India Superpower Essay

July 22, 2017 General Studies

It has been more than 60 old ages since India got its independency and a batch has changed. Radios have been replaced by LCDs. Tonga have been replaced by cars and coachs and matkas have been replaced by iceboxs. Indian Companies have made it to the word phase. Companies like TATA ain few of the most premium trade names of the universe such as Jaguar on one manus while the world’s cheapest auto ‘Nano’ on the other. Indians hold really high stations all over the universe be it Obama’s cabinet. United Nations or the World Bank.

India has highest young person population. Our India besides has one of the largest ground forces in the universe which is capable of confronting any other world power in the universe. There is a growing in the substructure excessively. Metro has made short distance going comfy and easy. But is it truly a world power? We have 2nd largest population in the universe. but there are really few companies holding interaction presence. There is deep-seated corruptness.

Most of the politicians are involved in cozenages like Common Wealth Games cozenage. 2G cozenage. Coal cozenage and even fodder cozenage. The people of India have got used to corruptness. We besides have highest youth population. but what is the usage when there is no proper societal substructure to supply them with the accomplishments? There is no proper system to retain the pick brains in our state. The top encephalons are handpicked by western states. Who is at a loss? Its India.

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We besides have a immense ground forces but due to miss of focal point on research and development we are dependent on Israel. Russia and France for our armss. There is no proper policy model to halt the growing of population. It is no brainer whether India is a world power or non. If there is corruptness in India. India can non hold a good hereafter. Merely a strong policy model and long sited vision can do it possible and India will once more be called the aureate bird.


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