In her. William and his brother Paul

April 24, 2019 General Studies

In the novel, Gertrude Morel has a dysfunctional relationship with her two sons, William and Paul. The beginning of the Oedipus complex appearing in the boys is exemplified in the relationship between the parents. The boys witness an abusive marriage in which Walter Morel often comes home drunk. All of this causes the boys to hate their father and love their mother. Gertrude Morel is unhappy in her marriage and tries to live through her sons, allowing the oedipal attachment to form.
William, the eldest son is her favourite one. He does everything he can to please her. William and his brother Paul become at a certain time rivals as they were competing for their mother affections. We can see that William tries unconsciously to break free of his oedipal complex by moving to London as her mother became jealous of every girl he was dating. He had the opportunity to meet a girl in London, named Lili, but with whom he is unhappy as he realized that she does not have the qualities of her mother, so he became frustrated.


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