Information Systems Proposal

April 21, 2018 Information Systems

Information Systems Proposal As we plan and start our future success as being business partners in our new Nostalgic Record Store, you may not know much about Information Systems that will be available. This will bring us together in the same page regarding the different information systems that will be available within the business. Therefore, by the end of this proposal you will be more knowledgeable about the basic functions, benefits, and drawbacks of each information system.

With the basic knowledge of Information Systems, you will be able to assist me in making the right decisions on which system we shall use for the business. Information Systems Basic Functions Type of System Function Example Functional area IS Supports the activities within a specific functional area. System for processing payroll. Transaction Processing System Processes transaction data from business events. Wal-Mart checkout point-of-sale terminal. Office Automation System Supports daily work activities of individuals and groups. Microsoft Office Management Information System

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Produces reports summarized from transaction data, usually in one functional area. Report on total sales for each customer. Executive Dashboard Presents structures, summarized information about aspects of business important to executives. Status of sales by product. (Rainer, Jr & Cegielski, 2011 ) Benefits and Drawbacks Functional area IS Benefits System saves time by accurately calculating payroll deduction like state and federal taxes. Drawbacks System can produce errors especially with unionization and employee tips Business owners are solely responsible for paying taxes on a timely manner.

Business may also be paying services that are not necessarily needed. Transaction Processing System Benefits Increase in communication and to decrease errors on customer’s orders. Assists in tracking all financial transactions. Drawbacks If computer breaks down, it may cause data to be lost. Cost of the system is very expensive. Office Automation System Benefits Work can be done quicker without having to use a lot of staff. Drawbacks Old staff has problems with adjusting to new technology.

The price to get it started and cost of maintenance is very expensive. Management Information System Benefits Companies are able to identify their strength and weaknesses. This system assists in gaining competitive advantage and to become better, faster, cheaper, and unique. Executive Dashboard Benefits Allows for monitoring a company’s goals and objectives. It focuses on different parts rather than one. Drawback The functioning and inspiration of individuals may be lost due to the fact that this system looks at it in an individual basis rather than a whole.


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