Importance of Tolerance Essay

October 7, 2017 Music

In the society that I have been raised in. I have ever been taught to be accepting of others and non go through judgement on their race. civilization or faith. I was told to go forth my bias at place. In other societies. has this been the instance every bit good? Through the close analysis and reading of four texts. I believe that this wasn’t the instance and that intolerance and damaging attitudes were common. The four texts that I have chosen that show this is To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. The Aid by Kathryn Stockett. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak and The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. These texts have made the subjects of intolerance and bias apparent and have besides shown myself and other readers why it is of import to hold tolerance within a community. without damaging attitudes. In Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird. Lee explores the importance of tolerance through the character of Miss Maudie.

Miss Maudie says. “Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to bask. They don’t eat up people’s gardens. don’t nest in corncribs. they don’t do one thing but sing their Black Marias out for us. That’s why it’s a wickedness to kill a mocker. ” The Mockingbird is like an guiltless individual. it doesn’t harm anyone. The writer wants to demo the reader that people who hurt or judge peaceable animals show their deficiency of tolerance and compassion for humanity. The Mockingbird is an appropriate symbol for both Tom and Boo. they are both guiltless. harmless animals but have been subjected to false accusals from the community. Miss Maudie. like Atticus. believes that it is indispensable to accept people as they are. Judging people through bias eyes merely marginalizes vulnerable persons. making a divided community. The close relationship between deficiency of tolerance and racism is shown by Tom’s test.

Harper Lee has efficaciously communicated the intolerance throughout the novel. chiefly through the people of Maycomb. They believe Tom is guilty. without giving him a 2nd expression. This is based on the scene of the book which was during the 1940’s and as in The Help. white citizens blamed everything on colored people. and believed that no 1 who was coloured would be guiltless of offenses. The deficiency of tolerance and racial division in the community is similar to The Help by Kathryn Stockett. where the importance of tolerance is shown through the character of Skeeter. Skeeter says “I am neither thrilled nor disappointed by the intelligence that they might allow a colored adult male into Ole Miss. merely surprised. ” Skeeter is a white adult female and most adult females of the clip would be offended that a colored adult male would even be considered entryway to university.

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In contrast with To Kill A Mockingbird. Stockett is pass oning that colored people are guiltless and there is nil incorrect with them. much to another character Hilly’s beliefs that they have “diseases. ” The writer wants readers to believe deep into tolerance in this clip and how many colored people were discriminated on strictly because they were different and how White supremacists thought colored people would ache or harm them. because they were different and like many did towards Tom and Boo in To Kill A Mockingbird. many did this towards the amahs in The Help. These two texts relate as both Harper Lee and Kathryn Stockett have both established really intolerant divided communities. and this accordingly makes the reader believe more into their society.

Do we know apart against races such as those from Asia because they have problem talking English? This text besides intensifies the already inquiries within the readers minds about the people of that clip and readers so compare the people in To Kill A Mockingbird and The Help to themselves. Are we to the full tolerant of the differences in our bicultural environment? The deficiency of tolerance of persons is established on non merely a fictional degree but besides a historical degree in The Book Thief. Through the narrative of Death. we learn about tolerance and how one character. Hans Hubermann shows his tolerance of others. It is besides through Death’s narrative that we learn those who are intolerant of the Judaic race. such as the Nazi Party. What is really of import to observe is that Hans is German. and the Book Thief is set in the period of Nazism. and as history Tells us. work forces such as Hans would contemn Jews and believe all of Hitler’s antisemitism policies. and in general would be really intolerant of those who are non the “pure race. ”

Death says “In 1933. 90 per centum of German’s showed unblinking support for Adolf Hitler. That leaves 10 per centum that didn’t. Hans Hubermann belonged to that 10 per centum. ” The ground Zusak has chosen to utilize these words is to set up Hans as a character- who he is and how he is tolerant. Hans instantly connects with Miss Maudie and Skeeter as all three are people who we would anticipate to be intolerant but all portion the same value: that everyone is the same and should be treated every bit. The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne besides communicates how of import tolerance is within a community. This text centres on a adult female who was convicted of criminal conversation. and the text is set in Puritan times. This text is peculiarly of import as it is non relevant to today’s society. as the three other texts are. The bias and intolerance towards a adult female who committed criminal conversation would be different in the twenty-first century. This is shown as the chief character Hester Prynne was forced off from her loved 1s when her wickedness came to visible radiation.

She was a member of “as befitted a people amongst whom faith and jurisprudence were about identical…that the mildest and the severest Acts of the Apostless of public subject were likewise made venerable and awful” . The community of her clip was really extremely based upon faith which is yet once more. much like racism and intolerance. is non as common in today’s society. The fortunes that take topographic point with Hester in the novel are non applicable today. In today’s society. we have more of an unfastened society in which 1 is given more support from their household. authorities and the community in general when placed in a place such as Hester’s. We realize that criminal conversation is a common happening and. hence. the authorization does non put penalty upon fornicatresss. This connects strongly with the three other texts as people are more accepting of others in today’s society- we accept colored people. The United States president is a colored adult male. so we besides respect them. We look back at German history and experience compunction for the Judaic race. as we learn they did nil.

They were merely scapegoats. I strongly believe that over the clip that the novels are set in. society has changed its values on damaging attitudes and as a whole. society is far more tolerant than of all time before. After reading my texts and believing more laterally about them. I strongly believe that today’s society has changed in a large manner. These four texts have shown readers how society used to be and although they are simply fiction. they communicate existent thoughts. In both To Kill A Mockingbird. we think of America in the 1950’s and the racial disparities and the bias and intolerance that people such as Boo. Tom and Aibileen would hold faced.

Markus Zusak takes us straight back to Hitler’s bossy fascist reign in The Book Thief and we learn even more about intolerance attitudes. but besides learn about tolerant characters like Hans. and like Miss Maudie in To Kill A Mockingbird. In the concluding book. The Scarlet Letter. we see yet once more how society has changed. We no longer know apart against people because of their personal picks or who they are. Through these texts. readers have learnt this and use it to their existent life and are besides grateful that we are tolerant. Grateful that we aren’t killing guiltless people. detesting on others because of their skin coloring material or because they merely made a error. I am personally glad that society has experienced this alteration because who knows of what consequences we as a social whole would be confronting today.


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