Inditex is a well-known spanish multinational clothing

By April 15, 2019 General Studies

Inditex is a well-known spanish multinational clothing organization being one of the greatest and biggest vogue retailers on the planet. The company’s ways to deal with fashion are inventing and inventing new products in order to be the first ones in the market, having the best quality and, trying to have the ability to adapt to the market demands as fast as possible. It gathers about an excess of 120,000 representatives and employees around the world which most of the workers, more specifically 80.4%, are female. Also mention that the normal worker’s age is 26 years of age being relatively young. Zara is the principle store of the Inditex group opened in Galicia in 1975. The principal shop has 321 stores in Spain and 44 in the United States but despite the fact that Zara is huge, Inditex has different brands such as Massimo Dutti or Stradivarius.


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