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August 13, 2017 Cultural


Originating in Japan. sumo wrestle is a competitory full-contact wrestle athletics where a grappler attempts to coerce another grappler out of a round ring. From repasts to their mode of frock. their day-to-day lives are dictated by rigorous tradition. Tonight I will edify you about what they do in and out of the rings. I am confident that each one of you will go forth here tonight cognizing at least one new fact about Japan’s sumo wrestling’s culture-rich history.


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I. Sumo wrestling began many centuries ago in Japan and is still booming today. A. During the age of the samurai. the early 1600’s. sumo wrestle was born. 1. Considered to be a modern Nipponese soldierly art. it’s Japan’s official national athletics.

2. Matchs were one time held to raise money for structural replacings and shrines.
3. Japan’s oldest professional athletics.
B. Sumo lucifers consist of merely 1 referee. 2 grapplers and 5 Judgess.
1. Average lucifer is about 8 seconds long.
2. Merely 6 tourneies a twelvemonth featuring over 15 yearss each.
C. 1. Wrestlers serve as cultural embassadors when they take portion in events overseas.

II. A twenty-four hours in the life of a sumo grappler is both traditional and extremely regimented. A. Wrestlers live. eat and pattern together in stallss throughout Japan.
1. Over 62 stallss in Japan with about 980 grapplers.
2. Referees. Usshers and hairstylists besides portion the stallss its duties.
3. Stables are run by the oyakata. a retired sumo. and his married woman. the okamisan. B. Their yearss begin at 5:00 am and end around 10:30 am during preparation.

1. After developing. the grapplers are free to make whatever they’d like to.
2. Almost all grapplers continue to develop smartly for the remainder of their twenty-four hours.
3. Wrestlers are encouraged to divert from day-to-day developing to let for ample sleeps. proper bathing and carb-enriched nutrient and intoxicant ingestion. C. They are expected to conform to strict traditions upon come ining sumo.

1. Turn their hair long to organize a topknot.
2. Wear the chonmage. a traditional Nipponese frock. when in populace.
3. Abide and follow the proper chain-of-authority amongst the 6 divisions.

III. Sumo bouts consist of award. civilization. tradition and faith. A. Wrestlers fight in 14 ft. round diameter made of soil. a dohyo. 1. Matchs are won by coercing your opposition outside of the ring or by any portion of the opponent’s organic structure touching outside the ring. 2. Inside the ring if any portion of the organic structure. except the sole of a pes. touch the land the lucifer is over.

B. Traditional apparels are worn. complimented by hairdos and props. 1. Wrestlers wear merely a breechcloth. a mawashi. and manner their hair in topknots. 2. The gyoji. or referee. wears a kimono. like the samurai. with a Shinto priest’s chapeau and a big wooden fan for turn toing the grapplers. 3. Water is kept in the corners for sublimating themselves. called strength-water. 4. Salt is kept in the corners to sublimate the ring.

C. Sumo wrestle is a rigorous hierarchy based on featuring virtue. ?1. Divisions are based on rankings from tourneies.
?2. The lower division. the more work and duties one must make. 3. The highest-ranking sumos have everything done for them.
4. The degree of luxury and lifestyle depend entirely on the ranking.

Thank you everybody for your clip and attending and leting me to show this information about Japan’s sumo wrestle and its culture-rich history. We can all hold that sumo wrestle embodies the time-honored traditions of its yesteryear while continuing its autochthonal imposts and rites for the hereafter. Sumo wrestle is non merely a athletics: It’s besides an income. a calling and national rubric. an illustration of living-history. and a life style.


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