Interesting Islamic Incidents

December 18, 2017 History

The White Hand Besides The Staph, Hazrat Musa (A. s) was also Blessed Wit “The White Hand”. In the Pharoah’s Court, Whenever He Used To put his hand inside His Collar, It came Out As White As Snow. On repeating The Procedure Again, It Returned Back To its original state and color. (Ref: Para 12, Surah Ta’Ha, Verse 22. 23) The Story Of “Gog And Magog” (Yajuuj Majuuj) Zulqarnain:- Zulqarnain Is also known As “iskandar” or Alexander in History of the world. He was one of the four lucky ones whom Allah had granted the the Conquest of the entire world, but the fifth conquerer is yet to come.

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He was The Cousin of Hazrat Khizer (A. s). Both of these gentlemen travelled towards the West to Find “The Water Of Immoratality” or Aab-E-Hayat. Hazrat Khizer (A. s) was successful but somehow Zulqarnain was unable to drink it. The Three Voyages:- Anyhow he travelled further West, passing by various human settlements and finally came to a place where he found, at Sunset time, the Sun setting into A black body of water. Here lived a Group of Innumerable, Primitive and a Sort of Militant type Humans known as “Nasik”.

They were dressed in Animal skins and only ate Dead Meat and Fishes From the Sea. A part of this tribe was killed by Zulqarnain’s army and a part of them who were blessed with the True Faith, were treated most kindly. Then Zulqarnain travelled towards the East and when he got to the farthest point from where the sun seemed to Rise, he discovered another tribe of Men known as “Munsik”. This tribe used to sleep during the day and after the sunset they used to wander out for food.

The Same Treatment was adopted in this case as the one in the case of “Nasik” stated above. Then He Travelled towards the north. In a valley between two mountains was another tribe which spoke an utterly strange language. Communicating with them Using Notations and gestures was quite difficult. The tribesmen Informed Zulqarnain About the attrocities of Gog And Magog “Yajuj Majuj” and requested for his immediate help. Gog and Magog:- These Tribesmen are the Descendants of Yaafis Bin Nooh (A. s). Very Cruel, Militant, Brave and pitiless in nature.

They Used to Come out of their Caves during Summer, Eating almost everything they laid their hands upon; Farms, trees, Animals big and small, even Snakes, Scorpions and Comaliens. During the winter they used to Live upon dried fruits and items. Zulqarnain was offered Monetarily but he refused Saying that Allah Almighty has granted him with everything, instead he demanded That the Tribesmen Of the valley should come and join their army, thus providing Physical support. His Army Built A Deep Foundation around the territory of Gog And Magog.

It was so deep that water sprang out of the Ground. Then he Fixed Stones Inside it using Molten Bronze. Plates of Iron Were Inserted along with firewood and coal. Then it was set on fire till the blazes reached Mountain tops. Finally Bronze was again added to make the wall strong and indestructable. This Wall is The Only way that Separates “Gog and Magog” From the world. The Great Escape:- According to Prophet Muhammad Saww, The Gog And Magog try to break the wall everyday but When they Reach the Final point, Someone Says “We will break it open Tommorow”.

By the Grace of the Almighty, when they arrive the next day, the wall returns to the original thickness. Just before Doomsday. one of those Tribesman would quote the same statement as “InshaAllah We will break it open Tommorow”. And thus they will spur out causing chaos and destruction all over the world except Makkah, Medina, and Jerusalem. The end of this tribe will owe to a Dua By Hazrat Isa (A. s), which will cause an worm producing infection in their necks and finally killing them (Ref: para 16, Al-Kahaf, Verse 86-98) The Conquest of the World

Allah Almighty Has Granted Four Men in The History With The Conquest Over the entire World. Two Infidels “Bakht Nasar” And “Namruud” and Two Momineen “Hazrat Sulaiman (A. s)” and “Zulqarnain ( also known as Iskandar or Alexander)”. The Fifth Person is Yet to Come i. e Hazrat Imam Mehdi (A. s) i) Bakht Nasar was a Ruler Who Killed, Captured And Deported Thousands Of Bani Israeli’s From Jerusalem and destroyed the City Of Jerusalem as well. ii) Namrud was the most wealthy person in the world who was buried in the sand along with his treaure During The time of Hazrat Musa (A. ) iii) Hazrat Sulaiman (A. s) was the Prophet of Allah who was Blessed with the Command Over All Animals, Jins and Nature itself. iv) Zulqarnain is the one who is known to Confine Gog And Magog by building a strong Fortification around them. v) Imam Mehdi (A. s) is the one Who will Come Before Doomsday and will fight the army of infidels And establish An Islamic Empire all over the World The Sneeze When Allah Almighty created the Body of Adam (A. s) and placed it on the Arsh, All the angels used to be amazed and afraid of it as They had never seen any creature like this one.

At that time, the Almighty Placed Adam (A. s)’s Soul inside his body. When the soul reached Adam (A. s)’s Nostrils, he Sneezed. When The soul reached his mouth, he said “Alhamdulillah”. On this The Almighty Allah Said “Yar hama kullah”. Thus it is The Sunnah of Adam (A. s) to Say Alhamdulillah After A sneeze, and It is the Sunnah Of Allah Almighty to Say ” Yar hama Kullah” when you hear Someone Saying “Alhamdulillah”. Allhamdulillah means “tamam taarefain Allah k lie hen OR All the Praises Are For Allah” Yar Hama kullah means “Allah tum per Rehm Kre OR May Allah have mercy upon you”


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