To me Integrity means being completely, openly honest at what ever the cost. To hold a responsibility and come through with it when none is looking when no one is around and when all eyes are on you it’s a standard to be held in the highest degree. It can be summed up to be the stature of a person who has built a reputation whither it be negative or positive. One can be looked at for having zero integrity and zero credibility no one will trust anything that person will say or do.

On the flip side a person with a great reputation of being truthful and honest will be leading a group of people and teaching them the right way all the time. Integrity applies to everything in the world around me. In the Strategic Weapons world Integrity is one of a few tools sailors are judged on when evaluating them for the Personnel Reliability Program. If a person cannot be truthful to himself and his job it could reflect in his job performance. Working on strategic weapons takes a certain standard of person to do the job.

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If someone cannot fulfill their responsibilities and integrity is compromised, that sailor cannot do his job it would affect watch bills personnel around him loud be doing his job for him causing more stress and more work for everyone else. Integrity is also a principal to the Navy Core Values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment Without integrity you could not have Honor. No one in their right mind would respect a man without Honor. Honor is a reputation built on the opinions of others, a code among people of which lays standards which must be met in order to gain respect.

Honor can mean so many different things such as strength of character; doing the right thing, even when it’s difficult; fulfilling your duties to those you love… Including, to some degree, putting their needs above your own; holding true to those values that you hold and lastly being a good person. If integrity is lost and a person fails to do what they are expected of and trained to do such as make a phone call with an explanation Of why they failed to report to their assigned duty or place of work or what ever obligation they are supposed to attend.

There will be disciplinary actions or punishment which could include NJ such as Captains Mast or Military Court Martial. Article 86 of the UCM states. “Any member of the armed forces who, without authority– (1) fails to go to his appointed place of duty at the time prescribed; (2) goes from that place; or (3) absents himself or remains absent from his unit, organization, or place of duty at which he is required to be at the time prescribed; shall be punished as a court-martial may direct. Punishments for a violation of Article 86 of the JACM include: Discharge/Confinement/Forfeiture Failure to go, going from place of duty . MO. Absence from unit, organization, etc. Not more than 3 days…. More than 3, not more than 30 days moms. More than 30 days … None 11 MO. 2/3 1 . None/ 1 MO. / 2/3 1 MO. … None /Amos. / 2/36 … ID, BCC yr. / Total More than 30 days and terminated by apprehension .. moms. /Total Absence from guard Or watch . .. ID, BCC /18 . . None /3 moms. / 2/3 3 moms.

Absence from guard or watch with intent to abandon .. … BCC/ 6 moms. / Total Absence with intent to avoid maneuvers, field exercises .. BCC/ 6 moms. / Total When I missed my SF watch Friday November 21 2014, the SF Coordinator MAIM Schist was called approximately 5:30 in the morning telling her that I had missed my assigned watch and there was no one to cover that thatch, causing her to have to make phone calls to SWAP SF Coordinator MET Agene telling him that I missed my assigned watch no one covered and he would have to find a replacement.

After making phone calls and no one to cover MAIM Schist received a phone call from NECK security that they have replaced my watch with a security guard who has already been on watch for 8 hours and that he will cover the first half of my watch and another security guard will come in 4 hours early for his assigned watch and stand the remaining 4 hours including his 8 hour watch. Both guards will receive time and a half pay for covering a watch they did not anticipate to stand.

This action cost the government extra money in an already tight budget because I failed to complete my duties and stand watch. This also prevented 2 guards valuable rest and relaxation time away from work and family because of a person they never met did not show up for work. At approximately 0700 081 5 and 1345 MIT Challenges attempted to contact me on my cell phone with no success and left messages on my phone. I never received the phone calls or messages on my phone. This alone is grounds for Nor-judicial Punishment against Article 86. Of the uniformed Code of Military Justice.

Failed to report to SF the morning of the 21st because my wife was up all night and morning vomiting and was very sick asked her if it was serious enough to go to the emergency room or hospital and she declined to want to go to the hospital I fell asleep around 0300 and woke up approximately 0630 realizing I was already late for SF got up and started to get dressed for going to the EH and my wife started to vomit again afraid to leave her in her notation I contain dude to support and monitor her throughout the day. She started feeling better in the evening of that day.

I failed to report the condition of my wife to my LOP LCP and command throughout this whole process I regret the decision I made not to inform anyone as it could have prevented a whole lot of problems and it would also keep the command informed of the situation and prevented possible treatment ideas. The impact Of being master or court martial would Cost my family and myself and my command. The impacts on my family would be losing money ND being unable to provide a roof above my wife and my head I wouldn’t be able to pay for groceries for my wife and dogs to eat and I wouldn’t be able to keep fuel in my car to commute to work.

So would have to call my co workers to come pick me up to take me to work. Would shame me and my family would never be able to look my wife family in the eye and tell them that what I did was for the good of their daughter because it was not. Absence from unit, organization, etc. For not more than 3 days would be 30 days confinement and forfeiture of two thirds pay for 1 month, or the argument can be since it was a watch missed the Absence of guard or watch would be 90 days confinement and forfeiture of two thirds pay for 3 months.



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