Importance of Life Events

The Importance of Life Events Change is a part of life no one expects. Everyone’s life changes at some point and in most cases at many points. Life is full of obstacles and challenges but it’s the choices you make that change the course of your life. People learn and grow from every experience they have it’s the differences in interpretation. Pregnancy is a part of life that can change peoples course in many ways.

Some parents find themselves raising children by themselves, and some stuck in relationships they don’t want or have to make the tough decision on whether or not to have their child. Each chooses in some way what paths to take and each has a different out come, each will change their lives in many ways. Parenting can make people stronger, more sensitive to others or maybe make changes in jobs and free time a child is a life long experience that has its own cross roads and life decisions. Accidents happen to every one but they can have long lasting effects.

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A broken bone ,concussion, car accident , plain crash all these things are accidents but they can change peoples lives for ever. From morning family members or the loss of jobs all in small ways change your life, it is in the decisions they make after accidents that may change the hole course of lives. People around the person feel the repercussions to maybe its someone else’s accident they learned from it doesn’t matter life’s lessons can be hard to swallow some times but they force you to reevaluate every situation.

Death is the most horrible experience for anyone involved but it gives anyone who experiences it a new look at life. The deaths of parents, siblings, friends and worse of all children, can be the most devastating part of life. It’s the choices made in death that shape the kind of person they are. They can choose to hide away and take shelter and come out with more inspiration then before, they could stay strong and brake when they least expect it or find peace and moving on and letting go.

Death is a part of life that changes more the once around then the one experiencing it. Though life seems to do its own thing some times in the end it is the choices people make before, during, and after major events that can truly change the paths of our lives. People have the power to do anything, they just need to look into themselves to figure out were their trying to go. You cant dream big if you don’t do big things.



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