Improving Productivity Using IT

September 20, 2018 General Studies

As our organisation is very IT focused there are many different methods and software we use. Our main way of communicating is via email; this saves a lot of time and is also a faster way of letting the whole team know certain information. We use a variety of software to get tasks completed such as word, excel, PowerPoint, internet etc. As we very rarely have customers come into our office, most of our communications is by using computers. We have a company website where people can quickly submit their CV’s to us and they can also register with our company for regular email updates and job ads.

Prior to our new apprentice starting, someone at Tempus contacted our company asked for a contract of employment. When I started, this was something that wasn’t needed so as a company we was new to creating a apprentice contract so I suggested to David that I could create a standard template for one, this way ERL would have one in the future if needed. After conformation from David I started creating the template, I opened up the document of our standard employee’s contract.

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The apprentice one needed to be different, it could be shorter and a lot of things in the current ones wouldn’t be necessary for an apprentice but I also wasn’t sure what was required. I chose to do the contract on Microsoft word as it allows spell checking and is a format that can be viewed on all company computers. Using a word processor saves you from writing everything out which would take a very long time and wouldn’t look as neat. The contract looks professional due to the formatting tools and it fits the company document standardization following formats used on other documents.

To find out what I needed to include in the contract, I used an online search engine as it offers a wide variety and quantity of information and resources. The problem with this is that there are many websites which include different information so I decided to use an official company website instead of looking at everyone, this way I could ensure what I found was correct. When it came to saving the document, I had a problem with accessing the company contracts folder so I emailed our IT support to get this issue sorted.

Emailing is a easy way of communicating as the majority of company’s work from their emails so you can ensure you’ll be getting a rapid response. Saving files onto the computer is a good way of storing them as you can password protect them so only the people you want to can see them and if it was on a piece of paper, it would be a lot easier for someone to get hold of confidential files. As a contract is a legal document I wanted to make sure it was completely correct so I proof read it and also used ‘spell check’. Once I was happy with it I sent it via email to David who was pleased with it and asked me to send it to the training people.

This is another example as to how IT improved productivity in this task as if I would of sent this document through the post it would of taken a lot longer to get it complete, where as using emails it was checked, signed and sent within half an hour. I am pleased with the word programme I selected to carry out with task, it made the document look a lot more professional and also saved me a lot of time. There isn’t any other software that I feel would be appropriate for this task as it let me do everything that I needed to.


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