make a distinguishable perceptual experience for their merchandise to do it received by the clients more favourably. Sellers can besides distinguish their message from other competitori??s messages to acquire more attending from the consumer. They can besides do their merchandises more expensive than other indistinguishable competitorsi?? merchandises, and can do clients purchase it merely because they think that it is better because it is more expensive.

Sellers can alter the manner consumers perceive their merchandises and services. They are a batch of ways sellers can make that, they can successfully utilize the human sensory system to impact and pull strings consumers. They can utilize the vision sensory to alter the manner the client think, for illustration they can alter the design and form of a container of merchandise like aroma or juice to do it look bigger while really it is still holding the same volume or size, they can utilize some colourss that can give a specific emotions to consumers, like giving pink colourss to most female merchandises like fabrics, or even doing Mobiles and laptops with pink colourss to pull female clients, or utilizing black colour to direct a message of enigma or power about the merchandise. They can besides alter the packaging by utilizing an expensive coating or packaging to give the feeling that this packaging contains inside a luxury merchandise or an expensive merchandise, or they can alter the packaging to do it look like other celebrated merchandises.

Sellers besides can alter the touch of a merchandise to do it different to give you a particular deduction, we can see that in fabricating nomadic phones for illustration, some nomadic phones are being manufactured now with aluminium or glass from outside alternatively of plastic, this will ensue in giving the image of quality and power to the merchandise and it will be accepted to be a high priced mobile phone. Sellers can besides now choose the right stimulation degree that they want to expose to consumer sensory, they will do the stimulus degree above the consumers awareness if they want the consumer to detect the alteration they made in the merchandise if the consumer will wish or accept this alteration, and they can do the stimulation degree below the consumer consciousness if they were afraid that the consumer will reject or defy the alteration.

Importance of acquisition and memory

Learning is the lasting alteration in behaviour caused by experience, where memory is the procedure of garnering information and hive awaying it over clip to be available whenever we need it. Sellers can get down utilizing the acquisition and memory construct of consumer behaviour to do the consumers learn about their merchandises and their trade name every bit good in the manner they want. After taking the right stimulation to do the desired perceptual experience by consumers, sellers can get down larning consumers about what their trade name agencies, some companies try to attach their trade name name to the significance of quality, while some others try to do their trade name name means assortment, or any other significance they want. If we look at apple, we can straight state that it means high quality and luxury computing machines, if we say Mercedes it means luxury autos and BMW means sport autos. That what sellers learned us about their trade name names by successfully utilizing the centripetal system and stimulation. Not merely that, after larning the consumers about the trade name image, sellers can acquire usage of the acquisition in many ways, they can utilize their trade name name image to offer other merchandise line, depending on that consumer have already learned that this trade name name means good merchandises like LG, or they might utilize their established trade name name to add more related merchandises like Apple, after they succeeded in their luxury computing machines and laptops, they have introduced their iphone and iPod and Apple TV and other merchandises. They can even offer their popular trade name name for rent for other companies who doni??t have a popular trade name, or a trade name with negative image.

Importance of motive

Sellers can besides utilize the motive construct of consumer behaviour. Motivation procedure is what stimulates all types of consumers. Motivation happened when consumer have an unsated demand which consequence in a tenseness, so the consumer will do all the needed attempt to cut down or extinguish this tenseness to fulfilling his demand. Sellers can the different needs a consumer can hold to carry and actuate him to buy their merchandises. Sellers for illustration can utilize the biological or physiological demands such as demand for H2O to offer their merchandises that can fulfill this demand like juices, so the consumer will be motivated to travel for these merchandises to fulfill his thirsty. Sellers besides can utilize other types of demands to actuate consumers, like demand for power when consumer wants to experience that they have mastery over their milieus, sellers can offer merchandises like musculus autos, or they can offer luxury resorts. They can besides utilize the demand for association to offer merchandises like athleticss equipmenti??s and fabrics. Sellers can besides utilize the purchase state of affairs engagement in their motivational tools, like offering particular merchandises for Valentinei??s Day or motheri??s twenty-four hours where the consumer will be buying in a different state of affairs, he will be looking for more extraordinary and expensive jewellery or other gifts, while in other normal conditions he might be looking for a normal and low monetary value gift. Sometimes besides consumer could hold a motivational struggle between his demands, even in this instance besides sellers can acquire usage of such a state of affairs, they can offer a merchandises that can give solution for these struggles, like when consumer want to hold a heavy nutrient but he is afraid of the Calories, so sellers try to offer him a good nutrient with no Calories, or when consumer want to buy fabrics with carnal leather coating but he doni??t like animate beings being killed for that, so sellers could offer him fabrics with bogus leather that looks precisely similar existent one.


As we can see, all these consumer behaviour constructs can assist sellers carry the consumer behaviour in many ways, they can alter the manner he sees the merchandise, they can alter the manner he think or feel about a merchandise, they can even actuate the consumer to do him willing to purchase a merchandise or service, they can besides make a point where eventually they can do consumers purchasing merchandises non for what they do, but for what they



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