Importance of product life cycle in marketing

October 29, 2017 Marketing

Product life rhythm is the life rhythm of the merchandise market. A merchandise into the market, its gross revenues and net income will alter with clip. The procedure shows from more to less and from less to more. Merely as the same human life, from birth, growing to adulthood and finally to worsen, this is the merchandise life rhythm phenomenon. Products merely through research and development, trial selling, and so come in the market, its market life rhythm be considered the beginning. Products out of the market, it means the terminal of the life rhythm. ( Gorchels, 2000, p17 ) Product life rhythm is divided into debut, growing, mature, diminution in four phases.


A new merchandise into the market, is presenting stage. At this clip, clients do non cognize the merchandises yet, merely a few new clients may buy, the gross revenues volume is really low. In order to spread out gross revenues, requires a batch of cost for the publicity, but besides promote the merchandise. At this phase, because of proficient grounds, the merchandise can non be aggregate production. Therefore, gross revenues growing higher than the costs. Enterprises, alternatively of acquiring the net income, but may be a loss. Merchandises to be farther improved. (,2010 )

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At this clip clients are already familiar with the merchandise, a big figure of new clients began to purchase in, the market is easy spread outing. Then, Company began aggregate production of the merchandise, production costs will cut down, gross revenues volume will quickly increase and Profit growing will be rapid. Profitable rival that will hold to come in the market to vie, so that similar merchandises supply additions, monetary values autumn, net income growing is decelerating, and eventually make the highest point of the net income life rhythm. (, 2010 )


Demand is going saturated, the possible client has really small gross revenues growing slow down until the bend, marks the merchandise into adulthood. At this phase, competition has increased, monetary value decreases, promotional costs, corporate net incomes declined.


With the development of scientific discipline and engineering, new merchandises or new options will look. This will alter purchasing wonts of clients, turned to new merchandises. So that the original merchandise ‘s gross revenues and net incomes will cut down rapidly. Therefore, the merchandise has entered a diminution.

Traditionally, as a merchandise through its life rhythm maps at least to do money move to lower-cost locations, particularly in developing states. This duality into inquiry, because it is going progressively common, even in hi-tech merchandises, is a new merchandise for immediate location of the low labour cost. Multinationals with planetary production webs, so that they can efficaciously apportion the design, production and distribution by planetary factors of production. This besides depends on outsourcing and farm outing. (, 2010 )


In this essay, I want to happen out how merchandise life rhythm is of import for selling, and how it affects. How to pull off the merchandise life rhythm? What is the significance of merchandise lifecycle? In all phases of merchandise life rhythm, what marketing scheme should be taken? Product life rhythm use to all merchandises? Are at that place specific merchandises for the corresponding merchandise life rhythm? By analyzing these inquiries, we can better understand the merchandise life rhythm.


To accomplish these research aims, benchmarks need to unite empirical research methods to analyze ways to guarantee the scientific decisions. In general, by larning from the literature, a theoretical theoretical account and empirical analysis to research. Then, adjust the relevant measurings and samples to be improved to organize the concluding questionnaire. In order to understand the merchandise life rhythm, the importance of selling and its impact. By reading some books on the merchandise life rhythm theory, to happen the significance of merchandise life rhythm. Combination of the merchandise life rhythm theory, confirmation of merchandise life rhythm at different phases of what should be the selling scheme. And advantages and disadvantages of the merchandise life rhythm. Draw decisions, Can merchandise life rhythms be extended. Using the questionnaire method, approximately 50 people for probe. Learn about the merchandises consumers buy the same period, it will ever be the same type of merchandise, or will purchase the merchandise replacing and upgrading of merchandises. Use of questionnaires used to make the empirical analysis, merchandise life rhythm theory derived from it use to all merchandises, and specific merchandises have a particular merchandise life rhythm. The questionnaire will be e-mail and web-based study methods for different age groups in different businesss to look into. To guarantee the truth of the questionnaire.


Harmonizing to merchandise life rhythm theory, we know, the typical merchandise life rhythm is by and large divided into four stages, viz. debut, growing, mature and diminution.

Graphic 1

Merchandise scope is the same map and intent of all merchandises. Product signifier is the same type of merchandises, the subsidiary map, usage or sale of a physical difference between different merchandises. The trade name refers to the production and gross revenues of specific merchandises. Merchandise scope than the merchandise life rhythm signifiers of trade name long life rhythm of some merchandise classs may be boundlessly extended adulthood. Merchandise signifiers exposing a typical life rhythm of the procedure, from debut period, through growing, adulthood, the diminution of the last period. As for the trade name merchandise life rhythm, by and large irregular, it is capable to market conditions and corporate selling decision-making, influence trade name consciousness and so on. High trade name consciousness its life rhythm on the long, if non on the short. For illustration, as international celebrated trade name “ Coca-Cola ” is still so popular for centuries.

Harmonizing to the study, there is a particular merchandise life rhythm ; peculiar manner of merchandise life rhythm, including merchandise life rhythm theoretical account, fashion-based merchandise life rhythm, boom-type merchandise life rhythm, scallop-shaped merchandise life rhythm of four particular types, and their merchandise life rhythm S curve is non the usual type.

Manner: is a characteristic of human life, but the outstanding public presentation of the basic attack. Style, one time produced, may last for coevalss, harmonizing to people ‘s involvement, it presents a round form of recycling, sometimes dad, but the clip may non be popular.

Manner: refers to a field, now accepted by all and welcome manner. Fashion-based merchandise life rhythm is characterized by really few people have merely accepted the listing, but the figure accepted increased easy over clip, has eventually been widely accepted, and eventually easy recession, consumers began turning their attending to another more attractive to their manner.

Fad: is a menacing and shortly attracted public attending of manner, normally known as stylish. The life rhythm of boom-type merchandises are aggressive and fast diminution, chiefly because it is merely fleeting wonder or to run into human demands, attracted merely a little figure of exhilaration, the rebel, frequently unable to run into the demands of even more intense.

Scallop-type merchandise life rhythm refers chiefly to widen merchandise life rhythms continue to widen farther, frequently because of merchandise invention, or from clip to clip to detect new utilizations. (, 2010 )

Graphic 2

Product life rhythm plays an of import function in the market. However, in different phases, need a different selling scheme. Harmonizing to consumer study, consumers use the merchandises of assorted phases of consumer psychological science is different. Must prehend the consumer psychological science, grasp market developments, so at any clip to alter selling scheme.

The advantages of the merchandise life rhythm theory: the merchandise life rhythm provides a program for marketing point of position. It is divided into different schemes during the merchandise ; sellers can aim different features of each phase to take a different selling mix scheme. In add-on, gross revenues of the merchandise life rhythm and clip to see merely two variables, easy to understand.

Graphic 3

Disadvantages: merchandise life rhythm start and terminal point standards for the categorization hard to corroborate. Not the full merchandise life rhythm curve is the standard S-type, there are many particular merchandise life cycle. ) Can non find the merchandise life rhythm in the terminal the undertaking degree for a individual merchandise or a merchandise set degree. The curve merely considers the relationship between gross revenues and clip, non related to costs and monetary values and other variables that affect gross revenues. Easily lead to “ selling nearsightedness ” , that the merchandise has come to a recession and there is still excessively early to except the market value of a good merchandise out of the merchandise line. Product recession does non intend that can non be recycled. Such as through the appropriate betterment scheme, the company may scale new merchandise new life rhythm.


Product life rhythm theory of significance: the merchandise life rhythm theory reveals that any merchandises and bio-organisms, like a birth – growing – adulthood – diminution of the procedure of invention, developing new merchandises. With merchandise life rhythm theory, can analyse and judge the merchandise life rhythm at which phase, proposing that the tendency of the hereafter development of merchandises, life merchandises in the market right, and harmonizing to the features of different phases to take the appropriate selling mix schemes, enhance endeavor competition ability, and better economic efficiency of endeavors. Product life rhythm is extended.


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