Improving Education Reduce Hypertension Malaysia Health And Social Care Essay

Healthcare systems are confronting major challenges as they struggle to run into increasing demand with limited resources. Demographic alterations, altering disease forms, illegal immigrants, industrialisation, issues of quality and efficiency, deficits or misdistribution of human resources, fiscal restraint, unequal research and globalisation are the major challenges faced by Malaysia ‘s health care system as it prepares to reconstitute itself.

Globalization can be described as the integrating of economic systems, capital motions and chances for different peoples through better information and communicating engineerings. But locally it has come to intend the increased insecurity and impotence that people ( peculiarly hapless people ) feel in the face of planetary procedures. Impact of globalisation on populations ‘ wellness is predictable since globalisation will alter trade procedures and besides societal and cultural displacement. The hereafter health care must transform the health care system, by doing it more incorporate, disseminated and practical.

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The Malayan hereafter health care system will necessitate to aline with and back up national wellness vision and ends. The services must be seen in the context of accomplishing the vision and the value it adds in accomplishing national wellness ends. Existing and the wellness system of the hereafter must be guided by clear guiding rules and doctrine every bit good as being robust. Malaysia will develop one of the most advanced wellness systems of the universe by tackling the power of information and multimedia engineerings to transform the bringing of health care.

High blood pressure

In 2006 The Third National Health and Morbidity Survey, The Prevalence of high blood pressure among big 30 old ages old and above was 43 % has increase 30 % compared to 10 old ages ago ( Merican, M, I. , 2008 ) . 33 % of the Malayan grownup population enduring Hypertension and it is including overall gender, race and ages ( Lim, Morad et Al, 2004 ) Over the past several decennaries, research widespread patient instruction and a conjunct afford on the portion of healthcare professional rich person led the decreased mortality and morbidity rates from the multiple organ harm originating from old ages of untreated high blood pressure.

McMnus, Mant et Al, 2005 stated that, Hypertension is the most of import modifiable hazard factors for coronary bosom disease, shot, congestive cardiac failure, terminal phase nephritic failure and peripheral vascular disease. Many interconnected factors contribute to these mechanisms and may differ between persons, such as the rennin-angiotensin system, endothelial disfunction, salt consumption, fleshiness, genetic sciences and low birth weight ( Beevers et. al 2001 ) .

The significance on the high blood force per unit area status will be more critical, which may take to the complex complication such as shot, increase mortality rate and besides addition hazard of intellectual bleeding.

The increasing prevalence of the Hypertension due to ageing procedure, the designation of the hazard factors and diagnosing will able to command the Hypertension among the aged people ( Ong, Oung et Al, 2010 ) .

In position to better the health care system to be more healthy, the duties of the health care supplier will concentrate on the preventative scheme as it will be able to diminish the prevalence of Hypertension in the general population. The chief issue to be focused will be on the unhealthy eating wonts among the population, deficiency of physical activity, familial factor, unhealthy life style, emphasis and other lending factors related..

Prevention From Intervention Strategy

Most of the organisation focal point on the intercession or handle the disease instead than bar of the disease. This is besides due to the consciousness and earnestness of the populace on the happening of the high blood pressure. Early stairss of forestalling the high blood pressure enable to cut down the morbidity and mortality rate among the population in Malaysia. The immediate action on commanding the prevalence may be able to modify hazard factor that may take to Cardiovascular Disease. The preventative step on the use of nonpharmacological or pharmacological attack may cut down the happening of shot, conserve the nephritic map and avoiding the bosom failure status.

Majority Malaysian population, they are concern on the preventative steps nevertheless they are more prone to handle the disease. Thus this status will non be able to better the healthy life style among the Malayan grownup and aged people.

Lifestyle Alteration

Life in widely distributed metropolis may take to the emphasis at all clip. The factor may due to the inappropriate income base on their making, fiscal issue, single competition towards the stuff facet, for occupation range of the populace, behaviour of the public towards prevention the high blood pressure, holding repast after usual clip, amusement affecting coffin nails, intoxicant and utilizing escalator and lift instead than staircase. This is portion of the common contributing factor towards the hazard of high blood pressure. Heavy route traffic, emphasis and choler direction besides may take to the emphasis and consistent emphasis may take to the high blood pressure. The intercession to cut down this status may be carried out as below:

Self choler and emphasis direction

Self consciousness on the of import of good diet wont and recreational activities

Proper program on the day-to-day modus operandi to avoid heavy traffic

Diverseness towards the everyday activities

Smoking Cessation

Manson et al 1992, Doll et al 1994 ( Breen J, 2008 ) province that smoking surcease is likely the most effectual lifestyle step for the bar of a figure of cardiovascular diseases. Smoking wont and nicotine in the coffin nails may take to the addition ingestion of nicotine and lead to arthrosclerosis. Malayan population should make the consciousness on the of import to halt smoke for healthy life style instead than increase the monetary value of coffin nails or any related templet topographic point at the coffin nails cover in order to foreground to the public the consequence of smoking wont. It still did non make the consciousness. Government should take drastic and serious action on the coffin nails concern and halt importation coffin nails and serious act taken for the smuggling activities on the coffin nails. Cessation smoking plan allocated at all public country such as shopping promenade, primary school, simple school, universities. Maestro program to fix the populace in order to follow with the plan with close monitoring by the appointive support group.

Weight Reduction

Excessive weight can be cardinal factors. A weight decrease programmed and regular exercising government ( at a lower limit of three clip per hebdomad ) should be followed for high blood pressure bar, As legion surveies show, exercise improves blood flow and assist to cut down resting bosom rate and blood force per unit area. Excess organic structure mass is correlated closely with an addition of blood force per unit area. Excess organic structure weight increases the hazard of high blood pressure ( Stamler, 1991 ) . Use of nonpharmacological therapy can be used to cut down the weight loss as it has been proven that it is besides able to cut down the blood force per unit area degree ( Kuller, 2009 ) . The duties on the weight decrease should be begin with ain consciousness by the high hazard population. However with the frequent advertizement by the health care supplier in the electronic advertizement will be able to make the deepness understanding on the of import of the decrease of weight. The losing of weight should non drastically occurs, as it lead to the haemodynamic position in the cardiovascular circulation

Diet alterations

In Malaysia, most of the grownup and aged ages develop wont to take heavy supper repast tardily of the dark and sometimes it is contain of high saturated fat that might take to increasing fat deposition among the population. Fast nutrient consists of high saccharide and high Na contain in prepared nutrients that besides introduce to the hazard of Malayan population to develop Hypertension. This unhealthy dietetic wont merely leads to the high statistic of incidence Hypertension. Increasing fruit and veggie, higher consumption of Ca, Mg or K has contributed to the good effects of some of this diet. As reference by Sacks et al 2001 to cut down BP a diet with increased K consumption and cut down salt consumption, low-fat dairy merchandises and high in fruit and veggies is recommended. Regular fish ingestion may heighten blood force per unit area decrease in corpulent hypertensive patient and yield extra benefits on the lipid profile. Hence all hypertensive patients should be advised to eat more fruit and veggies, fish and to cut down their fat consumption. This diet wont should be developed by supplying uninterrupted consciousness among the high hazard population with supplying them a booklet at the public country and debut on the readying of low salt diet right of first publication in the compact phonograph record or download into the web site, as it will help the populace on the good feeding wont on their ain convenience.

Physical activity

Regular aerophilic exercising reduces BP in nonmotensive and hypertensive persons ( Cooper et al 2000 ) .When compared with more active and fit persons, sedentary persons with normal blood force per unit area have 20 – 50 % addition of developing high blood pressure. Regular exercising activity has been documented to take down the systolic blood force per unit area by about 4 – 8mmHg. Isometric exercisings such as heavy weight raising can hold a vasoconstrictor consequence and it should be avoided. Patient with cardiac while other serious wellness jobs need a more thorough physical appraisal, stress trial, ECHO, ECG and possibility to be referred to other specializer for rating. Encouragement of the alert walking at least 20 – 30 min will help public to better cardiovascular circulation.

Prioritization the Health Issue


Government and private health care should see on the development of the policy for the benefit for all. Reinforcement of the authorities policy will heighten the public oriented plan on the of import of preventative the high blood pressure instead than handle the high blood pressure.

Target Group

The prioritization will be focus on the high hazard group of population, such as executive, professional, new alumnus adolescence, fleshiness single and familial. These groups are exposing to the hazard of high blood pressure. The fast gait in the working environment, compounded the fact that work was physically demanding and act upon the workers on the limited function ( Rafnsdottir and Gudmundsdottir, 2004 ) particularly on their well being activities. The proactive intercession will be able to help the health care supplier to fix the public towards the decrease of the prevalence high blood pressure, particularly in pull offing fleshiness, better diet and increase physical activities.

Activities and Reward Program

Suggested that all the organisation or company focal point to better the healthy good being environment such as formation of the mini secondary school in order to promote the engagement of the workers after responsibility or during interruption. However, it will promote high committedness to better their healthy life style without bias. Rewards plan introduced to the actively engagement in the secondary school will be boost the enthusiasm among the workers in the organisation. Therefore, it will cut down hazard of incidence high blood pressure and increase healthy life manner among the population in widely distributed epoch.


Engagement of the broadcast medium in advancing the of import of healthy life style will heighten the consciousness among population on the direction of forestalling high blood pressure. Billboard along the main road, public country besides able to help the betterment of cognition among the populace.

Public Talk

Should be conducted at all ages, begin with primary school pupils, simple schools, universities, seminars, workshop and publicity utilizing bunting and streamer, as it will make uninterrupted apprehension of the disease. Malayan population should freely develop duologue with healthcare supplier in order to continuously alarm the populace. The health care supplier should really aggressive and do non give up if there is no response from the populace on their activities.


This figures shows that the high blood pressure can be considered serious unwellness which may consequence the healthy good being among Malayan population. Furthermore it can do potentially life endangering if non observe and treated early.

Awareness on the high blood pressure will be no stoping as this status might happen at any degree of ages. Contribution of the public towards cut downing the high blood pressure prevalence and early designation of the hazard factor enable the well being lifestyle among Malayan. For the following decennary, Malayan Government should be able to develop the structured support group that inclusive assorted profession in the health care scene, for illustration doctor, heart specialist, dietitian, nurses, counsellor and voluntaries public that already win on altering their life style.



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