In am in placement, I ensure I

April 21, 2019 Health

In this assignment, I will explain why it is important to communicate with the adults within SureStart. I will use examples from placement on how I communicate with the three members of staff in my placement.
In my placement, I ensure that I show numerous amounts of respect to each of the adults in SureStart, as they have provided me with the chance to do my placement in their crèche. While communicating with the members of staff, certain things need to be taken into consideration. When a member of staff talks to me I give my full attention as it is respectful, as well as this, keeping good eye contact is also vital. While I am in placement, I ensure I respond with more formal language. This is needed to show that I understand and be aware of what is being said to me if is an important issue, it will also show that I am mature.
On my first day of placement, as I arrived, the manager approached me and I responded in a friendly manner. She gave me a tour around the building to get me familiar with SureStart, she then went on to show me the multiple fire exits, which is a part of their health and safety procedures. During the tour, I engaged in a conversation with her, I used more formal language to communicate with her to sound mature and respectful. I asked her multiple questions such as,” How are you today?”.

After my second week It got easier to talk in a more formal language with Supervisor A who was also a manager within the crèche, this made It easier to talk to her and ask her more in depth questions if I had any specific queries, she also didn’t mind when I spoke in a more informal way, which made my time in placement more enjoyable. Talking to the toddlers within SureStart is completely different from talking to the members of staff. During lunchtime, Supervisor A trusted me to help set out the plates for the children’s food, this has proven that I maintain professionalism during my time in placement.

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