In concrete actions. The above statement identifying

April 9, 2019 Human Rights

In the Madrid Privacy Declaration, highly consider that freedom and privacy is a fundamental human right. Thus, therefore that reaffirm freedom and privacy protection by identifying new challenges and call for concrete actions. The above statement identifying some facts, freedom of expressing like express religious beliefs and thoughts, non-discrimination are important for the society in terms of their wellbeing. If all the countries fully understand their obligation to safeguard the civil rights of their citizens and residents eventually the government will protect the human rights of them.
In order to decide to accept or decline the contract, I will ask for a written agreement with the government to prevent form the future problems to the company as well as to the city. In the agreement will consider the main factors of government bad records to make sure company is safe and there won’t be any problems by accepting the contract.
If all the considered facts are covered and the government agreed then obviously I will accept the offer. If any problems I will decline the offer as its effect on company reputation and also affect the city.
I would not accept the contract by justifying the either of facts.
If I accept the contract it’s my responsibility whole surveillance system in the city. If anything goes wrong it can lead some serious trouble to the city and population. Thus, I can’t simply say that “it’s not my responsibility to take into account how the technology will be used by the government”
I need the money to maintain the company, but how much I can make from the contract is not always the first priority. If the government doesn’t agree with what I came upon the agreement doesn’t matter how much money my company loses, I wouldn’t accept the contract.


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