In a work of fiction. Metafiction or

February 19, 2019 February 25th, 2019 General Studies

In modern fiction the point of view presents a great importance, being a procedure through which we find out about the meaning of a certain story. The modern writer uses a figure in order to tell the story which signifies creating an illusionary reality and throwing aside the author.
Example: Fowles tell the story through Charles, but since his novel is a metafiction, he intervenes more than once which affects the illusionary reality by breaking it and actually reminding the reader that it is indeed a work of fiction. Metafiction or “fiction about fiction” is a kind of fiction that openly comments on its fictional status. In chapter 13, Fowles says that the story he is telling is completely fiction, he pretends to know what his characters think. He thinks his characters start to win autonomy and he feels like he has to respect it. He even thinks that everything is embedded with fiction. “1984” has a third person narration. “Heart of Darkness” has a detached narrator, but also Marlow as an unreliable voice.
Points of view can be categorized in two groups: participant-first person- and non-participant-third person- The participant narrator is the subjective narrator who gets involved and conveys his ideas and feelings into the content of the work. The non-participant narrator is the omniscient narrator does not get involved and has access to everything that happens in the book, from actions to the thoughts of the characters.
The modern writers use a lot the technique of free indirect speech/or narrated monologue in their works, as being a tool in order to alternate unobtrusively the character’s stream of consciousness with the narrator’s perspective. Through this technique, the author leaves his characters to take the lead, as Joyce or Woolf do. They allow the characters to have the liberty to express their own thoughts and when the traditional writer disappears, the reader is faced with the characters’ mind, thoughts, emotions, memories.
The internal monologue is a tool used by the characters, which tends to relate emotions rather than ideas. This is a third person narration as well.


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