Indias First And Largest Online B2b Marketplace Marketing Essay

August 27, 2017 Marketing is Indias foremost and largest online B2B market place which brings Indian providers and international purchasers together. Established in 1996 by Mr. Dinesh Agarwal besides current CEO, It is an ISO certified company with province of the art web-development centre at noida which is one of the largest in the universe. With 1000 employees and a web of 29 offices pan-India, offers value services to its 500,000 members and over 5 million purchasers all over the universe.

With last fiscal twelvemonth grosss at US $ 9.5 million the company has grown at over 50 % CAGR for the last 5 old ages. has been profitable all through the 12 old ages of its operations. IndiaMART ‘s online success has been widely acknowledged by media such as CNBC, BBC, Business Money, CNN, Businessworld, Economic Times, Financial Express etc. Amongst its investors stands tall the Bennett, Coleman & A ; Co. Ltd. ( Times of India Group ) , India ‘s largest print media group that has made a strategic investing in in 2006

IndiaMart ‘s concern theoretical account is a chiefly a combination of catalogue based theoretical account and list based theoretical account which are describes herein. Indiamart started with a catalogue theoretical account, which had a one clip and besides a repeating fee construction. It has now emerged as a one-stop solution supplier, with its services runing from sphere name enrollment, planing, hosting, hunt engine publicity to catalogue care With this theoretical account, Indiamart has an mixture of related merchandises that can easy be marketed from the same web site. These are all related points which complement each other in some manner, and the mixture of the points would profit, instead than take away from, the gross revenues procedure. Furthermore IndiaMart has expanded its catalogue to a broad list to assorted other several merchandises and services which may or possibly non related with each other.

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The list based theoretical account by constructing a list and selling to the list, instead than directing web visitants straight to a gross revenues page, they are able to repeatedly direct traffic to those same web sites, and capitalise on the effectivity of perennial exposures to construct a strong concern. The list based theoretical account can be used to finally make traffic to any of the web concern theoretical accounts discussed here. The list merely serves as an intermediary measure that allows you to finally squash more net income out of the same set of visitants.

The site besides gets banner ads. Agarwal points out, “ Our streamer ads are really targeted and bring forth higher chinks, unlike when you put your ads on general sites, where there is a batch of spillover. ” Continuing its tradition of invention, Indiamart came up with an auction, which it is soon running. Agarwal portions his hereafter programs, “ We are in the procedure of developing an RFP/RFQ theoretical account that will be integrated with our B2B theoretical account within six months. We would so get down bear downing on the footing of minutess. ”

IndiaMart creates web sites, microsites and catalogues. They do a complete prison guard bundle – designing, hosting, offering higher listing on Indiamart, Search Engine Optimization. We submit the sites to assorted concern directories. So this is a subscription bundle where you know the website designing and hosting part has become a minuscle in footings of gross. Most of the people come to Indiamart non to hold a four page microsite designed for Rs. 25,000, but because they see that there is a value in naming that they get on Indiamart platform.

Main concern that of on-line directories, as It was offering free listings, one would be forced to believe that there is no gross here. Yes, first glimpse one does acquire the feeling but while holding a closer expression it can be seen that Indiamart encourages those listed under different subdivisions to hold a web presence of their ain. Indiamart offers its expertness on site edifice for which it charges its merchandisers a fee. The other beginning of gross is from the enrollment that is done of the houses who are listed on the Indiamart site. Although most houses are listed free of cost but those who are registered are provided some sole services which a free listed house will non be entitled to.

The following of import gross beginning is the B2B auctions. In fact this add-on of auctions on to the site has given Indiamart a chance to hard currency to the high visibleness that it has earned for itself for the past few old ages. The Auction platform, which is the biggest in Asia, caters to over 15 lakh planetary B2B purchasers that visit Indiamart every month. Here providers can register online and name their stock list for auction on an one-year footing. The marketer decides on the Reserve Price, Minimum command monetary value and command increase sum. Interested purchasers can offer on the points listed free of cost after traveling through the merchandise information online. After the auction times out the marketer is introduced to the victor to finish the dealing. The success of the B2B auction portal can be gauged from the fact organize its debut in Dec 2001 it has already earned through committees Rs. 124.48 million for the last fiscal year.A

The other income watercourses for Indiamart are Web publicizing which accounted for Rs 85.86 million, e-business solutions deserving Rs. 24.21 million and co-branded online publicity runs for Rs 45 hundred thousand adding up to a whooping sum of 381.3 as entire gross of the company for the twelvemonth 2007-2008

SWOT Analysis


Advantages: –

First Indian Horizontal B2B market place

Online stamps handiness

Portal sponsorship

Premium listings

Banner advertizements

Certified with ISO 9000:2000

India Mart Trust seal

Ads, ads on trade leads and trade shows

Single gateway with multiple payment options with highest security – ABCpayments

More than 9000 catalogues- Wide Range Of Merchandises

Ads on purchasers posters, used machinery,

Besides has Industrial assets, excess stock list listed on its site

Opportunity to see from close propinquity, the USP of the challenger ‘s merchandises, and their merchandising schemes


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