In range of ages like the elderly.

February 12, 2019 Health

In the past few years, video games are not just for teenagers anymore, they are designed for a wide range of ages like the elderly. The health merits of the exergames have been a controversial issue. While some argues the disadvantages of the digital games, others support these indoor activities rather than outdoors. This paper examines both the arguments for and against choosing exergames for the elderly.
Firstly, exergames provide physical benefits in a safety way for the elderly residents. According to the National Council on Strength and Fitness (2010), the energy expenditure, heart rate and oxygen consumption increased significantly with whole-body engagement when playing the exergames. Users have to take the remote and move their body just like playing real sport games. Playing these video games can benefit the physical health for the elderly as they have to move different kinds of muscle when playing various kinds of virtual sport games. Moreover, the exergames are also more safer and easier for the senior as they may be disabled to walk a long distance and may feel tired easily. Exergames provide same cardiovascular benefits as a nonvirtual workout in a safety way for the elderly residents. Therefore, this indoor activity is better than outdoor activities at concern of variety and safety.

Another benefit of playing the exergames for the senior population is to prevent loneliness and exercise in anytime. The old seniors can do exercise at home regardless of the bad weather. They can do exercise everyday no matter it is winter or extreme weather outside. Thus, time and weather condition will not affect them compare to the instability of the outdoor activities. Furthermore, many elderly are living alone or their family member may not always stay with them. Doing outdoor activities always required a group of people which is much more complex to achieve. Playing exergames, however, can prevent their loneliness at any time when they want to do exercise or even find friends as there is always people online. Thereupon, playing exergames for elderly residents are better as it will not affect by the external factors.

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