Informative Speech Outline

September 13, 2017 General Studies

Name Professor Class Date A. Tips for flying on a plane B. To inform my class how to correctly proceed through an airport and onto their flight with ease. C. Airports can be very complicated D. Topical E. Introduction 1. Who here gets frustrated when something doesn’t go the way you planned it? 2. Well my name is ______ and I’m going to teach you how to make your trip to the airport go as smoothly as possible so that you don’t get frustrated. 3. As somebody who has flown in the last month I can tell you how airports function nowadays. . Moving throughout the airport is easy, but you need to understand exactly what to do. 5. Today, I’ll talk to you about what to do before and during airport arrival, how to pass through airport security, and I’ll give you some tips on boarding procedures and where to sit in the plane. Body I. You should arrive at the airport an hour early in case there are any hold ups II. Make sure you are properly prepared to pass through security III. Look at a map and familiarize yourself with the airports you are going to.

Conclusion I. Overall, moving through an airport is not difficult II. Just remember to arrive early, prepare yourself for security, and sit in the front of the plane. III. And hopefully next time you’re at an airport, things will move a lot smoother. F. Works Cited “Airport Security Tips. ” ifly. com. Travelers tips section. 29 June 2011 http://www. ifly. com/airport-security “How To Get Through The Airport Fast. ” forbes. com. Travel section. 9 November 2010 http://www. orbes. com/2010/11/09/airport-security-checks-holiday-lifestyle-travel-flying_2. html “How to Get Through the Line Faster. ” tsa. gov. Travelers section. 29 June 2011 http://www. tsa. gov/travelers/airtravel/screening_experience. shtm “How to Use the Airport’s Self-Service Check-In Kiosks. ” seniortravel. about. com. Transportation options. 29 June 2011 http://seniortravel. about. com/od/transportationoptions/ht/kiosks. htm

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