In War Photographer Carol Ann Duffy English Literature Essay

Compare and contrast the portraiture of strong emotions in the verse forms War Photographer, A Mother in a Refugee Camp, Do Not Travel Gentle into that Good Night and with referenced to: Dulce et Decorum Est, Stealing and The Soldier.

The verse forms War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy, A Mother in a Refugee cantonment by Chinua Achebe and Do Not Travel Gentle into that Good Night by Dylan Thomas although they may first look to hold a small in common. However, these three verse forms are literally really different, in both their historical and societal context, yet they are all linked by the same subject ‘Strong Emotion ‘ . Strong emotion is a major feeling which can be in any signifier and can take topographic point at any clip. Furthermore this can be a bond in which people help each other to travel through agony and adversities. This essay will chiefly concentrate on how each verse form conveys the strong personal emotions of the poet through literary devices. In add-on to the verse forms from the anthology, three verse forms have besides been chosen for comparing. These are: Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen, Stealing by Carol Ann Duffy and The Soldier by Rupert Brooke.

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In War Photographer, Carol Ann Duffy discusses the decease caused by wars. She writes with strong emotions to convert the reader how horrific a war can be and can take to eternal wretchedness. And through the verse form she has usage a metaphor ‘he a priest preparing to chant a mass ‘ to compare the character as a priest demoing how sorrowful the lensman is. Furthermore he takes exposures during wars which allows him to past on messages to other people about the victims like prophesying. Furthermore, the comparing of the lensman and the priest besides shows the occupation the lensman is making is seem to be really sacred and he takes a high duty for this mission. In add-on to the metaphor she has used an initial rhyme ‘spools of enduring ‘ to demo how much agony has happened over clip and these events can be every bit long as a bobbin. And by comparing the clip with a bobbin it besides helps put out each event chronologically. In add-on the ‘s ‘ sound from the initial rhyme besides shows how much image there are and the sum of enduring traveling on around the universe. Furthermore, utilizing the technique naming ‘Belfast. Beirut. Phenom Penh. ‘ the intermissions from this phrase do the reader think about the past events and the list of victims who have died in the yesteryear during the war in these topographic points. And this helps to do the reader to see about the axial rotation of award for the people. And with the literature devices use from the verse form we can understand how the poet has shown her sorrow towards the victims in the wars.

In Dulce et Decorum Est, Wilfred Owen has described a gas onslaught during World War One with his strong emotions. He is strongly denying the construct of functioning your state is glorious. The linguistic communication used in the subdivision about the gas onslaught represents both the hurting of the victims from the gas onslaught and the consequence on those who have seen the scene. ‘Watch the white eyes wrestling in his face ‘ By utilizing the initial rhyme and set accent to the ‘w ‘ sound it is able to reflect the agony of the gas victims. This imagination is really powerful because we can conceive of the alteration in the victims face and it besides suggests that war is barbarous and is a waste of immature people ‘s life. Likewise, both poet ‘s from War Photographer and Dulce et Decorum Est were disturb by the scenes from wars nevertheless Wilfred Owen merely wrote about the gas onslaught which most disturbed him and Carol Ann Duffy wrote the whole verse form based on wars in general.

Similarly, in Do Not Travel Gentle into that Good Night the poet Dylan Thomas has mentioned about decease with strong emotions. However in this verse form the relationship is between a boy and a male parent. Dylan Thomas is seeking to promote his male parent to go on his life alternatively of demoing the failings of human race in War Photographer. And by making so, a big assortment of literacy techniques were used. The iambic pentameter was used throughout the verse form which can give a regular round and beat to the readers ; this can so assist to carry his male parent to contend decease since the iambic pentameter can give out a uninterrupted sense to the reader. It is like a bosom round which encourages his male parent to populate. In add-on to that, vowel rhyme was besides used. ‘age, rare, twenty-four hours ‘ gives out difficult sounds when read out which can heighten the consequence of iambic pentameter, these punchy sounds besides help giving out a stronger beat for the verse form to increase the sense of persuasion and aid magnify the message given to the male parent.

Along with the vowel rhyme there was besides repeat within the verse form ‘do non travel gentle into that good dark ‘ . This metaphor was used many times, where good dark is compared to decease because at the dark clip people go to kip which makes a good comparing for go throughing off. This so aid to state his male parent non to give up easy and to contend with all his might. Again this is used to give out a stronger sense of persuasion for his male parent. Furthermore, from the personification ‘old age should fire ‘ Dylan Thomas is seeking to propose old people should still hold the spirit to contend for their life and should n’t decease so easy and with such apathy. This is really different to War Photographer because Dylan Thomas is demoing his angry rejection towards decease where else Carol Ann Duffy is depress from the victims of war. And from the techniques used in this verse form we can understand the poet ‘s strong emotions towards the atrocious decease and the old age people losing will to populate.

In Stealing, Carol Ann Duffy besides based this verse form with the subject of strong emotion by utilizing symbolisation. The snowman, stands as a symbol for the solitariness of the character ‘s state of affairs. Because the character destroys the snowman ‘booted him. Again. Again. ‘ it is besides a symbol to bespeak how violent the talker is. These symbols are powerful because readers are shown the talkers solitariness, where he/she needs to steal a snowman as a mate to get away solitariness. Similarly, in bash non travel gentle into that good dark the poet is affected by the strong emotions because his male parent is deceasing and because of the heartache it has cause Dylan Thomas to imbibe more than usual.

In comparing to the others, A female parent in a refugee cantonment discusses more about love during a war. When the female parent is seeking to take attention of her boy in a refugee cantonment, every measure they take is really of import to them because one would decease at anytime. And from the construction of verse form, we could see that there is merely one whole uninterrupted stanza and merely two long sentences which connotes there is no terminal to enduring during that clip and decease is ineluctable. In add-on this long, complex, multi-clause sentence suggests the long, extended agony of person deceasing from famishment. The initial rhyme ‘behind blown-empty abdomens ‘ shows the scene of a babe in a refugee cantonment. The vowel sounds ‘e, I, O ‘ and the initial rhyme ‘b ‘ sound suggest the emptiness of the kids ‘s tummy. How the babe is enduring from long term famishment doing his abdominal to raise up, which can so propose the babe itself would endure from decease at any minute. There is besides an sarcasm, these abdomens look full but in world they are empty.

Additionally, the apposition ‘The air was heavy ‘ aid connotes how bad the state of affairs is within the refugee cantonment, with the deficiency of hygiene it will increase the decease Numberss of people this can so propose people should value every individual minute of their life because many people are presently deceasing within the cantonment. This apposition is really powerful because the unpleasant centripetal entreaty towards the odor is really strong. The comparatives from the verse form ‘In their former life this was possibly a small day-to-day act of no effects ‘ this female parent, despite the at hand decease of her boy, is still showering love on him, by combing his hair. This once more shows how lifelessly the state of affairs is, where a close household member might decease in any minute, therefore they need to prize every clip they have together in the refugee cantonment. Here the poet is depicting the dearth caused by war ( Biafran War ) in his native Nigeria. His elaborate description illustrates his indignation at the agony cause by war. And this strong emotion from the poet is efficaciously passed on to the readers by these literary devices. Similarly, in Do Not Travel Gentle into that Good Night Dylan Thomas has demonstrated his fury towards the old people who accepts decease which shows both of the poets has the same strong emotions and is efficaciously passed on towards the readers.

In The Soldier, Rupert Brooke writes about a soldier who loves his ain state. And if he should decease in a far off battlefield people should still acknowledge him as a British. Showing how much faith the soldier has towards his state. ‘Washed by the rivers, blest by Sun of place. ‘ This strong image creates a sense of peaceableness and a integrity with nature. This shows England to be more superior to other topographic points. And force readers to see the topographic point in the same visible radiation as the poet. In contrast, in A female parent in a refugee cantonment, people were forced to decease, nevertheless in The Soldier there was an option for the individual to take, doing the state of affairs non as hard.

In decision, from the research conducted for the three verse forms, we can see that these poets have used a assortment of structural and literary devices to foreground the power of strong emotions behind each verse form. From War Photographer, Carol Ann Duffy has covey the wretchedness cause by war in a really emotional manner. Equally good as in Do Not Travel Gentle into that Good Night the subject was besides strong emotions nevertheless the thought of the verse form was different. Likewise in A Mother in a Refugee Camp strong emotions was besides the chief subject of the verse form. Therefore, strong emotions were the chief subject of all three verse forms and it has provokes a deep emotional response from the readers.



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