“Internal be protected from unauthorized access, modification,

“Internal Use Only” Information is data that must be guarded due to proprietary, ethical, or privacy considerations and must be protected from unauthorized access, modification, transmission, storage or other use. This classification applies even though there may not be a civil statute requiring this protection. (Rodgers, 2012)
1.The User Domain, The User Domain is comprised of the user who make up the network. Each employee is responsible for their use of assets as well as use of information that is classified as “internal use only”. This is information that may or may not be classified in nature but must not be seen beyond the confines of the company. The User domain is affected in a few different ways. Users are forced to become aware of what information they send out through emails to external addresses. Information that is classified as “internal use only” cannot be divulged within emails, text messages, over phone calls, or through any other form of communication. Users must also be made aware of how to spot phishing attempts and to not insert unknow flash drives or cd’s into company networked systems.

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