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March 14, 2019 Music

In this presentation I will be analysing two songs; Black Spiderman By Logic & King for a day By Greenday.
I will focus on the outcomes; analyze how audience and purpose affect the structure and content of texts & demonstrate an awareness of how language and meaning are shaped by cultural context.
The main purpose of this presentation would be to analyse how contemporary music is used to illuminate the concepts of identity struggles within the individual,through the use of language and subsidiary features.
Racial struggles
Identity struggles
Logic is a american rapper who is biracial. He got hate when he portrayed himself as a black man in some songs, but his dad is black and his mom is white, so he is often stuck in the middle of the controversy.
Billie is an american born and he is part of a large family consisting of 6 children. When he was only 10 years old his father died, his mom remarried and this is when he said his life collapsed. Growing up in such an environment turned billie into an introvert which made him bring out his emotions
Black spiderman: The main purpose of this song is to tell the audience about the struggles he had faced while growing up. He had faced a lot of problems due to the fact that he was white but he grew up in a black neighborhood, this was because he was biracial.
” I ain’t ashamed to be white ,ain’t ashamed to be Black,I ain’t ashamed of my beautiful Mexican wife as a matter of fact”.
“Or the fact I’m a single mother living all alone,Looking for a man and a home to call my own,But I already have one,The only man I’ma ever need is my son, my son, my son, my son”

” I vote for Glover instead”.
King for a day: The main purpose of this song is for the singer billie to come out as bi-sexual and tell the audience about his identity struggle and that there is nothing wrong with that or with a man being feminine
“I went sneaking through her bedroom door,To find something in a size four,Sugar and spice And everything nice,Wasn’t made for only girls,G.I. Joe in a panty hose”
“My daddy threw me in therapy,He thinks I’m not a real man,Who put the drag in the drag queen?Don’t knock it until you tried it
Black Spiderman: Rap Song, lyrics, video. Use of informal language to share his perspective about this topic in a casual but firm way :
“I been feeling so down,I think they should know now,I think they should know what’s up,That’s that road I been down,I know how it go down,I know how it go now, what’s up,I feel like I don’t belong,I feel like my life is wrong,I feel like I don’t know what’s up”.

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King for a day – Rock song, lyrics.The main contents of a rock song are that it has three chords, which are strong and followed by a melody. And this song has all of that. Green day use 4- 5 syllables for each line in the chorus in order to make it catchy.
Black spiderman: There are two main targeted audience for this text , first are the people who are facing these types of struggles and are being perceived by others as different. Secondly the people who disagree or discriminate others based on their identity.
King for a day : The first group of audience are the people who faced similar struggles, the second group of audience are people who generally enjoy a song with a solid universal message.


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