Infant And Toddler Environment

June 15, 2018 Cultural

I observed and evaluated the toddler class that composed of eight (8) children varying from 1-2 years of age. There were 2 teachers in the class. Space and Furnishing: There was no good ventilation, The glass windows are fixed permanently so ventilation can not be controlled through windows. There was door to outside going to play yard but it can not count as ventilation since there was no locking screen or safety half gate/door to keep the children from leaving the door unattended.

Another issue was the cozy area, it was not protected for active play for most of the day, there was lack of solid barriers for protection. Another thing that I observed in this category was the teachers did not talk or discuss the materials displayed in the classroom to encourage more language development to the children. Personal Care Routines: The class had a concern with lack of hand-washing for children before meals. Hand-washing for children and teachers should be done with soap and water. In this class I observed that the teacher did not use soap in washing the hands of children after lunch.

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Additionally, there was a need of consistency in wiping and washing child’s hands and teacher’s hands after diapering. Furthermore, hand-washing for children upon arrival should be practiced everyday. During my observation, one toddler was able to go outdoor unnoticed by any one of the teachers, so for safety practices teachers should always see to it the all doors are locked to keep the children safe all the time. Listening and Talking: Other teacher spoke in a language that other children can understand, for example Spanish Language.

Teachers asked simple questions such as “what are you holding Amber? , Who wants some more milk? Teachers added more words and ideas to what children said for example when one child touched the basket that full of balls and said bo, bo repeatedly, the teacher said: “Yes Miguel those are balls, do you want to play with those balls? ” The only issue I noticed in this category was the books were looked like very old though the covers were still intact, there were lots of small tears on the covers and pages.

Books were not changed or added to maintain the interest of the children. Activities: In this category, I noticed teachers encouraged children to clap, sing, dance or participate along with all or some children in the class during active playtime. But I did not see teacher to do any simple block play with children even there were many sets of different types of blocks were available during the day. There were also lack cultural awareness and representations in books and other activities that can be easily experienced by children.

Another thing about this category, for outdoor activities, lack of materials and equipments that can be used by each child in the class although the outdoor space was sufficient enough to accommodate all the toddlers in the class. Sand and water play should be done at least 2 times every week if weather permits. In this center they told me that sand and water play are only during spring and summer seasons. Interaction: In the classroom teachers were not seen explaining children actions and feelings to other children. For example that the other child did not mean harm when she/he was bumped by that child unintentionally.

Teachers were seen not always responded sympathetically to children who were crying long enough already. But I noticed that teachers helped children to use communication rather that aggression to solve problems. Program Structure: During free play teachers were not seen rotating materials or adding materials not used earlier that day or do new activity to stimulate children interest. During observation, free play occurred indoors only no outdoors free play that day. In group activities like reading books although most of the children participated, the books were not large enough so all children can see it clearly or easily.

Parents and Staff: Everyday written report was given to the parents for mealtime and diapering log, there was Family Board Bulletin where milestone moments of each child were posted. Both teachers in the class communicated well with each other. The director(Kelly) was very helpful and supportive to all her staff members. At this time, they are short of staffs but Kelly is accepting new applicants. When new teacher is accepted she/he will undergo orientation first before working with children.


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