In place in the fourteenth and fifteenth

In this quote, Dr James Fox explains that the main reason why the Renaissance had such a late development in the British Isles was the constant state of war that took place in the fourteenth and fifteenth century. During this time, the Kingdom of England was part of the Hundred years’ war (1337-1453) against the Kingdom of France over sovereignty over French lands in Continental Europe (Schultz, 1971, p. 52). Shortly after, the English were subject to another series of conflicts known as the Wars of the Roses, a rivalry between two powerful houses of England who wanted to reach kingship and that started in 1455 and went on until 1485, with the Battle of Bosworth Field as the deciding factor (pp. 62, 64). In times of war, the development and support for Renaissance characteristics such as art in its many forms (paintings, music, sculptures, etc) and new perspectives on life and philosophies is basically non-existent. War brings chaos and destruction to the societies that are involved. Culture cannot change drastically when people are solely concerned with surviving, kill or be killed in battle.

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