India a journal analysing women’s issues, gave

February 13, 2019 February 25th, 2019 Religion

India is known for a lot of things. The positive ones are its culture, diversity of religion, cricket prowess, beautiful scenic beauty. But often, a few incidents take place which make these positive factors take a backseat in foreign, and even domestic public opinion. The Nirbhaya incident was the spark which ignited the fire of negative public opinion about India. It was recently printed in Sex Roles, a journal analysing women’s issues, gave academic backing to something we all Indians are aware of. It highlighted how “beliefs that blame women for their victimization, in turn, provide legitimacy to violence against women”. Almost non-existent implementation of government schemes for betterment of women’s situation is one of the main reasons for the dire situation of women in India. Although the same callous attitude is visible in a lot of places, it affects the problem of women more. This is because the callous attitude is not just administrative or political, it is rooted in society and morality.


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