In-N-Out Burgers

April 30, 2018 Philosophy

In-N-Out Burgers have broken all the rules and thanks to that their average per store sales eclipse those of McDonald’s. With that said, In-N-Out’s customers must really enjoy their burger in order to continue going back to the company. In-N-Out has not changed anything since day one and that is their way of keeping their customer’s well-being. As stated in the text, their philosophy till this day still remains the same; “Give customers the freshest, highest quality foods you can buy and provide them with friendly service in a sparkling clean environment.

” Based on their philosophy we can see that giving their customers the best food and experience is In-N-Out’s main goal. When it comes to getting every burger ready the company does it best to provide fresh food to their customers. Their patties are never frozen, the veggies are diced by hand the day they are being used, there is no additives or preservatives in their food. The company is not only in business for the money but to also because they value their customers and want the best for them.

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In-N-Out’s performance relative to customer expectations goes on and beyond. The place has one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry. The employees are happy and motivated which results in a satisfied customer. They try to achieve everything that they can in order to have the best results when it comes to their customers. In the text we learn that when they open a new In-N-Out Burger the line of cars goes out for more than a mile.

Not always is customer satisfaction based on the food sold at the place; the service provided plays a very big role and In-N-Out manages to provide both at 100 percent. Although they are not as big as McDonald’s when they launch a new facility they have their lines and customers rate the place as one of the best to get a burger. 3. Based on the text, I believe In-N-Out shouldn’t have to adopt to a high-growth strategy. Although it is a family business, it has been passed on to a different family member when one passes away.

Their strategy for making customer’s happy and satisfied makes them well known. They might not have as many locations as McDonald’s but they have grown within five states. Achieving 276 stores is a very big goal and they have managed to keep all the stores proving fresh food. 4. There might be a lot of reasons why more burger chains do not follow In-N-Out’s “no change” philosophy. A lot of the businesses are running and all they care for is the money or capital they will build. I am a strong believer that McDonald’s does not care about the customer.

All they worry about is the fact that kids will want a toy with their meal and it will bring in revenue, in today’s world parents are always rushing so it makes it easier to pass by thru the drive through and get something fast. People are not really paying attention to how the food is prepared in McDonalds because life is going on and unfortunately that is making the company billions of dollars. On the other hand, In-N-Out is more of a customer related business where the customer comes first.


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