Interactive Multimedia Multi Disciplinary Problem Based Scenarios Programme Education Essay

Basically, the thought of this research is to develop a courseware for Multi-Disciplinary Problem Based Learning, specially designed and developed for secondary school scholars. In this introductory chapter, the research worker addresses the issue on background of the survey ; sketching the motive to develop the courseware ; the statement of the job in the visible radiation ; purpose and aims of the survey ; research inquiries ; and significance of the survey. The chapter besides presents range of the survey ; methodology overview and, in conclusion, definition of the footings that will be used throughout the survey. This chapter concludes with a sum-up.

1.1 Background of the Study

In the conventional instruction and acquisition scenario, the instructor teaches to a category of scholars, capable affair is laid down in some signifier of course of study. These categories normally take topographic point at set times

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Geting scholars to believe of something they have learned successfully is a positive start to alarming them to the ways in which they learn. It does non count what they think of as the successful learning experience of their pick as it can be by pattern, by making it, by test and mistake or even by acquiring it incorrect at first and larning from errors.

Computers have become a necessity of life, largely because they provide a gateway into the universe of learning and acquisition.

Numerous technological progresss have permitted us ( possibly required us ) to travel off from instructional schemes that focus on the presentation of abstract information to the person to maestro. Computer web systems enable coaction which concern and industry are demanding. Video provides the chance to work in more concrete and stimulus-rich environments and to capture and analyse public presentations. Progresss in hypermedia engineering enable persons to pull off information, to get down to bring forth their ain issues, and to prove alternate hypotheses.

The web-growth as a platform for e-learning makes the

Web an indispensable engineering ; hence the handiness issues in Web applications are

vital. In this research, an on-line e-learning portal of ICT Education classs

( Information Communication Technology ) is being developed, and the Hearing-

Impaired Individuals has been the chosen as mark audience.

My-PBS programme was developed by School of Educational Studies, Centre for Instructional Technology and Multimedia and School of The Humanistic disciplines from Universiti Sains Malaysia under Research University Grant, viz. , “ ICT AND VIDEO-BASED NARRATIVE ADVENTURES TO ENHANCE PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS ( Research University Grant Number: 1001/PGURU/816090 ) ” in 2009. After some clip, the aims of this undertaking was changed to bring forth an synergistic mutimedia multi-disciplinary job based scenarios ( My-PBS ) DVD-ROM based programme and its corresponding facilitator ‘s faculty for instructors to pan for their day-to-day instruction to accommodate the current nature of instruction and acquisition.

What does My-PBS bases for? My-PBS acronym stands for the Multi-Disciplinary Problem Base Scenarios. My-PBS is a DVD-ROM based merchandise which includes short picture cartridge holders with multimedia elements. This is tremendously utile because of their capacity to show more realistic information about the coveted job or scenarios. Besides that, it besides encourages battle of the scholars as they interact with the stuffs.

Therefore, My-PBS DVD-ROM based programme were expected to supply scholars with tools and chances to affect in schoolroom activities every bit good as generate higher order believing accomplishments.

Explain why its multi-disciplinary? ?

There is a presenting involved from persons of the same subjects working on squads as intradisciplinary, to persons of different diciplines

Provide true diverseness and holds the highest potency of set uping the right fortunes for successful results and experiences

Explain why its job based scenarios? ?

Explain about the undertaking ( overall )

-What is my-pbs? ? ? ? Effectiveness? ? Teacher – to – pupil

Experimental learning-hands on activity


Authentic acquisition and appraisals

Explorative acquisition

Options schemes and appraisals

PBL to My-PBS / scenario: how PBL relates to scenario? ?

How My-PBS is connected to PBL? ? Based on whom? ? ?

Why we need what-if scenarios? ? ?

To trip logical thought

In the schoolroom in which these instructors worked, computing machines were used as a multipurpose tool. The most normally used package was the word processor and the most frequent attack to curriculum was for scholars to do their ain merchandises utilizing package tools, frequently integrating several sorts of package.

Equally many as 88 % of the instructors indicated that computing machines had made a difference to their instruction. Overall the alterations included higher outlooks for scholars ‘ work, greater chance to back up scholars working separately and independently and a alteration from teacher-oriented to learner-oriented schoolrooms with the instructor moving more as a manager than as information dispenser.

As in the USA survey, a big proportion ( 76 % ) of the instructors felt that the computing machine had made a important difference to the manner they taught. Similar alterations to those in the USA were reported, viz. , a move from teacher-centred to learner-centred schoolrooms with more accent on individualized and independent work with higher outlooks of scholar ‘s public presentation.

In 2009, the research squad members ‘ focal point on the undertaking called “ ICT AND VIDEO-BASED NARRATIVE ADVENTURES TO ENHANCE PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS ” . The proposed design was based on the creative activity of multimedia instances utilizing constructivist theory and the rules of problem-based acquisition. The development would hold been undertaken utilizing the resources provided to back up learning utilizing problem-based larning attack in the relevant topics ( Geography, Mathematics and Science ) .

When support was obtained for the synergistic multimedia My-PBS undertaking, it became possible to use research officer to help in aggregation and readying of content from a assortment of beginnings, including workshops and meetings with group of adept instructors and possible terminal users. Agreements were made to obtain proficient services, viz. , picture and audio production, picture taking, in writing design and DVD get the hanging from the Centre for Instructional Technology and Multimedia ( CITM ) , Universiti Sains Malaysia.

In most respects the development squad functioned as awaited. Troubles encountered in the design and development beyond the phase of paradigm development resulted in the writer presuming duty for undertaking direction and stuffs development from right on the scheduled completion day of the month. The original construct had been enhanced by the development of a design theoretical account for synergistic multimedia My-PBS programme stuffs. A development procedure will be explained farther in this chapter and applied to the readying of the My-PBS paradigm.

The synergistic multimedia My-PBS paradigm had received an award at an international exhibition called “ ITEX 2011: 22nd International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition ” at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 20th boulder claies 22nd May, 2011. The lineations of all the scenarios had been developed and most of the content had been prepared.

The educational design emerged through coaction with the undertaking co-director and the completed bundle includes images, sound, picture, texts and some embedded Shockwave elements prepared by members of the squad described above. The transition of text stuffs for show in the concluding version, the creative activity of some artworks, the agreement of elements of the screen, and the scheduling that controls their operation is the work of the writer assisted by the undertaking managers, co-directors and the in writing interior decorator.

In the undermentioned subdivisions, important characteristics of the design and development procedure are described. It is assumed that, except where it is otherwise indicated, all of the stuffs development work described beyond the point of paradigm development have been undertaken by the writer.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

As mentioned earlier, technology-accessibility and video/films based stuffs in multi-disciplinary course of studies is really important for instructors and scholars. Most of the stuffs that is available in markets has really small scholar engagement, non much utile for developing scholars ‘ communicating and interpersonal accomplishments, hence contributes small feeling of ownership of larning. Those stuffs do non provide for mixed-ability groups of scholars and different acquisition rates. Besides that, instructors have to guarantee the rightness of the content that would be presented to their several scholars in an reliable ownership manner. It would be a waste of clip unless the chosen stuffs are straight relevant to the targeted scholars. All this requires careful planning and structuring by the instructor. Most stuffs in unfastened market perchance could non be used unless suited package or projection equipment is presented together. Preparation of open-learning stuffs is time-consuming and expensive. Not all instructors have the capableness to fix yet organize synergistic acquisition stuffs together. Ideally, ready-made courseware non normally available and readying of custom-designed courseware requires specific accomplishments.

Why you need to plan the videodisk? ? ?

Flip chart from itex

Measures of effectivity: one to one Q ‘s

Can unite design N development

Traditionally, instructors have likely probed into the effectivity of learning methods and the comparative effectivity of one method over another. A good instructor shows committedness. He or she might acknowledge their duties in instruction and respond to these duties by a dedicated attack to a undertaking. They must besides aware of the importance of the usage of clip, the proviso of a balanced beat of activities throughout the twenty-four hours, the demands of the most and least able scholars and other related duties. With so much at manus, they have to be a good director and an organiser.

Chin, The and Fong ( 1988 ) , have indicated that in current educational pattern, teacher-learners interaction is emphasized and the possibility of interactions among scholars itself is diminishing in many schoolrooms. This is obvious because of the inclination to finish a course of study which is examination-oriented. This traditional undertaking construction is individualistic ; scholars work by themselves most of the clip and are seldom collaborate with each other. The tendency shows that scholars tend t work on their ain even though they are grouped into smaller acquisition groups.

The schoolroom environment mentioned above requires some alterations or alterations to do larning more meaningful for the scholars, because larning here requires scholars to work entirely every bit good as in braces and little groups. Le-Gall and DeCooke ( 1987 ) , relate that equal acquisition has the possible to act upon schoolroom acquisition and larning results in positive ways. Learners learn best from their ain experiences when working with equals instead than working entirely. In a manner, it is pleasant to detect that scholars and instructors interact with each other in meaningful ways and confabulate a relevancy to the things that they are larning through treatments.

Despite the fact that there is clip and fiscal restraint, every bit good as deficiency of quality stuffs to be accessed by the pedagogues.

Despite that, it ‘s even uncommon to detect pictures or movies based stuffs for secondary school scholars.

In relation to that, Yerion ( 1995 ) said that PBL should be applied in the schoolroom as it helps to promote active acquisition among the scholars. PBL are slearner-oriented learning attacks and have been proven successful in prosecuting scholars to concentrate and larn more deeply on related capable affairs. Harmonizing to Parnell ( 1995 ) , larning should be meaningful and purposeful because both are of import elements for scholars to be to the full engaged in their acquisition procedure. Yazici ( 2005 ) was of the explains that to coerce oneself to work harder in a group is important towards effectual direction of the working environment which is acquiring more sophisticated and ambitious and PBL can present this.

PBL is therefore a acquisition attack that uses current issues. Other than being able to increase scholar ‘s acquisition accomplishments, this attack besides helps to expose scholars to existent universe jobs that they would meet at the workplace upon graduation subsequently. The ground is because deficiency of relevance and principle of what scholars have learned in school to the complexness of real-life jobs and state of affairss. Ward and Lee ( 2004 ) said that PBL has been proven to hold the ability to present learning content efficaciously. This position is supported by Steinemann ( 2003 ) who felt that that PBL is an effectual accomplishments developing method in job resolution at the work topographic point.

In general, bookmans view PBL as a group larning scheme whereby the scholars interact among themselves and assist each other in the acquisition procedure. This would intend that, PBL caters for the different degrees of larning abilities among the scholars ( higher and low ) and are expected to profit both parties. The weaker scholars can acquire aid from the better 1s and at the same clip the better 1s can consolidate their command of cognition and accomplishments. Hence, both parties can derive the benefit in footings of development of generic accomplishments like teamwork, leading, communicating accomplishments, regard and deep apprehension.

PBL was found to foster the ability to be critical minds, accomplishments to analyse, work out jobs, expertness in researching, placing, measuring information resources, ability to work hand in glove in groups and accomplishments to pass on with each other ( Engel, 1991 ) . PBL has besides been claimed to heighten meaningful acquisition ( Sobral, 1995 ) . During PBL Sessionss, scholars presume addition in duty for their ain acquisition. Here, the scholars will be more divine and have the feelings of achievement after finishing a undertaking. It is intriguingly intriguing to comprehend that PBL is identified as constructivist teaching method. It is consistent with constructivist theories of larning that service as foundation for many teacher instruction programmes ( Delisle, 1997 ) .

Problem-based acquisition is an attack to larning that continues to turn and develop in the field of instruction. Some educationalists believe that problem-based acquisition is merely another scheme for instructors. Therefore, it tends to be used within a topic or as a constituent of a programme or faculty, where other topics may be delivered through conventional method. Researcher believes that in problem-based larning the focal point is in forming the curricular content around job scenarios instead than topics or subjects.

Here, scholars work in groups or squads to work out or pull off these state of affairss but they are non expected to get a pre-determined series of ‘right-answers ‘ ( Savin-Baden, 2000, p.3 ) . Alternatively they are expected to prosecute with the complex state of affairs presented to them and make up one’s mind what information they need to larn and what skills they need to derive in order to pull off the state of affairs efficaciously. It is an attack to larning that is characterized by flexibleness and diverseness in the sense that it can be implemented in a assortment of ways in and across different topics and subjects in diverse contexts ( Savin-Baden, 2000, p.3 ) .

Harmonizing to Lave and Wenger ( 1991 ) , an of import end of acquisition is to derive entryway to or understanding of communities of pattern. This community is formed by shared linguistic communication, activities and values. This signifier of acquisition, closely allied to Brown, Collins and Duguid ‘s ( 1989 ) cognitive apprenticeship acquisition, consists of reliable engagement in the activities, such as work outing and concluding of complex real-life jobs, at a degree appropriate to the scholar ‘s current competence.

This is why we need a new attack that can assist decrease this job as instructors can carry on easing procedure efficaciously and still have counsel from clip to clip. Therefore, making a plan that provides the scholars with tools and chances to affect in activities usually engaged by the existent practician would hold appropriate ; punctually named “ Multi-Disciplinary Problem Based Scenarios ( My-PBS ) Programme. The research worker wants to detect what those instructors and scholars think about incorporating the new engineering and how they feel about the alteration procedure in utilizing My-PBS escapade series into their schoolroom course of study.

1.3 Purpose and Objectives of the Study

While conventional instruction schemes are strongly influenced by the instructor, learner-centered schemes are designed to supply scholars with a extremely flexible system of larning which is geared to single life and acquisition manners ( Ellington et. Al, 1984 ) . Teachers in general are ever look for the “ best patterns ” to assist their scholars learn the course of study for a peculiar topic ( Brighton, 2002, pg. 30 ) . The term best patterns refer to “ the solid, reputable, state-of-the-art plants in a field ” ( Brighton, 2002, pg. 30 ) . Brighton stated that instructors build and base best patterns on the latest cognition, research, engineering, and patterns of a field of survey. Hence, if it is desirable to increase instructors learning and scholars learn with ICTs, so it is sensible to see media-enhanced methods as a vehicle. One such pattern or bringing method is multimedia stuffs and in this context it would be Multi-Disciplinary Problem Based Scenarios ( My-PBS ) programme.

Hence, the focal point of this survey is to plan, develop and analyze the serviceability of synergistic multimedia DVD-based My-PBS programme utilizing problem-based acquisition as the implicit in design. To accomplish that, the following specific aims are required to be accomplished. This involves size uping My-PBS programme in the undermentioned countries: –

To plan an synergistic multimedia DVD-ROM based multi-disciplinary job based scenarios ( My-PBS ) programme.

To develop an synergistic multimedia DVD-ROM based multi-disciplinary job based scenarios ( My-PBS ) programme.

To analyze the serviceability of synergistic multimedia DVD-ROM based multi-disciplinary job based scenarios ( My-PBS ) programme.

1.4 Research Questions

Having clarified the research focal point of the survey, it is possible to develop research inquiries to steer the probe. This survey examined the serviceability of the synergistic multimedia DVD-based My-PBS programme by carry oning formative rating on the My-PBS programme paradigm from the intended scholar ‘s position. The undermentioned inquiries guided the survey: –

How do scholars respond to the presentation of the synergistic multimedia DVD-based My-PBS programme?

How do scholars respond to the content of the synergistic multimedia DVD-based My-PBS programme?

1.5 Variables of the Study

Figure 1.1 illustrates primary variables and their relationships within the model of this survey.

1.5.1 Independent Variable

The independent variable is the type of schoolroom direction, viz. , synergistic multimedia DVD-based My-PBS programme direction.

1.5.2 Dependent Variable

The dependant variable is learner ‘s feedback to the presentation and content of the synergistic multimedia DVD-based My-PBS programme.









Setting: Secondary SCHOOL






FORMATIVE Evaluation



Figure 1.1: Associating the Variables of the Study

1.6 5W ‘s ( what, why, who, how, where and when )

What – My-PBS is an synergistic multimedia programme. It stands for Multi-Disciplinary Problem Based Scenarios ( My-PBS ) . It comes on DVD-ROM and perfectly no installing is necessary. It runs right from the disc and contains curriculum-based scenarios video cartridge holders. The multimedia-learning objects are in a signifier of short pictures and brassy life formats. The My-PBS DVD-ROM features a customized interface. This resource is designed entirely for instructors. The DVD consists of basic information about Problem Based Learning ( PBL ) and My-PBS itself.

The stand-alone My-PBS programme will execute as a learning stuff for instructors as it is accompanied by a elaborate and comprehensive facilitator ‘s faculty and its matching user manual. It is specially designed for teachers/facilitators on the spell to entree ready-to-us problem-based acquisition and multimedia content in order to prolong quality schoolroom instruction and acquisition. This promotes job work outing accomplishments, originative and critical thought through synergistic multimedia within an reliable acquisition environment.

Why – The ground behind the innovation of My-PBS programme is to heighten higher order believing accomplishments ( HOTS ) , inquiry-oriented lesson format and engage scholars to a meaningful acquisition environment. In line with this development, schools in Malaysia have been equipped with substructure such as computing machine labs and hardware engineering to back up teachers/facilitators in the instruction and acquisition procedure. The Malayan authorities has implemented policies that encourage the integrating of multimedia larning into schoolroom instruction. For successful integrating of engineering into schoolroom instruction, it is imperative that a big resource of appropriate and adaptable programme such as My-PBS be made available to the instructors and scholars.

Who – My-PBS programme purposes at two possible end-users which are Geography, Mathematics and Science instructors and scholars in secondary school. The stuffs embedded in My-PBS DVD-ROM are designed/catered for scholars with different larning abilities ( as in for scholars with different spacial ability ) and degrees. Other capable affair instructors will be encouraged to utilize My-PBS programme and accommodate the content to their country of instruction.

How – Information on the DVD-ROM can be accessed in two ways – by shoping contents of each clickable buttons available at the underside of the DVD-ROM or by snaping “ Site Map ” button and take the screen users want to entree.

Where – My-PBS escapade series will be provided to all secondary schools in Malaysia. Capable affair instructors can utilize it harmonizing to provided user manual and its corresponding facilitator ‘s faculty as counsel.

When – My-PBS escapade series will be accessible by all secondary school instructors and scholars. It will be used in the schoolroom or for out-of-door activities.

1.8 Conceptual Model

The term “ conceptual model ” for this survey refers to a set of theories, rules and constructs that are related in a logical mode and assembled because of their common focal point or relevancy to a phenomenon. A conceptual model therefore represents a holistic position of the job or issue being studied or investigated.

The PBL instruction method comes from constructivist larning theory ( Camp, 1996 ) . The work of Piaget ( 1970 ) is the footing of constructivist larning theory. Constructivist theory provinces that the scholar additions knowledge by interacting with the scholar ‘s environment. Harmonizing to Piaget, constructivist larning takes topographic point when the scholar creates a meaningful theoretical account or reading of acquired cognition for himself or herself. The scholar is forming and making sense of the universe around them ( Von Glasersfeld, 1987 ) . In a PBL schoolroom, particularly in a high school schoolroom, the scholar enters with or without anterior cognition or experience of the category topic or construct. Harmonizing to Llewellyn ( 2005 ) , utilizing constructivist theory, the scholar learns irrespective of whether or non they have anterior cognition or experience. It is of import to integrate three chief larning types into problem-based learning attack. Generative acquisition, anchored direction and collaborative acquisition are needed to prosecute scholars in this type of larning activities.

With PBL, the scholars build on their anterior cognition of other countries to absorb new cognition. Harmonizing to Llewellyn ( 2005 ) , the instructor uses the scholar ‘s experiences and background to excite acquisition. The instructor helps the scholars select the new cognition and change over the information into a cognitive theoretical account as scholars can recover it subsequently. The function of the instructor is to move as a facilitator, to construe and construction the information in a meaningful and appropriate manner for the scholar, so that the new cognition created with the scholar ‘s anterior cognition.

By establishing the PBL learning method in constructivist acquisition theory, the instructor helps the scholar to make new and meaningful cognition theoretical accounts. High school scholars come into a schoolroom with changing degrees of cognition. By utilizing PBL, the scholars gain cognition and accomplishments in a meaningful manner that supports the scholars ‘ hereafter acquisition. As for this survey, Torp and Sage ( 2002 ) problem-based acquisition theoretical account are adapted in this survey to develop a programme which could widen and heighten PBL course of study. They suggested that the features of PBL environments provided a sound footing for design of multimedia PBL environments and design that will enable the computing machine to manage some of the more everyday support ( Torp & A ; Sage, 2002 ) . Besides that, the design and development of the synergistic multimedia My-PBS stuffs were guided by Alessi and Trollip ( 2001 ) and Mayer ‘s multimedia rules that will be discussed in Chapter 4.

Specifically, this survey described the general findings refering the interface design issues, multimedia features, easiness of usage, instructional instruction and acquisition of the My-PBS programme stuffs. This survey besides proposed to obtain the users sentiment through formative rating. Many technological inventions rely upon formative rating to promote their proficient complexness to a useable merchandise.

For the survey to be conducted assorted rating methods were researched and the formative rating method was chosen. The justification of this pick of method against other bing method is explained in the Methodology found in Chapter 3. The survey emphasized on users to be good informed about what is traveling on through appropriate and timely feedback, therefore guaranting visibleness of programme position. The programme must talk the user ‘s linguistic communication instead than slang, information must look in natural and logical order. Users must hold the freedom to go out locations and redo errors. Users must non hold to inquire whether different words mean the same thing. These are some of the features that will be evaluated throughout the survey.

1.9 Research Setting and Subjects

The specific subjects/disciplines covered in My-PBS programme were Geography, Mathematics and Science. The experimental group will be instructed utilizing computer-based My-PBS programme while the control group will be taught utilizing the alternate method paper-based My-PBS direction. The pilot survey was planned for a period of three yearss.

1.10 Rationale of the Study

Research worker of the My-PBS programme intends to do alterations and a subsequent series to the programme, so that the following coevals of My-PBS programme will be an improved and complete version for all ages of scholars. The rating of the My-PBS programme was carried out to look into if there are any countries of My-PBS programme that need alterations or alterations based on the instructors ‘ and scholars ‘ feedback. These are important to the success and length of service of the My-PBS programme.

Information obtained from this survey will lend to the turning organic structure of research in the country of new engineering debut and integrating in schoolrooms. The consequences of this survey will place instructors ‘ feedback towards the new teaching/facilitating programme that will be provided for them and the grounds behind these feedbacks. Teachers in schools can utilize the findings of this survey as a baseline in their attempt to measure the effectivity of the execution of the My-PBS programme in their schoolrooms.

1.11 Significance of the Study

An rating of the My-PBS programme would assist in guaranting the programme will run into its ends in helping instructors to fix quality learning stuffs and to happen out how utile this programme is for instructors and scholars. This survey will give an penetration of how the instructors and scholars perceive My-PBS programme. The rating will look into and uncover to the research worker any countries of the My-PBS programme that would necessitate alterations or alterations based on the instructors ‘ and scholars feedbacks.

Information obtained from this survey will lend to the turning organic structure of research in the country of new engineering debut and integrating in schoolrooms. The consequences of this survey will place instructors ‘ feedback towards the new teaching/facilitating programme that will be provided for them and the grounds behind these feedbacks. Teachers in schools can utilize the findings of this survey as a baseline in their attempt to measure the effectivity of the execution of the My-PBS programme in their schoolrooms.

The survey should besides be utile in finding whether the programme should be recommended to other establishments and instructors. The result of this survey should besides be of significance when planning and implementing similar synergistic multimedia DVD-ROM based programme for other topics or age groups in the Malayan instruction system. Potential investors and moneymans of this programme will besides be able to see the visibleness of My-PBS programme in the hereafter.

1.12 Premises and Restrictions of the Study

The undermentioned states the premises and restrictions that the survey worked with.

1.12.1 Premises

In this survey, it is assumed that all instructors are competent in their instruction manners as seen through their effectivity as instructors and in the success of scholars in their categories. The instructors in this survey have used their chosen method of learning for several old ages. The instructors who use the My-PBS direction have been trained to utilize the programme beforehand. The footing for the pretest and posttest inquiries is their inclusion on the approved school system course of study. The research worker is establishing the inquiries on this course of study, the research worker assumes that the inquiries accurately reflect the course of study, no affair what learning method the instructor decides to utilize in the schoolroom.

1.12.2 Restrictions

The high school puting nowadayss some constitutional restrictions refering My-PBS. The My-PBS schoolroom will incorporate a ratio of 1 instructor to about 35 scholars. One instructor paired with one little group of 5 to 6 scholars is non possible in a high school puting. While it is non indispensable to hold a little learner/teacher ratio to hold a My-PBS schoolroom, it allows the instructor to better ease the schoolroom. Due to standardise proving agendas, instructors must maintain a certain gait in order to cover all the necessary course of study stuff. Teachers must maintain the clip restraints in head when be aftering the My-PBS lesson so scholars will hold clip to research a job decently as:

The survey is limited to one secondary school from the province of Penang, Malaysia.

This survey is limited to the Form 3 degree Malayan secondary school scholars.

The little sample size prevents big generalisation of responses because merely one school were selected for this survey.

Besides that, we besides consider the installations that the schools will hold such as ICT substructure and the instructor ‘s willingness to take part in the survey.

The survey is limited to the development of multimedia courseware specially for higher degree secondary school pupils from the age of 15-17 old ages old.

The class course of study is limited merely to the Geography. Mathematicss and Science topic, which is mandatory topic for pupils age of 15 old ages old.

1.13 Structure of Research

This research consists of six chapters. Chapter One aims at turn toing the initial facets of the research, get downing with some background of the research and inside informations of the aims and intent of research. The chapter besides presents the range and significance of research.

Chapter Two elaborates on the background of in-depth literature ‘s that has been reviewed throughout the survey. Some of the of import theories and theoretical accounts such as constructivism and problem-based acquisition theoretical accounts were discussed every bit good.

The research methodological analysis is described in Chapter Three. Each method designed for the achievement of the declared aims is explained exhaustively. This chapter provides inside informations on the design of the survey, pilot survey, informations aggregation and types of analyses used in this survey.

The Development procedure is discussed in Chapter Four. First, the chapter emphasizes on the architecture and the development of the appropriate synergistic multimedia DVD-ROM based My-PBS programme. It besides elaborates on the background of the My-PBS programme and its execution in schools.

The consequence of the findings for this survey is elaborated in Chapter Five. This chapter elaborates on the findings obtained from study, face-to-face interviews, observations and papers analysis.

Finally, the drumhead, policy deductions and recommendations of the research are highlighted in Chapter Six. This chapter draws decisions from the present survey and concepts suggestions for the future research. This chapter besides discusses on the deductions derived from this survey. The graphical presentation of the construction of the research is presented in Figure 1.3.

Synergistic Multimedia Multi-Disciplinary Problem Based Scenarios Programme: Design, Development and Implementation


Background of the survey

Statement of the job

Purpose and Objectives of the survey

Research Questions

Variables of the survey

Essential features of the survey

5W ‘s: What, why, who, where, when & A ; how

Conceptual model

Research scene and topics

Rationale of the survey

Significance of the survey

Premises and restrictions of the survey




Problem-based acquisition ( PBL )

PBL in instructor instruction

PBL in instructional design and for IM

Planing educational multimedia

Principles for the design of IM My-PBS stuffs

My-PBS Model


Chapter ONE

Chapter THREE

Chapter TWO


Research focal point

Research aim

Research program for the survey

Design, development & A ; rating

Prototype test

Formative rating

Focus group research

Research design


Figure 1.3: Structure of the research

Synergistic Multimedia Multi-Disciplinary Problem Based Scenarios Programme: Design, Development and Implementation


Support and forces

Background of My-PBS programme

Overview of the development procedure

My-PBS development environment

Planing of My-PBS programme

Design of My-PBS programme

Scenario development


Scripting and video production


Contented readying

User interface design

Facilitator ‘s Faculty


consequences and treatments

Chapter FOUR

Chapter SIX

Chapter FIVE

future deductions

Future Research focal point


Figure 1.3: Structure of the research ( continue )

1.14 Definition of Footings

For the intent of this research, it is pertinent to specify the footings used in here to clear up any ambiguities that might originate. The cardinal footings used in this research are:

Collaboration: Working together to carry through a common rational intent in a mode superior to what might hold been accomplished working entirely.

Conventional Teaching Methods: The term, conventional instruction methods, covers a assortment of methods that most instructors use in changing grades. These methods include: ( a ) instructor lecture and learner note-taking, ( B ) single scholar pen-and-paper pattern jobs, ( degree Celsius ) pen-and-paper appraisal, ( vitamin D ) research lab activities with preset results in scientific discipline categories, and ( vitamin E ) treatments ( Llewellyn, 2005 ; Morgan, Whorton, & A ; Gunsalus, 2000 ) .

DVD-ROM: A high-capacity optical disc on which informations can be stored but non altered. A compact phonograph record with read-only memory. Data is “ burned ” onto the phonograph record, which requires a particular thrust to entree it. ( Encarta Dictionary, 2007 )

Hypermedia: A computing machine or web-based presentation in which the user navigates through information by snaping on text or images.

Hyperlink: Clickable image or text in a multimedia presentation that takes the user to a different portion of the presentation. Besides known as a nexus.

Image: A image or in writing in digital format.

Information and Communication Technology ( ICT ) : A generic term mentioning to engineerings which are being used for roll uping, hive awaying, redacting and go throughing on information in assorted signifiers.

Integration: Enhancing scholar ‘s acquisition by integrating engineering into a curriculum country ( Dockstader, 1999 ) .

Synergistic Learning: A procedure that assists larning through interaction with antiphonal engineering.

Direction: A purposeful interaction to increase a scholar ‘s cognition or accomplishments in a particular, preset manner.

Instructional Design: A procedure of choosing a series of events to ease acquisition.

Learning: A procedure of deriving cognition and/or expertness.

Learning Manner: The complex mode in which learners most expeditiously and most efficaciously, perceive, procedure, shop, and remember what they are trying to larn.

Media Object: A unit of text, artworks, sound, gesture or interactivity.

Multimedia: the integrating of media objects such as text, artworks, picture, life, and sound to stand for and convey information.

Problem Based Learning ( PBL ) Teaching Method: Problem Based Learning ( PBL ) learning method utilizations jobs as a base to actuate scholar ‘s acquisition of cognition and accomplishments. In the PBL instruction method, pupils encounter a job or quandary and utilize an organized, logical method to work out the job. This method of instruction is learner-centered and inquiry-based. Harmonizing to Schwartz, Mennin, and Webb ( 2001 ) , in a standard PBL schoolroom, pupils will work in little groups, and the instructor is a accelerator for larning and ushers scholars through the job work outing procedure instead than simply moving as a dispenser of cognition.

Stand-alone presentations: A multimedia merchandise that can be used on a individual computing machine without either human aid or an Internet connexion.

Storyboard: A series of studies of media screens that will consist a presentation. Making a storyboard is a good manner to be after the content and hyperlinks for a presentation before making time-consuming media production.

Technology integrating: The procedure of finding which electronic tools and which methods for implementing them are appropriate for given schoolroom state of affairss and jobs.

User friendly: The interface will steer the users through different phases towards the achievement of undertakings. It shows how easy something is to utilize.

User interface design: The overall procedure of planing how a user will be able to interact with a programme.

Web site: One or more related paperss, or Web pages on the World Wide Web.

User interface: The agencies of communicating between a human user and a computing machine system ( in this instance a DVD-based programme ) .


It is reported that many instructors feel less confident in learning mathematics than in learning most other topics ( Hyde, 1989 ; Bush and Kincer, 1993 ) . They may even hold actively disliked mathematics themselves as kids and as university pupils. They do non needfully learn good those topics that they do non experience confident about. They may depend upon a text edition or other curriculum stuff to transport the content to the scholar, instead than going competent in clearly instructing and showing themselves.

Teachers may be to the full cognizant of the fact that mathematics is an highly hierarchal subject, with higher degrees of larning utterly dependent upon command of lower degree constructs and accomplishments, yet their confidant cognition of course of study may be tied closely to the specific scope of constructs and accomplishments taught at one peculiar year-level in school. This is non needfully a major lack, but it does be given to ensue in maths content being taught in a instead disconnected and stray manner. Connections are non clearly and intentionally made between what has gone earlier and what will come subsequently because the instructor is non to the full cognisant of their relationship. Yet these connexions are the bases of existent apprehension in maths. It is peculiarly of import to hammer the links between constructs and accomplishments for pupils with larning troubles.

Some instructors seem non to recognize the demand to revise and reexamine the content in amths class at really regular intervals. They teach in a purely additive manner, come oning from subject to topic, instead than in a spriral mode which invariably revisits cardinal content to accomplish command. The demand for alteration and repeated successful pattern and application is greatest in the instance of slower acquisition pupils ( McCoy, 1995 ) . Teachers frequently complain that their pupils do non retrieve what has been taught. Surely this is as declarative mood of a failing in the maths programme every bit much as in the scholar!

The force per unit area which some instructors feel under to finish the course of study reduces the clip they spend in learning diagnostically. If pupil ‘s misinterpretations or faulty schemes are recognised early they can be more efficaciously remedied before the failure syndrome develops. It is merely by closely supervising the public presentation of single pupils that a instructor will clearly place the scholar who is utilizing an wrong process at some phase in a computation, or the scholar who merely has no scheme for nearing a given job.

Issues related to the method of direction

The instruction of maths has undergone important alterations at reasonably regular intervals since the early sixtiess. Presently the procedure attack to maths is popular in the junior primary old ages, although non all instructors or all schools have adopted it. It is a signifier of guided find acquisition where scholars are exposed to concrete stuffs and the instructor acts as a facilitator of find instead than as an teacher. As a consequence of use of stuffs it is hoped that scholars will get insightful apprehension of relationships within the figure system and will appreciate cardinal constructs related to model, form, infinite, measuring and etc. The instructor should be on manus to present inquiries at appropriate should be on manus to present inquiries at appropriate times in order to concentrate the scholar ‘s attending. Use is besides made of peer-group aid and concerted work to enable scholars to portion their experiences.

The procedure attack is based on a ‘constructivist ‘ position on larning. From this point of view it is believed that scholars must build their ain significance from their ain experiences, instead than from information transmitted to them by others ( Zavenbergen, 1995 ) . This reasonably utmost point of view has been challenged by other experts in larning theory, who suggests that clear modeling by the instructor and clear accounts by the instructor are indispensable elements in assisting pupils to do significance ( Pressley and McCormick, 1995 ) .

When implemented good, the procedure attack about surely consequences in more insightful acquisition than would happen in teacher-directed lessons where scholar ‘s single acquisition rates tend to be ignored. However, implementing any type of larning through a find attack is highly demanding and in the custodies of a less-than-skilful instructor much clip may be wasted and pupils may neglect to larn ( or may larn falsely ) . This has been recognised for many old ages, yet find acquisition is frequently advocated in pre-service and in-service instruction classs as if it is the lone worthwhile method.

In general, a find attack to maths has yet to turn out its high quality over other methods: its popularity is based upon beliefs instead than difficult grounds. Its effectivity is wholly dependent upon the instructor ‘s accomplishment. After find, you must give pupils plentifulness of pattern and clip to develop and consolidate apprehension of maths constructs. It does non follow that pupil ever retrieve what they discover. Pressley and McCormick ( 1995 ) have has indicated that pattern lessons are necessary in order to transform pupils new larning into lasting cognition and accomplishment.

The foregoing points are non intended to reprobate find larning but instead to foreground some of the troubles in its effectual execution. Students with learning troubles are likely to go baffled in an unstructured acquisition state of affairs, and it can be argued that a well-ordered explicit learning attack to classroom maths may minimise such confusion ( Westwood, 1996 ) .

Rosenshine ( 1986 ) indicates that less effectual instruction of maths is characterised by infrequent reappraisal or alteration, presentations which are excessively brief or ill-defined, insufficient guided pattern and excessively small disciplinary feedback. He besides states that slower pupils need:

More frequent reappraisal

Less verbal amplification

More guided pattern ( for illustration, with close monitoring and immediate feedback from the instructor )

More independent pattern and application to guarantee command



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