Intern The internship time will be from

March 29, 2019 Management

Intern agreement

Party A: _________ (unit/company)
Party B: _________ (school / internship student)
In order to clarify the responsibilities and obligations of the intern students and internship units, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the state, in accordance with the principle of equality and voluntariness, this agreement was signed by both parties.

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1. Internship period and working time
Party B’s _________ students will go to Party A for an internship. The internship time will be from _________ year’s _________ month’s _________ days to _________ year’s _________ month’s _________ days.

Party A shall reasonably arrange the internship time of the intern students in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and the rules and regulations of the unit.

2, the internship position
Party A shall arrange for the intern students to work in _________ according to the actual situation and work needs of Party B.

During the internship period, Party A shall arrange special technical and management personnel to conduct business training, technical guidance and daily management of the intern students.

Intern students shall consciously abide by the unit/company labor discipline and conscientious internship.

3, the internship allowance
In accordance with the principle of remuneration according to work, the internship allowance for interns is determined according to the current system of Party A, and the monthly allowance is Ringgit Malaysia(RM) _________. If the internship student needs to change the internship position, Party A will adjust the internship allowance (monthly allowance Ringgit Malaysia _________ RM).

4. The following provisions shall be observed during the internship
1. Intern students should abide by national laws and regulations; comply with Party A’s internship rules and other rules and regulations. If the national regulations and the company’s rules and regulations are violated, Party A may give necessary punishment or terminate the internship according to the seriousness of the case.

2. If the internship student causes damage to the property of the internship base, it shall be handled in accordance with the provisions of Party A.

5. Labor protection
1. Party A shall provide the intern students with a safe and hygienic working environment that meets the requirements of the State and ensure that they work under environmental conditions where personal safety is not compromised.
2. Party A shall provide necessary labor protection articles according to the national regulations according to the actual situation of the students.
3. Intern students suffering from occupational diseases and industrial accidents shall be subject to the provisions of the Regulations on Industrial Injury Insurance.

6, the agreement is lifted
Party B may in the course of the performance of this agreement, propose to Party A to terminate the internship contract, but must notify Party A 7 days in advance and do a good job handover, otherwise, it shall bear corresponding responsibility. During the internship period, if Party A finds that the internship student does not meet the internship requirements or is not suitable for Party A to arrange work etc. Party A may terminate the internship with Party B and terminate the agreement after completing the formalities for payment of the internship allowance for the intern student.

7. The unfinished matters shall be settled by the two parties in a timely manner.

8, legal effect
The original of this agreement is in triplicate, each party holds one copy, and the other is submitted to the government personnel department for the record and is signed by both parties.
Party A (seal): _________ Party B (seal): _________
Representative (Signature): _________ Contact (Signature): _________
Academy (seal): _________
Years____ months____ Days____ Years____ months____ Days____


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