Influences on the American Legal System

June 27, 2018 Religion

The American legal system is an intertwined pool of influences. It is deeply rooted with the history that has had a long influence on any nation. With culture, it is an actual agreement that culture, religion, and science influence the American legal system.

Science, on the one hand, is an influential agent affecting the American legal system. Since America is a highly technological country, it is definitely probable. Like in the film Nazi Medicine, the church-state relations showing the film’s conflict can be viewed as a technological influence because the main factor involved is technological innovation. The advantages and disadvantages of a technology serve as bases for the legal system to give their decisions.

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Moreover, culture is another social factor that influences the legal system because the people behind the legal system are also cultured, thus the permeability of culture to their own personal decisions. The case Brown v Board of Education is a manifestation that culture is an important factor because it shows the legacy of racism.

As stated in the movie Unfinished Business, the Doll experiment proves that the social science and the concept of merit is influential as the data used is based on the influence of the culture of belief is the basis for the decision making of the judicial. Power play and power share relates to culture, which determines the decision that will be derived in the courtroom.

Furthermore, religion is another determinant on the decision making of the legal system because of the concept of the superpower that God is. This is the concept that cannot be refuted nor rebut by any other data present because of its arbitrariness.

These three mentioned are truly influential on the legal system because it is highly institutionalized in the American society, which is hard to be modified.


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