In Advertising, Truth is Irrelevant

For example commercials for alcohol products, the advertisers make it seem like drinking is safe and fun but if you look at the bottom of the screen during a commercial there is fine print stating “warning: lease drink responsibly, or may cause birth defects”, this print is so small that it can easily go unnoticed. So advertising the truth is irrelevant to companies because they are more interested in selling the product; again it is more important to grab the consumer’s attention, rather than reveal any dangers or negative aspects about the product.

Truth is relevant in advertising when a consumer is looking for a computer. For example, Consumers are interested in knowing facts about a computer, such as the amount of memory it can hold, what type of processor it has, and how much t is. Without this information, advertisements for computers would be less interesting to consumers because the ads would not provide any relevant information to the consumers.

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In the case of selling computers, providing facts in advertising is very relevant and are needed to make the product appealing to consumers. Truth is irrelevant in advertising when you’re advertising something that’s not impacting a consumers health or safety. For example commercials for Halloween costumes, its irrelevant to know all the details for a Halloween costume.



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