Individual Theories

October 28, 2017 Chemistry

Individual Theories CJS 240 Individual Theories There are several theories that examine the reason why some adolescents are motivated to commit crimes are, in some instances, “predisposed” to a life of crime, while other adolescences, in similar circumstances, are not. There are several theories that have been researched in regards to this matter. These theories are: 1). Routine Activities theory-The routine Activities Theory is largely based upon the fact that a certain amount of crime is the norm and depends upon the environment the adolescent was raised in.

In this theory, it is believed that if the reward for committing the crime is great enough, the crime will be committed, regardless of circumstance. 2). General Deterrence Theory-With the General Deterrence Theory, it is believed that a person who lacks self control or are weak as an individual, WILL commit some type of crime if given the opportunity. 3). Specific Deterrence Theory-

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In specific deterrence Theory Specific deterrence this theory focuses on an individual basis and relies on the fact that if an individual is aware of the consequences for committing a crime they will be punishes and are war are of the consequences they must pay for committing said crime. 4). Biochemical Theory- This theory is based upon the fact that crimes could be committed due to a physical imbalance of vitamin intake, improper nutrition, hormonal imbalance (such as menopause),as well as certain reactions to food allergies. The major premise of the theory is that crime is a function of diet, vitamin intake, hormonal imbalance, or food allergies. -“ The strengths are that the theory explains irrational violence and shows how the environment interacts with personal traits to influence behavior. I can test that this theory is pretty accurate. I know when I haven’t eaten enough for the day, or the things I had eaten were just empty calories, I had MAJOR mood issues. I’d get emotional and angry easily. Think of how on edge anorexics and bulimics’ are. Some other interesting things: Major Contributions of biological trait theories: Brain chemistry and hormonal differences are related to aggression and violence. There is no relationship between sugar intake and crime. The male hormone testosterone is linked to criminality. Neurological impairments have been linked to crime. Violence-producing traits are passed from one generation to the next. ”( Retrieved, February from: http://www. enotalone. com/forum/showthread. php? t=272647&page=1 (Biological Theories). 5). Neurological Theory- In the neurological Theory, it is believed that brain dysfunction is the cause of the perpetrator committing crimes. 6). Genetic Theory-

The genetic Theory is based upon adoption studies and is believed that these adopted children were pre-disposed to commit a life of crime based upon the criminal histories if their biological parents. 7). Psychodynic Theory- In the Psychdynic Theory, it is believed that early psychological damages cause an imbalance in ones personality having lifelong effects. 8). Behavioral Therapy- Behavioral therapy is based upon a reward system, such as the Theory that is often used when training animals, when an individual is in their best behavior they are often rewarded for that behavior. ). Cognitive Therapy- This behavior is based upon the presumption that the elements of criminal behavior are caused by the inability of the perpetrator to accurately process information about the events’ that occurred in the past and are still re-living the events that occurred in the past in spite of being in a new environment. The cognitive Theory as approach is in place to primarily assist in persons with such mental disorders such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as well as OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

I believe that all of these theories’ have relevance in the study of crimes and should all be considered as well-formed, valid studies to help relieve the recidivism of juvenile crimes as well as turning their lives around at an early age so that theory can be productive members of society. References- http://www. correctionsrising. com/Crime_Theories. html http://www. enotalone. com/forum/showthread. php? t=272647&page=1 (Biological Theories) http://gamebattles. com/forums/t/General-Deterrence-Theory-Criminal-Justice-4150373


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