In how Stalin used this trate to

February 13, 2019 General Studies

In this essay i will discuss how charismatic leadership appealed to me and how Stalin used this trate to his advantage in the soviet union. One would have to argue that leadership is important to the creation,survival,growth and decay of organisations according to Conger J and Rabindra K (1998 page 3) Charismatic Leadership in Organisations United Kingdom:SAGE Publications.

Mark webber outlines 3 ideal types of authority legal-rational ,traditional and charismatic and assigns specific to each to give them a sense of individuality . A charismatic leader would be defined as someone with a powerful role in society. “Charismatic leaders could be distinguished from other by their tendency to dominate a strong conviction in their own beliefs and ideals a need to influence others and high self confidence.Through emotionally appealing goals and the demonstration of behaviours that aroused followers’ own need for achievement affiliation and power and the charismatic leader was able to motivate high levels of task accomplishment” according to Conger J and Rabindra K (1998 page 16).On the basis of the current evidence available it seems fair to suggest that stalin used his charismatic leadership much to his advantage and that was something very appealing. As Lenin came to the end of his career with the soviet union due to illness “he used a postscript very damaging to stalin; ‘he was too rude’, Lenin wrote, and he should be replaced as general secretary by someone who is ‘more patient,more loyal,more respectful,and attentive to comrades,less capricious and so on” according to Fitzpatrick S (2015 page 19) On Stalin’s team.United states Princeton university press. This did not disencourage stalin on his reign to power which shows his self confidence and self belief shine through one of the main characteristics of a charismatic leader.Joseph stalin use the fear tactic amongst his followers, instead of admiring and looking up to him they feared him dearly. The main consequence for going against stalin was physical punishment which put a lot of fear into his following and they felt obliged to look upon stalin as a great leader who wanted what was best for them. “While stalin is not popular he is a hero to red youth. The attitude toward him is compounded of admiration and dread” as discussed by graham s (1931 page 121) An impartial study of the life and work of joseph stalin. London Ernest Benn Limited. One could also argue that Stalin was a great leader as he made Russia strong enough to eventually drive the might of germany away from its land. Stalin obvious appeared strong to opposition because no attempts were made to invade the country apart from Germany. One would have to say that stalin’s behaviour would lead him to be a monsterous leader.

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