Intention To Purchase Organic Foods Management Essay

A consumers purchase determination is decided by a assortment of factors and contracting down upon primary influencers has ever been a affair of great argument. Factors like environmental concern, concerns sing pesticide and chemical residue, aspects sing nutrition, cognition sing organic green goods, wellness consciousness, lifestyle orientation, gustatory sensation and? avor in organic merchandises have been identified over the old ages ( Squires et al. , 2001 ; Tregear et al. , 1994 ; Schifferstein and Oude Ophuis, 1998 ; von Alvensleben, 1998 ; Roddy et al. , 1996 ; Lu et al. , 2004, 2005, 2006 )

Amongst the possible and existing clients most have had positive attitude towards organic nutrient ( Kihlberg and Risvik, 2007, Magnusson et al. , 2001, Saba and Messina, 2003 ) , even so ingestion in India is really low when contrasted with the fact that it accounts for 4 % of the universe organic green goods market ( Economics times 2007 ) . Consumption and hence purpose to buy organic nutrients has been researched by using value theories propounded by Schartz 1992, Rokeach 1973 ( Aertsens, J. , Verbeke, W. , Mondelaers, K. , and Huylenbroeck, G. V. 2009 ) , the theory of planned behavior ( Azjen, 1991 ) . However in this paper we are concentrating on the factors set uping the determination devising procedure which creates an purpose to purchase organic nutrient.

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Our research aim is loosely to analyze a selected populations purchasing behavior of organic nutrient. Specifically, we wish to progress modern-day research in this country by through empirical observation analyzing the relationship between a choice group of factors. Therefore, our research focuses on the influences of four wide variables on our mark group:

  1. Organic nutrient cognition
  2. Attitude towards organic nutrients
  3. Environmental Consciousness
  4. Health consciousness and lifestyle orientation

Organic nutrient cognition

Organic nutrient is a comparatively new construct that emerged merely over a century ago. It had its roots in the USA and bit by bit distribute to Europe and other developed parts. This was chiefly because of the higher cost associated with it as compared to regular nutrient merchandises chiefly due to higher input monetary value and lower outputs. Broadly, the spread of organic nutrient and hence organic cognition was much slower to the developing states.

Knowledge of a merchandise is critical to a purchaser. This is more so in the instance of organic nutrient ( Gracia, de Magistris, 2007 ) . It is indispensable for a consumer to understand the difference between organic nutrient merchandises and regular nutrient merchandises to warrant the demand to pay a higher monetary value ( Makatouni, A. , 2002 ) .

Reasons why consumers may non purchase organic nutrient ( Yiridoe et al.,2005 ) :

I. Lack of Knowledge,

two. Information dissymmetry ensuing in inability of the consumer to separate it from conventional nutrient merchandises

For the intent of our research, organic nutrient cognition is an independent variable which can be justified by saying that its the starting point for cognizing about the object or phenomenon. The hypothesis for this is as follows:

Attitude towards organic nutrient

An attitude towards something develops organize the beliefs and ratings possessed by an person. There occurs a flow of causality from certain values which are routed through attitudes to eventually ensue in certain behavior ( Bernard et al. , 2003 ; Stienstra et al. , 2002 ; Thgersen and Olander, 2002 ) .

Attitude towards organic nutrient is an of import factor that governs a consumers determination to purchase it. As the income degrees rise and people bit by bit become more and more knowing about organic nutrient, this factor additions prominence. It is a known fact which many strongly believe that the organic nutrient merchandises have particular wellness benefits that arent available with regular nutrient merchandises ( Aertsens, J. , Verbeke, W. , Mondelaers, K. , and Huylenbroeck, G. V. 2009 ) . An probe of the drivers of organic nutrient pick behavior revealed a myriad of factors, but one of the nucleus drivers remains attitude towards organic nutrient ( Gracia, de Magistris, 2007 ) . Furthermore, it has been observed that people tend to believe that organic nutrient is healthy because of its natural production procedure and the absence of pesticides and other harmful additives ( Baker, S. 2004 ) .

A positive relation between the attitude towards organic nutrient and the purpose to purchase them has been proved important earlier ( Tarkiainen and Sundqvist, 2005 ) .

In India, the consciousness and cognition about organic nutrient merchandises is on a steady rise and the attitude towards it is easy gaining form. For the intent of our research, we have used it as a mediating variable, since it is besides affected by the independent variables chosen by us.

Environmental Consciousness

One of the most of import concerns in the heads of people today is the quickly deteriorating natural environment. Centuries of mindless pollution and an overall careless attitude have damaged the environment irrevocably and the effects are seeable today. The nutrient production industry ( grains, cereals, domestic fowl and meat ) has been a major subscriber to this cause. This is why consumers are progressively demanding nutrient merchandises which have been produced without working the environment. Organic agribusiness processs aim to protect the environment and to continue the aboriginal status of the land in which it is being produced, therefore continuing biodiversity. Thus it proves to fulfill the cravings of this consumer section.

Slowly, a motion of alteration is emerging. Peoples are more concerned about their actions and how they affect the natural environment. Environmental consciousness is going a major in influencer in the purchase determination of a assortment of consumer merchandises. With the rise in the consciousness of the pollutant and wellness effects of pesticides, use of growing foils, organic nutrient has emerged as manner to do a difference ( Padel, S. , Foster, C. 2005 ) . The facet of moralss has received a batch of attending late. Organic nutrient merchandises have emerged as an ethical option to regular nutrient merchandises that have their beginnings in really questionable procedures ( Honkanen, P. 2006 )

To go more environment friendly organic nutrient ingestion has high respect ( Beharrel and MacFie, 1991 ; Schifferstein and Oude Ophuis, 1998 ; Williams and Hammit, 2001 ) . Previously it has been proven that environmental consciousness has been proven as a major determiner of buying organic nutrient ( e.g. Schifferstein and Oude Ophuis, 1998 ; Van Dam, 1991 )

Though environmental consciousness is a comparatively new tendency in India, it is fast deriving consciousness and support largely among the young person. For the intent of our research, we have used it as a moderating variable which is dichotomous in nature which indicates high and low environmental consciousness.

Health consciousness and life style:

In a changing environment wherein an single attempts to determine his/her behavior to acquire something meaningful out of life is fundamentally what one can specify as a life style. It changes with an germinating value system which in bend is dependent upon the external environment. Similar to the procedure of development, the entropy involved is less and therefore the alteration frequently proves to be systematic. Changing lifestyle promotes change in dietetic wonts. Thus wellness consciousness has become one of the premier standard to adhere to a healthy life style. As the engineering progresses quickly to maintain gait with adult males of all time spread outing demands, one observes alterations in the life style and value system of a individual. These alterations may be minimum ab initio, but shortly plenty they seem to be altering quickly. Equally early as the 1900s, adult male ne’er used to pay much attending to his wellness and take a sedentary life. But that began to alter bit by bit with the coming of telecasting and the mass media. There was a renewed focal point on healthy life. Besides, there emerged alterations in the life style of the people one filled with regular exercising, healthy feeding and a stress free life style. This came to indicate where this became a dominant portion of a individuals day-to-day life and get downing to act upon his purchase determinations. The mean consumer started eating with attention and ate smart to stay at the extremum of wellness ( ODonovan, P. , McCarthy R. 2002 ) .

Probes have proved that wellness consciousness is a important factor that explains nutrient pick. Peoples perceive organic nutrients to be a fitter option to regular nutrient merchandises due to its natural production procedure ( Torjusen etal 2001 ) .

The moving ridge of wellness consciousness has spread all over India. There has been a general displacement towards healthy life which has seen a monolithic jet in the Numberss of wellness clinics, secondary schools and dietitians. Gradually a alone life style is being formed around it that is reflected in the purchasing pick of organic nutrient merchandises.

A wellness consciousness and lifestyle orientation concept can be described via physical activities in signifier of exercisings, etc. an single undertakes, such as natural nutrient consumption/processed nutrient, wellness medical examinations, and methodical life style ( Gil et al. , 2000 ) .

An person with high wellness consciousness and an appropriate lifestyle orientation might hold a favorable attitude towards organic nutrient. This concept besides has a possibility of impacting the purpose to purchase organic green goods straight.

Purpose to buy organic nutrients & A ; Organic nutrient cognition

Lack of Organic nutrient cognition is prevailing in India as it is many developed states e.g. Italy ( Torjusen et al. , 2004 ) . Organic nutrient cognition as a portion of the socio-demographic profile has been researched as influencers for willingness to purchase. ( Gil et al. , 2000 ; Schifferstein and Oude Ophuis, 1998 ; Sanjuan et al. , 2003 ; Chryssohoidis and Krystallis, 2005 ) . Due to asymmetric information consequence consumers may stop up non purchasing the organic nutrient merchandise. Furthermore it becomes hard for them to separate between the properties of the organic green goods, the conventional green goods and the Genetically modified green goods. The concluding result might turn out to negative influencer for the possible demand of organic nutrient. A positive correlativity between information related to organic nutrient production processes on purchasing purpose of British and Dutch citizens has been found ( Poelman, et al. , 2008 ) .

Its consequence has besides been investigated under the moderateness of environmental consciousness.

Purpose to buy organic nutrients & A ; attitude towards organic nutrient

There has been a batch of research based out of Italy sing the consequence of attitude towards organic nutrient towards purpose to buy organic nutrient ( Canavari et al. , 2002 ; Chinnici et al. , 2002 ; Zanoli and Naspetti, 2002 ; Saba andMessina, 2003 ) . Consumers perceived better gustatory sensation and higher nutrition from organic nutrient which lead to their purchase ( Chryssohoidis and Krystallis, 2005 ) . Since organic nutrient is perceived to be healthier it leads to purpose of purchasing them ( Padel and Foster, 2005 ) . Taste and ocular attraction of organic nutrient were two facets which lead to a higher frequence of purchase, bespeaking higher purpose to buy organic nutrients ( Kuhar and Juvancic, 2005 ) . Research done by Chen ( 2007a, B ) indicates that attitudes towards organic nutrient have a positive correlativity on the purpose to buy organic nutrient while being related wellness consciousness.

Purpose to buy organic nutrients & A ; Environmental Consciousness

Environmental consciousness and its relationship to purpose of buying organic nutrients has been studied antecedently ( Grunert and Juhl, 1995 ; Durham and Andrade 2005 ) It was concluded that positive environmental witting were positively correlated to the purpose of purchasing organic nutrient green goods. One of the major incentives for consumers to purchase organic fruits was found to be nutrient safety and attitudes towards the environment ( Loureiro et al.,2001 ) . Ecological motivations have been found to project a strong consequence on the relation between Intent to buy and environmental consciousness ( Honkanen, et al. , 2006 ) . Hence we have taken it as a moderating variable.

Purpose to buy organic nutrients & A ; Health consciousness and life style

Consciousness on wellness, nutrition and healthy life style have increased over clip ensuing in nutrient quality and ensuing sensed good health being an of import standards for purpose to buy organic nutrient ( Magnusson et al. , 2001 ; Wandel and Bugge, 1997 ) . Organic nutrient purchasers in Greece have been found to follow a balanced diet and good wellness government ( Chryssohoidis and Krystallis, 2005 ) . In Spain consumer life style was found to be an of import factor regulating purpose to buy ( Gil et al. , 2000 ; Sanjuan et al. , 2003 ) . Lifestyle as a concept on its ain has had a long history, particularly in market research ( Wells and Tigert, 1971 ) . However when one considers assorted life spheres, life style adopted need non be consistent. Certain research workers ( Van Raaij and Verhallen, 1994 ) have restricted lifestyle to fixed spheres. We they are fixed the field is fundamentally narrowed down



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