Integration of psychology & theology Essay

October 5, 2017 Theology

The worldview of Christian guidance is that activity which delves into assisting people grow constructively in all facets of their lives through a lovingness relationship and it is done by counsellor with Christian premises and values. Alister E. McGrath. in his book Christian Spirituality ( 1999 ) states that spiritualty comes from Hebrew “ruach” which has a set of significances from spirit. breath to weave.

In reding nevertheless it refers to the chase for an reliable and fulfilled life. that comprises ; taking values of Christianity its beliefs and doing them portion of our life so that they provide the “spirit” . “breath” and “fire” for our lives. Epistemology refers to the survey of beginning or beginning of cognition. In reding this helps in cognizing the nature of individuals. their jobs and recognizing the appropriate ways of reding them. Imago Dei merely means the image of God. This helps reding to direct us toward the relationship us and God. We have the image of God and that is why we value others.

Holistic guidance has something to make with head organic structure and spirit. In kernel these are the outstanding constituents of a whole homo being. Holistic guidance involves the three of wellness by supplying individualised services and supervising all countries of health and how they impact the others. Types of confrontation in reding involve: 1 ) the personal belief system ; personal attitudes. alone experiences. personal and cultural beliefs. This is how a individual evaluates life. people and events. 2 ) Organizational belief system ; this is personal beliefs of employees in different functions within the organisation.

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3 ) Objective criterions ; regulations and workplace criterions that make up nonsubjective baseline. 4 ) Factual mention base ; factual cognition. punitory steps. and realistic apprehension of effects. Curative relationship interacts with peculiar schemes to impede or achieve a client’s aims. The relationship is important to effectual therapy. The personality. character. church background professionalism and puting for reding are really important ethical criterions for practising as a Christian counsellor. Religious formation is a uninterrupted procedure in Christianity.

Hebrews 12:1 describes it as “running the race with doggedness. ” This in kernel is God’s eternal grace in world to mankind. The function of religious formation is to pull. attention and construct the clients in life groups Healthy sense of ego has a batch to make with ego regard. Sense of ego helps us pass on with other about our feelings. Mentions -Alister E. McGrath. ( 1999 ) Christian Spirituality. New York: Mc Graw -McMinn. Mark R. ( 1996 ) . Psychology. Theology. and Spirituality in Christianity Counseling. Carol Stream. Illinois: Tyndale House Publishers. 6


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