The novel Rifleman Dodd

June 16, 2019 General Studies

In brief, the novel Rifleman Dodd, authorized by C.S. Forester and published in 1932 is a narrative about a British foot soldier, Matthew Dodd who undergoes a crisis in the Peninsular War. Matthew Dodd encounters getting left behind by the British forces during the retreat to Torres Verdas. With the situation he happened to be stuck in and continuing his duty, Private Dodd notices his chances for survival are slim to none by the Frenchmen and immediately goes into survival mode. From experiencing nights of starvation, hiding in the woods from his enemy’s, etc. Nevertheless, he creates victorious and clever tactics to keep himself alive such as, hit-and-run incursions on the French and setting the ropes of a bridge that was being built by the enemies on fire that was soon going to be used for an attack.


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