In a hospital paediatric nurse…

December 1, 2018 Nursing

In a hospital paediatric nurse cares for young children to young adulthood, working with families, doctors and other nurses in that department. They need to have caring and understanding nature when working with children from all ages. For example, some children are scared to see the doctors or getting a blood test, so the nurses can make them comfortable and happy by interacting with them and giving them toys to play with this only when it is a young child and asking them about their day also being able to understand their feelings. Some parents like their children to be treated by a specialist nurse which inspires trust and confidence for the parents so they like their children to be treated by a specialist nurse because children have special health care needs like growing, changing their behaviour and they go through puberty, this shows that parents have great value on the team that provide the care. Having strong teamwork skills and initiative to work alone is important because paediatric nurse is part of large team that care children and they need to work together to provide a good care. For instance, the paediatric nurse works with doctors and other professionals when seeing the child for check to make sure that their health condition is ok also they have use their initiative toCPD means continuing professional development this refers to process of tracking the skills, knowledge and experience that you gain from both formally and informally as you work beyond any initial training which benefits you to make meaningful contribution to the team that you are working in and be more effective in your workplace in doing the job well. This can lead to development in career that you’re doing because it helps you to move up to a higher position in the job which can lead higher salary also be highly skilled. It can help to increase public confidence in the profession also having a competent workforce where people are able to do things that they didn’t know how to do before and the professionals will be trained. For example, in a nursing home they provide training for all the staff that work there because to improve their skills which supports them to provide good care for the service users also gain more knowledge about the work environment and what to do in an emergency.


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