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March 15, 2019 Human Resources

In Australia, there exist altered resources like agricultural resource, mining resource, human resource etc. However, demand-supply analysis for all these resources in Australia, is more or less same, but there exist minor differences between these analyses. Though the demand- supply analysis for the agricultural sources is same as like the above analysis, but in case of mining resources and human resources, the demand supply analysis is totally different (Abowd and Freeman, 1991). There exist some factors of the economy which bring different consequences in demand supply analysis of several resources of the economy (Anon, 2015).
For example, in situation of Eastern Australian Gas market, there happens an irregularity of option in demand-supply analysis. Before, 1990s, the demand in Australian Gas market was not in progress because of international burden, and not just because of its price level. From 1990s, due to the extensive development of export, both the demand and supply of Eastern Australian Gas market have increased through the stage of time. Now, if we reflect, the case study of Bowen Surat gas fields in Australia, we can see that in next twelve years, the supply of LNG from this gas field was completely unavailable for the local market, though there was no mutual reason for fall in supply of LNG. This situation occurred entirely due to an external reason. For this 12 years, all the gases produced in this area, were fully slender to LNG export. Though there was sufficient gas in the eastern reserve to meet the local supply and there was no lack in demand zone, there was deficit supply of gases in the market (Musgrove and Stocks, 1985).
if we focus on mechanism of demand and supply of human resource of Australia,
we can note that the demand for human resource in Australian market is additional than the supply of skilled labor, which consequences a scramble in the income level of workers. But, in spite of this high wage-level, increased supply cannot fulfill the demand as there is a lack of skilled labor in Australian


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