Importance of Family in our life

December 15, 2017 General Studies

Parents should ensure that their child feel homey, get well and ease their burden in their usual life. No matter what children do, family will be the most important to support them and will forgive them for all the mistakes the children did. Family member should support each other and not Just fight with each other. Family member will become closer if they support each other. Both parents should give their children nurture and comfort. Children need to know that they will not be forgotten. (Illinois Legal Aid, 2007).

Weiss (1982) said that youngsters who show signs of independence usually have positive injection with their family; they know their parents will be there for them so teenagers will felt comfortable whenever they are doing anything. Second, family acts as a role model in our life. Parents teach their children the values and coach them since they are small. All these lessons and experiences will guide the child in their whole life time. Parents should have critical thinking and teach their child how to distinguish about right and wrong when doing something.

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No matter what parents teach will influence the children future, so parent would be responsible for their child’s personality. Furthermore, family must ensure the growth and survival of their child in the society. If parents play the positive role model for their child, their child will inherit the qualities of their parents. Parental guidance is important for shaping the child’s personality. The primary caregiver of a newborn baby is the most important to shape the children’s personality and character. (Lee, 2003). Third, family helps develop children’s values and identity.

A child can develop personal identity through relationships and multiple activities at home, school and community. According to (1999), children can construct their identity through interactions with family, teachers and others. Replication and identification in shared activities are including in these dynamic processes. Next, family values are important because it can help knits a family. Always remember to carry our family values with us. Strong and consistent family values are important in building trust and confidence in each family member.

Kruger, 2010). Family is responsible for the family members’ identity and can learn basic premise for our actions in life. Do you know? The moment we stay with family is the happiest and warmest time. Family will give us sense of security, so we will feel safe and relax. Family will protect us from being hurt and this is the place that makes us feel peaceful. As a result, family always takes care of us, acts as a role model in our life, and family helps develop our values and identity. Love your family and appreciate, life is short! (512 words)


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