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In literature, symbolism is a tool used to propose significances greater than what may look on the surface. In the short narrative “ The Storm, ” Kate Chopin uses symbolism for both realistic and symbolic intents in order to progress the secret plan and give significance to the struggles that the character Calixta experiences

The storm provides the reader with penetration into Calixta battle, picturing a adult female ‘s interior battle with herself, and the cyclone that is brushing the streets outside her place. ” The Storm ” plays a critical portion in uncovering the subject of the narrative which is about a “ adult female ‘s gender and the complexnesss of the matrimony province ” ( Harris ) . The cardinal struggle is one that is driven behind the rubric. Calixta is in a changeless conflict between her aspirations, her matrimony, and being a adult female. It seems her hubby Bobinot avoids “ The Storm ” in both a actual and nonliteral manner. He stays at the shop to avoid the rain, but besides to avoid the sexual desires from his married woman that could be waiting at place. Externally, she has become unfaithful to her hubby due to her internal struggles with non being satisfied sexually. This is the storms nonliteral significance. Calixta says “ if this keeps up, dieu sait if the foliages goin ‘ to stan ‘ it ” ( 109 ) . Calixta makes mention to the foliages outside to battle what is go oning inside with her feelings. Just like the storm out doors merely God knows what will go on next.

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It merely becomes clear that she is utilizing the foliages outside to portray what will go on if she follows through with her desires. At this clip in Louisiana, adult females are supposed to stay faithful to their hubbies. Having an matter is something that is considered unladylike and black. Calixta sees this storm as an chance to carry through her desires, and besides as a battle between how she will be criticized for moving upon them. Calixta is really cognizant of what will go on if the people in the town will state if they were to happen out, but she is genuinely unhappy with her matrimony at this point.

The storm outside begins to escalate, reflecting the eliciting desire between Calixta and Alcee. It seems as if she wants alleviation from the unhappy married life she is populating. Just like the forces driven by nature, Calixta does non defy Alcee ‘s touch nor does she go on to keep back her desires. “ Do n’t be frightened. Nothing can go on… There! Are n’t you traveling to be quiet? ” Alcee says, guaranting Calixta that she is non traveling to bear the effects of her actions and no 1 will happen out that this matter that has taken topographic point.

Calixta so done yearn for the passion that she is losing with her hubby. She describes the minutes that she portions with Alcee as “ like a white fire which penetrated and found response in deepnesss of his ain sensuous nature that had ne’er yet been reached ” ( 110 ) . Just like a storm, a force driven by nature, she is awkward at commanding her ain desires as a storm is at commanding the amendss it leaves on its way. Calixta draws in to the passion that has been absent from her matrimony for so long.

Calixta is a premier illustration of how a individual ‘s wants, demands and desires can overmaster what is right in society ‘s eyes. Calixta knew the effects of her actions if she was to acquire caught, but they were non adequate to turn her off from that passion that she urgently needed: Chopin gives penetration to “ The growl of the boom was distant and go throughing off. The rain round quietly upon the herpes zosters, ask foring them to drowsiness and kip. But they dare non yield ” ( 110 ) . As the storm subsided she besides knew the matter had come to an terminal, for Alcee had watered her garden merely as the rain had done to the flowers outside. “ The rain was over ; and the Sun was turning the glistening green universe into a castle of treasures. He turned and smiled at her with a beaming face ; and she lifted her reasonably mentum in the air and laughed aloud ” ( 111 ) . Calixta is neither ashamed nor sorry for what has merely happened. Alternatively, she is rather happy and she feels relieved. She has received something that she does non acquire with her hubby. The storm outside the house comes to a halt and the Sun begins to reflect as if it were refreshed by nature. When Bobinot returns place, Calixta appears to be go oning her responsibilities as a married woman. She makes the visual aspect as if nil has happened Calixta has no purposes of destroying her matrimony ; because she is overwhelmed with joy at the return of her household.

Kate Chopin ‘s “ The Storm ” is non merely about a awful storm that has swept the streets of Louisiana, but has a deeper more in depth significance of a homo ‘s sexual desires. Calixta is the illustration of how adult females are much like work forces and have desires that need to be fulfilled. During this clip, adult females were non supposed to move or even speak about their sexual side, yet Kate Chopin manages to make both in such a mode that means so much more than what anyone expected. The storm washes off the unhappiness Calixta had in her sex starved matrimony, and brought a new fulfilment into her life.

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