In the years of history, the United

April 20, 2019 History

In my response about American foreign policy, I will be discussing China’s foreign policy trade with the United States. Which I feel is one of the biggest issues other than gun control, at the moment. Before I began, I want to start off with a bit of foreign policy’s history and how it began, throughout the years of history, the United States have remained consistent with its interest of taking many different actions in foreign policy. Both resulting in in immediate and long term results. Foreign policy is basically how the United States deals with other countries, economically and politically it is mainly made by the congress, president and some of the people.

“Donald Trump faces a rising regional power increasingly willing to challenge U.S. military and economic power in the Pacific region. Trump talked tough on China during his presidential run, blaming the country for the loss of American jobs and lobbing accusations of unfair currency manipulation or hostile trade practices. But it was still a shock when Trump broke with decades of precedent by speaking directly with the leader of Taiwan, which China considers a province. The call last month threatened to reopen a largely dormant ideological fight over self-determination and democracy in the Communist regime. Some in the Chinese leadership who had been confident that they understood Trump’s business-minded approach questioned whether they were dealing with an old-school Republican ideologue. He has hired a stable of trade hawks, suggesting he may be itching for a trade fight. But Trump’s pick for ambassador to Beijing, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, was seen as an olive branch.” (Anne Gearan.)

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One can point to a distinct foreign policy shift between the administrations of Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Commentators disagree on the exact degree of the change,9 but few would allege that there was no policy change. 10 In contrast, China’s foreign policy has remained remarkably consistent for ten years – and these were ten years characterized by rapid social change, intense economic change, and seismic cultural shifts in other arenas of Chinese life. Yet China’s foreign policy goals remained unchanged.

In conclusion, after reading the trading with foreigners it resulted in “China will continue to be a dominant force in the global economy for the near future. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the interests that drive China’s trade and foreign policies”.
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