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February 22, 2019 General Studies

In act 3 scene 5 of romeo and Juliet, Lady Capulet has announced her exciting news of Juliet marrying Paris in two days. To which Juliet responds with her own concerns; that she is too young and she isn’t in love with him. Lady capulet then says to tell Capulet that instead of her. Juliet tells Capulet and is let down by her fathers hatered for the Montagues and Romeo. Capulet was pleased with himself for arranging the marriage between her and Paris but when Juliet confronts her father about how she doesn’t want to get married, Capulet is filled with rage and threatens her with starvation, homelessness and disownment if she doesn’t get married to Paris. Juliet turns to her mother and the nurse which in turn she feels betrayal because they both turn their backs on her. Her own mother is just as angry as her father and her friend; the nurse is betraying her by telling Juliet should marry
Paris. Just as Friar Lawrence can’t understand Romeo’s passion, the nurse can’t understand Juliet’s. I think the most important character who developed the most in this scene was Capulet, this is because when he finds out that Juliet doesn’t want to marry Paris after the hard work he went through to organise it and to gain Paris’ trust, he believes that she doesn’t deserve anything. He implied that if she didn’t go through with the marriage, she would no longer matter in his life, Juliet would be an outcast on the streets. However prior to this, he was very loving and caring towards her. He changed a significant amount but this was also partically because of Romeo and Juliets tragic love romance. Romeo and Juliet stand in the way of something bigger than themselves, Fate. Fate can not be stopped and unfortunalty they both were in the middle of the battle between the Monatagues with
the Capulets and fate. Shakespeare uses language to desbribe the tragic actions and misunderstandings while foreshadowing their eventual deaths. The language throughout the play uses many powerful poetic phrases which stimulate strong images in our minds, the metaphors used contrast sharply from loving poetical language to dark images foreshadowing death. The language Shakespeare uses contains a lot of meaningful and riddled imagery, both of love and of death. He also uses the kind of language which engages the audience by building suspense and tension. This is why the scene is so dramatic – it makes the play interesting and exciting for the viewers. In the fist part of the scene, the lovers talk about weather day is unfolding or it is still night. This is described by using metaphors and symbolism an example of this is when Juliet says “It was the

nightingale, and not the lark” Shakespeare could have used these because the use of the small birds can be personification – which means that the fragility of their love is being compared to the the small vulnerable birds. The use of these items such as birds which personify the lovers gives us a very detailed description of their feeling which causes the audience build a sense of empathy for Romeo and Juliet. The quote ” it is the lark that sings out of tune, straining harsh discords and unpleasing sharps” is a cacophony (kakophony) because it uses words that uses harsh words with harsh constanants like “discord” that helps you hear the harshness of the larks singing. It sets the movement of the scene with a harsh start. The tone of the nurse was at first concerned because Lady Capulet was fast approaching her room, then after Capulet finshes his angry speech toward Juliet,
when Juliet turns to the nurse, she seems to feel sympathetic for Juliet because she thinks that Juliet has no other option than to marry Paris and because the nurse cares for Juliet and because she doesn’t want Juliet to go through the hardships of being diowned by Lord Capulet the nurse recommends that Juliet marries Paris. Another character who showed much emotion was Juliet. She was torn between loving romeo and wanting to be with him and the sadness of not wanting to become disowned by her own family. She was torn and lovesick, she felt the need to abide her fathers wishes but sometimes he made it very hard for her to do so especially with the fact that fate also played her and Romeo like string puppets. The themes and ideas expressed within the scnene can be identified with todays society.
The themes such as loving one another which displeases the parents can be related to very common events which happen in house houlds across the world. For example: the marriage between two different ethnic groups may displease some people saying how it is wrong, and how you shouldn’t marry out of your race. So in that sense, Romeo and Juliet is a story ahead of it’s time, it’s a story which is applicable to years ago and years to come.

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