inability to listen is regularly a typical barrier to successful communication

By March 11, 2019 Communication

inability to listen is regularly a typical barrier to successful communication. Listening adequately and proficiently is one of the hardest things in viable correspondence (Guffey and Loewy, 2011). Poor listening upsets the audience’s capacity to process whatever sort of data is being passed on. This might be because of a person’s absence of fixation. From the YouTube video, ‘Missed Opportunities for Interprofessional Practice’ in the discharge case conference, the manifestation of ineffective listening is clearly evident on the professionals; London’s attention is captured by his stethoscope, Joy is too busy playing with her hair, Katie is so obsessed with her phone, Diane’s attention is on her nails, Dr. Mayo is so obsessed with her phone, Kriten, the nursing student is busy fixing her left earring and drinking coffee and Petey Julie is busy sketching on her notebook and kind of forgets that the conference is going on. She’s however reminded by her colleague Katie and she responds clumsily, fumbling with words. No one is actively listening to the speaker of the moment. There’s lack of concentration. In a conference of this magnitude, it’s appropriate that healthcare professionals stop and listen actively and ethically


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