In ” The health and educational consequence of child labor in Nigeria”

April 10, 2019 Health

In ” The health and educational consequence of child labor in Nigeria”, Maria Charity Agbo, an Academic doctor explains that the global issue of child labor is becoming common in Nigeria due to various implicating factors.
Agbo defines child labor as utilizing minors in economical industries which effects their health, education and physical growth.
There are various reasons for child labor. Agbo argues that, it is mainly triggered by poverty and family size. Moreover, she claims that the minors are also compelled to work due to the cultural norms of the society.
Children of Nigeria are being employed in various fields. Agbo points out that the underage children engage in hawking, agricultural work, domestic services and even begging.
There are serious health implications caused by child labor. Agbo stated that the children suffers from fatigue due to long work hours. Additionally, she notes that the minors get ill due to starvation. Furthermore, in the article, Agbo lists that the minors face the problem of body pain, traffic incidents, craw-craw skin disease and injuries as well.
Child labor is a huge obstacle to children’s education. Agbo elucidates that some students miss school to work, while others quit school to focus on generating money. Additionally, she observed that they face difficulties in studying due to shortage of time after work. Lastly, Agbo states that some parents evade educating minors due to illiteracy and greed.
To conclude, Agbo states that practical policies and strategies should be used to prevent the negative consequences of this problem.


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